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what happened between Miley Cyrus and Nicki at the vmas? or what did Miley do I just keep reading "fuck miley" all over tumblr and I can't watch it now

A few weeks ago Nicki went on twitter to discuss racism and stereotypes in the media specifically in award shows (sidenote: taylor swift ignorantly got involved but she apologized and now she in Nicki don’t got Bad Blood©™ anymore) …..and about 4 days ago m*ley cyrus decided to put in her input that nobody really asked for basically saying that Nicki is a bad person and she made the issue all about herself which is absolutely false 👎🙅😒💀…. its just really fucked up because Mileys white ass honestly has no right to tell Nicki or any other poc what racism is or isn’t and what should/shouldn’t upset them..especially because she is known for spewing her white feminism bullshit meanwhile constantly appropriating black culture with her cornrows and dreads.. anyway mother nicki™ did us all justice by dragging miley on national TV after accepting her award in front of her family and everything!! (our new national anthem: 🎶 and now back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press, Miley? what’s good?🎶🎤🎵©)… apparently miley didnt learn tho bc she still continued to be racist, ignorant, and just plain disgusting throughout the whole show (ex: sexualizing kim k’s pregnancy, using a racist term to refer to snoop dog, basically saying she was voting for trump, mentioning weed every 5 seconds)