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Now people are accusing Sansa of being too dumb and too classist to understand that Arya’s been playing a game all along to fool Littlefinger and that Sansa doesn’t know that her true enemy is Littlefinger. Are you fucking kidding me? How do people hate her so much to completely disregard everything Sansa has said and done in the past few seasons? Do people seriously think Sansa doesn’t know exactly what LF is trying to do? She knows LF better than almost anyone else on this show. Arya attacking her as a ploy to play a mind-game with Sansa is not only completely uncharacteristic of Arya but also not bloody okay.  

I get not wanting hate being thrown Arya’s way after this Starkbowl bullshit, but any criticism I’ve seen has been geared towards the writers, not Arya. 

But of course, it’s always Sansa’s fault. Everything is her fault anyway, right?



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“Before you fell, you were known as Samael. The Lightbringer. That was a name that connotated your father’s love for you. God didn’t cast you out of Heaven because he was angry with you. God cast you out because He needed you to do the most difficult of jobs. It was a gift. It was an act of love. Because you are his favorite son, Samael. You are his fallen angel.”

Currently obsessed with the idea that Jon and Davos have teamed up to play Dany and Co for her dragons