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What Tobi/Obito gives the Akatsuki for christmas

(i will be doing this with each member and queing them everyday.Its what each member gives all the other members for christmas.)

Deidara:A kiss on the cheek and run away before falling on his face
Zetsu:Dead people, gallore:in other words a grave yard
Pein:A list of things to do while hes on his holiday vacation
Konan:Some fine paper for oragami?
Sasori:A poor drawing of him making fun lf how short he is
Itachi:A picture of konoha destroyed
Kisame:fish for my good guy
Kakuzu:Kakuzu gets nothing.“Tobi"spends all the money on candy

Madara:A trip to Hashiramas grave with a oujia board
Kakashi:A voodoo doll of him with needles stuck threw his chest and specifically his right eyeball.

Okay but imagine Oikawa and Iwaizumi being in a long distance relationship because Oikawa moved to Tokyo for university and after a few months he finally had chance to come back and see Iwaizumi. Oikawa felt fine until he stepped off the train and saw Iwaizumi. Tears well up in his eyes and he just runs towards him and almost jumps on him while hugging him really tight. His head rested on the others shoulder crying and saying how much he missed him, repeating the words “I love you” or “I never want to leave again” and he’s just gripping the back of his boyfriends shirt and Iwaizumi is just holding him really tight while he feels his shirt get damp with Oikawa’s happy tears. I’m sa d

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BREAKING NEWS Loid Face Syndrome or LFS for short has yet took another victim, a young dog named Mick, ironically the dogs family/owner had also contracted the disease and is slowy spreading throughout rural Amer-......... BOTTLE ROCKETS ARE COOL!1!1

u either die a hero or liv long enough to see urself becom the villain. even teddie shoulda stayed dead