Things to do/things to look forward to

when I’m finally home for break

  1. Catch up and talk with my fam, both immediate and extended ( <3 <3 <3  I literally cannot wait)
  2. Play with my dog !!! <3 
  3. Go shopping for gifts with my mom and brother
  4. Eat in-n-out, yoko, actually good boba, auntie anne’s pretzels, costco pizza and samples, denny’s for breakfast all the time, the food my mom and two grandmas cook so well, more ice cream, shaved snow, king’s garden, jack in the box (guys there are no jack in the box-es in boston .. like what ?!?!?!), baguettes from lee’s sandwiches, baskin robbins jamoca almond fudge ice cream, ice cream from thrifty’s, tangsooyook from chomanwon, cafe geuneul, mandoorang, pho on saturdays, myungdong soondooboo, mcdonalds ice cream and fries, paul’s place, gguhl dwejji, kentro’s, and so much more that i can’t think of but still  really want to eat.
  5. Keep in mind to still eat kind of healthy regardless of all the cravings listed above (HAHA)
  6. Bother my brother and ask him to teach me more chords on the guitar until he gets annoyed of me (hehe)
  7. Fiddle with my camera some more
  8. Clean out my laptop–photos and music i don’t need all need to go to the trash
  9. Drive…but not too much (HAHA)
  10. Find someone who can hook it up with some cheap disneyland tickets so i can go and play and have fun at disneyland with whoever 
  11. Watch all the korean dramas and variety shows that i have missed out on with my parents and brother
  12. Bake brownies and cookies and make rice krispy treats with my brother while listening to some kenny g hehe
  13. Use my mom’s vitamix to make smoothies that are healthy and pretty and yummy and share them with the fam
  14. Catch up with friends who reside in or go to school in California if they want to/if they choose to make time for me and vice versa
  15. Celebrate Christmas with both my mom and dad’s sides, help the fam host the one with my dad’s side (tradition hehe) and possibly host the one’s with my mom’s side this year (whut whuttttt ?!)
  16. Celebrate new year’s day as usual–dad’s side first, mom’s side second, then chilllllin at home
  17. Run/walk around the neighborhood
  18. Go bowling with the cousins because we haven’t bowled in what seems like forever
  19. Go to the new nrb that opened up near home (yas so excited !!!)
  20. Journal and have some time to just reflect on life and on my future and my goals and what i hope for
  21. Go to costco and buy a book that looks interesting (b/c costco sells books for way cheaper than barnes) and finish at least one book over the break
  22. Watch any movie that’s coming out in theaters that looks like it’ll be fun with the fam
  23. Fall in love with a cafe
  24. Continue with daily bible readings
  25. Maybe go to the beach (?!?!?!?!)

I’m pretty sure this list is going to keep growing hehe.

Winter break come faster !!!!! <3 <3 <3 

Can’t wait to play with this little cutie 😍 thanks Lynn for letting me take it for a test drive✌️
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Could not be more proud of myself. An entire summer of classes, 26 credits, and I come out with a 3.95 GPA. Now a senior in college (can’t believe it) and on track to graduate THIS SPRING! Could not think of a better way to celebrate than here in Cali! Off to Palm Desert today! 👏🎉📚🌵🌞 #doingbigthings #happyJill #lezzzgo