Let me just say

That as a fan from the VERY beginning I’m talking I remember seeing the promos for a new show called “pretty little liars” world premiere like it was yesterday. I’m very disappointed in how this show turned out. All the times I’ve spent invested being one of the millions of viewers every week for the past 5/6 years I’m highly disappointed. I keep watching the finale trying to wrap my head around this reveal. It’s not even about the liars! The motive makes zero sense and just isn’t realistic. US as die hard PLL fans the ones who theorize are too smart and the writers know this. Which is why they’re coming up with excuses to make it seem like the reveal was good enough. We know better than this. I have no idea if I’ll keep watching this series but I know for a fact I’m not gonna make an effort to make sure I’m in front of a tv every Tuesday night at 8. I’m fed up with defending this show. Now I see.