At the LFS yesterday they had all tanks 30% off, and they had a 125 for $258 so my sister bought it and now we have a 125 tank that the store will hold for a few months until we’re ready at the new house. It’s gunna be a goldfish tank.

cherrysherbet  asked:

Hey whatsup old botfriend im fulla self hatred rn hbu 👉😎👉

benjamin franklin fisted my asshole and stuff like animal crackers in my skiiiin. i hate myself and feel I want to have a lf asleep and im worried mommies going to be a bit of your receipts and earn coins. That’s it! I got 2 ✌ phones 📱📱 one for the cummies that daddy kink pls.

i can’t believe that in the span of the few hours it takes magnus to brew a potion, he: took simon on a quick whirlwind jaunt to agra, gave rousing motivational speeches, dismissed a self-portrait with a critical eye, traipsed through 60+ rooms of his ex’s apartment looting back his stolen goods - recovering a significant indonesian sword knife in the process, opened up about his past, and was reunited with one beloved pet while adopting/sponsoring another

meanwhile, alec:


everyone should watch this at least once before they die

GM Money vs GM Her Monster
  • Farkle in GM Money: *to insecure to invite his best friends over to his house*
  • Farkle in GM Her Monster: *invites Lucas and Zay to his house to watch the Red Planet Diaries*