*Followers please ignore*

So I would really like to join this network just to make loads of new friends and follow loads of cool new blogs. I absolutely love this book, I love john greens writing but yeah especially liked this book. Please consider me, you both have fab blogs by the way, thanks.

i really want to be apart of the looking for alaska because first off i saw the name and it melted my soul i love that book. and the owners of network have amazing blogs and judging from what ive seen on fb are so sweet and i want to be their friends (also blog advice because they have grrrrrrrr8 blogs). im just really active and always looking to talk to people and always always trying to improve my blog and gain followers (promos are so fun sometimes tehe) yenno??

**lovely followers please ignore**

Hii I’m Hannah and I’d love love love for you to consider me for the Looking for Alaska network!

I just finished reading the book about two weeks ago, and it is AMAZING! I really felt like it made an impact on me and I think John Green is a brilliant writer :)

Really I would just like to be in this network because it’s always nice to meet new people and be able to help them with different things :) In general, it would just be awesome tbh.

Anywayy super long post, I know sorry haha, but pleaseeee consider me, I’d really appreciate it xx

*ignore this followers*

hey, so i’m amy and i love reading and music and comedy and a bunch of other stuff. i’m a nerdfighter, if you know what that means, and i really love john green novels. i love to help with html and promos and anything basically, so i hope you consider me for the network!

hey girls!
i would looOOoovee to be a part this fab network, i remember reading the book and crying legit for 2 days after Alaska died, i didn’t want to continue reading! (but i did haha) i am a HUGE fan of John Green, his books just move me and i can never put them down! 

ANYWAY, i would love to make more friends and i am willing to help anyone out with promos and r4r’s and anything like that.
i really hope you consider me, i love you both!! 

Phoebe xx