lexy johnson


recently i realized how many potential fcs i follow on instagram so i’ve decided to share them and compile a masterlist with three hundred faceclaims that are underused in twitter rps ! some have enough resources to be used in tumblr rps tho so keep that in mind and use them more yall … anyway they’re under the cut and i’ll be updating this frequently !

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Opening performance at the GH Nurses Ball You’re Not Alone remix!!!
Emma, Amy, Valerie & Kristina perform Brave by Sara Bareilles!!!
Valentin performs And So It Goes by Billy Joel!!!
Josslyn performs an original song It’s Not Over Yet!!!


so at the game on sunday i managed to get pics of two v cute instances that involved stevie and babies. (ur so welcome for these high quality phone camera photos)

so stevie and his fam were the first out so were just chilling waiting for everyone else

stevie and lou argued a bit over which way they think xabi went

and then stevie started to walk away for a second

and lourdes was like naH and followed after him

and then lots of cute hand holding ensued 


and then stevie did that cute get on the toddler’s level to talk to them thing

okay anD THEN glen johnson and his family walked out AND GLEN’S BABY CHILD IMMEDIATELY SPRINTED OVER TO STEVIE.

(imma borrow carradonna‘s pic to show u how much stevie enjoyed laughing at glen for this)

but yeah and then stevie basically adopted a few johnsons for a bit and i cried