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Pro-tip, if you’re a white Star Wars fan (like me) and you feel inclined to tell POC fans to “stop whining about” or “get over” the near total exclusion of Finn, Poe and especially Rose in the marketing, and SW’s not so subtle demotion of Finn, who was marketing as being a POC protagonist and Jedi before TFA came out, to a supporting role, at any point in the next two months:

me: oh new SW movies and live action TV show? that’s great i am really looking forward to seeing all that!

me internally:

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Why do you think Sansa was crying when she sentenced LF? In a high quality photo of the scene you can see a tear sliding down her cheek.

Yes, she was. Don’t know if it was scripted or it was all Sophie but it’m glad they portrayed as the tragedy it is. Sansa said it—that in his own way, Petyr loved her, and, “it’s not about what I want, it’s about what honor compels me to do”. Their relationship was so complicated, and it shaped Sansa so deeply that it’s impossible for her to remain impassible. This man wronged her and her family so much, she knows it now, she’s suspected it for a while, yet he was the only constant in her life after Ned’s death. He was there in King’s Landing. He helped her navigate the court. He smuggled her to the Eyrie. Under his wing she grew into the person she’s now. Before Arya, before Brienne, before Jon, he was her closest confidant and the only person who knew all her secrets. He was a surrogate father and a surrogate lover. This isn’t a Littlefinger apology, to be clear—he was absolutely abusive and manipulative to Sansa, on top of all the shit he did to the rest of her family. But it’s perfectly normal to still feel devotion and compassion for one’s abuser, even after you’ve completely opened your eyes on the nature of the relationship; and Sansa is nothing but compassionate.

I really appreciated that Arya asked her how she felt. She understands that her sister’s relationship with this man was complex and that she still felt a twisted kind of loyalty to him and yes, it was brave of her, because she decided to get rid of someone who might still have been an asset, not to house Stark as a whole, but to Sansa Stark as an individual.

I honestly feel so, so sorry for her. Because she had to steel herself and watch another person in her life die, and this time she had to pass the sentence while he begged and cried for mercy. The witch is dead, yes, but in real life that sort of moments are more bittersweet than triumphant. Remember Joffrey’s death? Justice often requires a sacrifice. And Sansa had to sacrifice the only thing that was, in a twisted way, hers and hers only to have justice for her family. This is probably the hardest thing she’s had to do so far. I’m both proud and heartbroken.


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“Before you fell, you were known as Samael. The Lightbringer. That was a name that connotated your father’s love for you. God didn’t cast you out of Heaven because he was angry with you. God cast you out because He needed you to do the most difficult of jobs. It was a gift. It was an act of love. Because you are his favorite son, Samael. You are his fallen angel.”