The infamous Spion Kop at Anfield full of Liverpool FC fans singing “She Loves You” by The Beatles on the day they won the 1963/64 First Division after a 5-0 thrashing of Arsenal. It was our first league title in seventeen years, our first under Bill Shankly (in just our second season back in the top flight) and we took the trophy away from defending champions Everton. Doesn’t get much better.

· clip taken from Ron Howard’s documentary film The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years
· the voice you hear at the end is that of Elvis Costello

I look at human relationships the same way I look at football transfers

You know, like in football, there is always a wealthy guy that dresses well, fashionable, modern, and when it comes to girls, throws away money and then every slut there is tries to go to him, giving up his dignity. In the footballing world this would be portrayed through Manchester City(the wealthy guy) and Raheem Sterling(the slut).

There is also that very rare occasion when the male and the female are a perfect pair, soulmates and they grow old together, regardless if they find each other in the meantime or they are together from youth. Two examples come to mind. One is Francesco Totti from AS Roma and the other is Jamie Carragher with Liverpool.

The is always the situation when two guys(and their friends whom happen to be the supporters) are fighting over one girl because the girl cheated on one of the guys and went to the other. Example: Michael Owen went from Liverpool to Real Madrid and then Manchester United.

And finally, all the randomness in human relationship, as well as in football transfers. You see a couple, with a guy and a girl, next month you see the girl with another guy or vice-versa. There is always the situation when an unpopular guy gets a good-looking woman. People change their relationships often these days and it is random, the same way the football transfers are.

when my team is winning; live stream barely works, stutters everytime something good happens, freezes, skips, and jumps, barely any sound, blurry and rubbish quality, like 5 minutes behind

when my team is losing; live stream is clearer than day, HD quality, in a language i understand, good sounding, not blurry or jumpy or 3 minutes behind, all round perfect