lexy i'm mad at you even if you are still so hot

brooklyn-babe143  asked:

Can you ship me with one of the O2L boys ? It's me in the Icon and I'm shy at times but outgoing and I love life and my favorite colors are baby blue and purple and I have blue eyes and can you do a cute imagine with how you ship me with? Something like I give him the silent treatment and he tickles and to get him to stop I have to kiss him ( I like Sam and I'm very stubborn)

OML SHARE SOME PRETTY WITH OTHERS DJDNNDKFKEK. But I ship u with Kian ( I know u like same but that’s not how ships work. But I ship u with him too)

“I’m so done Kian!” You screamed at your boyfriend.

“What did I do wrong this time?” He said slightly chuckling.

It was yours and Kian’s 2 year anniversary and you went out to dinner.
But the waiter was being a little to friendly with Kian.

“Because that waiter was flirting with you and you didn’t even care, nor do anything about it!” You screamed at him as you say your purse down and kicked off your heels.

“Come on baby, you can’t be mad at me. It’s our anniversary” he said calmly as ever.

“Do you even hear the words I’m saying?” You said to him as you pushed of off you as he was trying to hug you.

“Yes, yes I do. But it seems like your jealous” he said slightly smirking.

“Fuck off. Dick” you said before storming upstairs.

You slammed your bedroom door as you pulled at your hair.

You sighed and got ready for bed.

Taking off your dress, makeup, and putting you hair in a messy bun.

You grabbed your phone and climbed into your comfy bed.

You buried yourself under the covers because you forgot to turn off the bedroom light.

You checked all your social media.

When you got on Twitter, you see Kian tweeted something.

You were still mad at him, but you were curious to see what he tweeted.

You clicked on the notification and looked at the tweet.

’@KianLawley: when my baby gets jealous😂🐸☕️’

‘That little bastard. He’s gonna get some beating tomorrow from me that’s for sure’ you thought in your head.

You rolled my eyes and came up from under the covers as it was getting hot and you couldn’t breathe.

You clicked on the icon at the top and started typing.

'Y/T/N: When someone’s being a dick😒’

You clicked tweet and you instantly got a thousand notifications.

You turned to your side so your back was facing the door.

You started playing some music on your phone. Shawn Mendes to be exact.

An hour rolls by and your about to fall asleep when you hear someone open the door.

You don’t move and keep playing the game you were playing on your phone.

“Are you asleep baby?” Kian whispered as he kneeled over the bed.

He kissed your shoulder lightly before you shifted away from him.

“You can’t possibly still be mad” he groaned.

You decided not to answer him.

“Baby” He cooed hoping you would hear him. You could hear him perfectly though.

You stay silent.

“Why are you doing this to me?” He said falling back on the bed and rubbing his temples.

“Lex!” He says a little louder.

(I’m sorry if that’s not your name. Your bio had lex so I assume your name is Lexi🐛)

“Answer me” he said groaning and bringing out the e

You still keep silent.

You feel him move around before he quickly moves his arm around you and moving his fingers back and forth against your tummy, making you feel a tingly sensation that was satisfying.

You start to laugh and laugh.

Moving in different weird placed hoping it would go away.

You hear him chucking behind you.

You grab his hand and try to move his hand away but it won’t budge.

“Kian! Kian! S-stop!” You say laughing.

“I’m sorry what?” He saying taunting you.

“I’m sorry! Stop t-tickling me!” You said.

Your cheeks starting to hurt from smiling and laughing

“PLEASE STOP KIAN” you said louder still laughing and moving around.

He removed his hand.

And quickly lifted you up so you were on his lap.

He put his hand back where it was and you started to get cramps.

“Kian stop I’m getting cramps!” You said smiling cheeky.

he still didn’t stop. You only knew one other way for him to stop.

You quickly moved up to his face and kissed him harshly.

He immediately stopped and wrapped his arms round you. You pulled away from him.

“Can you talk to me now?” He said.

You wanted to see how long he would last. You kept silent. Yet still smiling.

“Are you serious?” He said.

“Listen babe. I’m sorry I didn’t do anything about it. I really didn’t know she was flirting. You mine and I’m yours okay?” He said kissing you hand.

“Okay” you whispered.

you gave him a quick peck before you both got comfortable in your bed and fell asleep cuddling.