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Leyla Stacked: Hip-Hop Aficionado

Leyla Stacked is not your typical hip-hop fan, she is true expert of the genre. The German-born beauty talks about her early years growing up in Essen, Germany. Express her thoughts on the state of hip-hop and the artists who are truly making an impact in the game. Leyla also talks about her YouTube show, 1-on-1.

Here is my one on one with Leyla Stacked. 


 What was life like growing up in Germany for you?

Growing up in Germany was like growing up in any other country I think…its not about where you grow up,in my opinion,but more about how you grow up…I had a pretty normal childhood,growing up with both parents and 6 elder brothers in a house with a garden. 


What was your original career plan before becoming a hip-hop correspondent?

When I was in elementary school I always wanted to become a veterinary. 

In your bio, it mention that you kept rejecting modeling offers until your friends finally convinced you to try it out. Why the resistance in the first place?

Well, I started working in the industry as a booking agent/tour manager. So, in my opinion back then modeling was kinda like a downgrade. We all know urban modeling brings a certain reputation with it…but one thing I learned along my journey in this industry is, that it is all about how you carry yourself. I have met strippers who act more lady like than some female “Managers”.  

How did Leyla Stacked got her start into the hip-hop scene, and which rap artists you truly admired and respect? 

When i was 15, I started going to a certain club out here. It was the hot spot back then…the promoter always said hi to us personally since we were there every weekend. And one night me and him got caught up in a conversation about hip-hop and the business…he offered me a job in his agency, since I was only 15 and still going to school i started with street promo for his events. Then i started writing the texts for the flyers and the website. As soon as I was 18, i managed my first tour. I grew up listening to B.I.G. & Lil’ Kim,those 2 are my heroes till today!

What do you think about the hip-hop industry today, and how far has it come since the days of the Sugarhill Gang, RUN-DMC, and NWA?

The Hip Hop Industry is f’d up compared to the good old 80’s and 90’s. A lot has changed for the worse..but I am thankful that artists like the WU and Epmd and all these other legends keep doin’ what they do and didn’t change…that’s why I keep paying respect to them and keep interviewing them…I want the youth out there to learn about the history of hip hop and where and who it started. Don’t get me wrong though, i find it great that the Industry got more open for aspiring artists, it got easier for them to get heard,but that’s a gift and a curse-everybody is a “rapper” these days…or producer or CEO. (LOL)

In your own opinion, who do you consider top 3 rappers in the game today?

From the new cats it would be J.Cole, Vado and Stalley.

Tell us about your YouTube show, 1-on-1 with Leyla Stacked. How did the whole concept come to life?

The concept was literally born over night, I wanted a change. I was kinda tired of the stress and drama behind the curtain, and been having the thought of stepping in front of it, and since I am always so close to all these great artists why not use the opportunity and start a show. The next day I shot the first episode with Fredro Starr during a video shoot he had out here and the rest is history.

You interviewed hip-hop legends like Redman and Noriega on your show. Is there a particular artist you haven’t interview yet, but would like to in the near future?

Lil’ Kim, the queen!!! I grew up with her music, I always admired her, I def hope and pray one day to interview her.

So far, what has been the most memorable moments on 1-on-1? 

Well, when you are as passionate about Hip Hop as myself, every moment is memorable, because every artist is different and special in it’s own way. But one moment I will never forget was during my 2nd episode with Ryan Leslie, I asked him about his laptop that got stolen in Germany. A year before I interviewed him, and I was being a little sarcastic about it. He was a little shocked but kept his cool and stayed super nice and professional. I am a fan of him ever since, he is one of the most intelligent artists I have ever met.Later i heard that his manager hated me for that question and said they would never do an interview with me again. (LOL) But oh well, Ryan got a new Manager now so I think I’m good as an artist you should be able to handle situations like that. You put yourself out there, so you supposed to know people are going to talk about everything and I wasn’t being disrespectful. Ryan was intelligent enough to get that, that’s why he continued to do the Interview I think.

There is a hot button topic going around the hip-hop community and major rap artists have spoken against it or wouldn’t even addressed it. What is your take on openly gay rappers, is hip-hop ready embrace gay rappers?

I think since Frank Ocean, Hip-Hop gotten more open to it, but it’s not fully there yet. Even though there is a lot of gay sex going on in this industry, I just hope the Hip-Hop community can get their minds right one day and focus on people’s talents not their sexual orientation. I personally do not have any problem with gay people, I have gay friends.

How would you describe your personality?

I am very passionate, if I have set myself a goal I don’t stop until i’m there. I am very loyal and helpful but moody too at times…other than that I am probably one of the realest individuals you’ll ever meet…I always speak my mind and stay true to my beliefs, probably why my journey takes a little longer - I don’t kiss ass, never did, never will.

When you are not working, what do you like to do on your off time?

I spend time with my family and friends. I listen to music…I am a very chill person, I like to be at home.    

How is the nightlife over in your hometown of Essen? 

It doesn’t exist. (LOL) Essen is a big city with 600k habitants. But the nightlife sucks at least hip-hop wise.

What do you consider to be your strongest attribute?

My will, if i want something I get it, i fight until I have it!And my confidence…I believe in myself and my talents!

What keeps you motivated?

People like you…people who get at me, telling me that my work has reached them and caught their attention.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Hopefully hosting my own show on TV. But I just go with the flow, because the show business has so many faces and i just now start discovering them, maybe in 2 years i’ll have a different idea and wanna do something else, but for now I can see myself going further in the hosting game and also urban fashion modeling.

What’s the one thing everybody should know about you? 

My name!!!

Do you have any future plans on coming over to the U.S. (Miami, New York, L.A.)?  

Yes, I have plans of coming to NY this summer…I will keep ya’ll posted.  


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What advice would you give to young women that are passionate about hip-hop or any other genre and would like to host a show something similar to what you have going on?

Go for it! If you really believe you have what it takes,go for your dream…but be ready for people trying to disrespect you, people trying to take advantage of you, people running their mouth about you, spreading lies/rumors…and you gotta be willing to invest, not just time and energy but also money…Be prepared to be disappointed by artists you admired ever since your childhood,but also positively surprised by artists you didn’t really have sympathy for.   

Any major projects you are working on at the moment?

I actually do have 1 major project in the makings right now, but I don’t talk about unfinished business, that’s bad luck. Just stay tuned and you will see.

How does someone get in contact with you regarding projects, etc.?  

Bookleylastacked@gmail.comTwitter: @LeylaSTACKEDInstagram: @theonlyleylastackedFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/leylastackedofficial