I watched the finale again tonight and I noticed that Mrs. D only told ONE boy to “kiss your sister” now, I’m gonna think outside the box and not go down the whole Charles is Jason’s twin theory for a second.. What if the baby was spencer ? Being that the Hastings recognized the old site they used to go to as a family, what if the Dilaurentis family as well as the Hastings family all went to this place together to bond? Veronica and Peter immediately recognized the place. Back to spence, the scene where she was shown the home video made it seem as if it was personal to her. Did you notice how Charles didn’t harm spencer right away or even at all? It seemed as if she figured out something important. This makes me think of how everybody wanted to protect spencer.. But from what? Maybe a family secret ? I have to think more on this and when I do I’ll add more.

(Photo not mine) Are we forgetting that the Dilaurentis family has their own construction? This reminded me of A’s dollhouse being built and how Jason is always “away” “redecorating” his “grandmothers house” as Mrs. D always says.. If the anagrams are true and Charles is in fact a Dilaurentis then this is probably how he built the doll house. This is just something I noticed after rewatching season 3 since most of the clues come from this season.

Okay so, have people forgotten that before this episode aired it was promoted as “we’ll find out who red coat is” and there was so much hype about it? then we were all disappointed to find out it was a setup? WELL what if this reveal was actually a reveal like the writers and producers were saying? We just thought it wasn’t because it’s a character we all know and love. I specifically remember how amped up they made us because we would finally find out who red coat was. And WE DID. All I’m saying is that I think the second or third Redcoat is Hanna. They wouldn’t have promoted this episode the way they did for her not to be. They probably knew we would brush this off as “nothing” because it was presented as a setup and not a reveal. I hope this makes sense.

What I also noticed in the pilot!

Mrs. D isn’t the only mom who teaches her child to lie. When Hanna and Ashley are leaving the police station Ashley tells Hanna to deny she did anything wrong and to tell people it was a misunderstanding. So there it is right from the first episode and I’m betting in Hanna’s childhood as well is where Ashley Marin tells her to lie and not own up to what she did.

You know what!

These girls talk way too much. Remember when Mona set Hanna’s phone to record every time it was turned on? That’s probably what -A has done. Which is why -A knew to erase everything off their phones right after they announced that they should show everything to the police. They need to start making moves in silence or send each other notes or something letting each other know what their doing just to be safe. The idea is to not tip A off, so they can’t make it obvious as to what their doing because it’ll backfire. This is probably how Ali has made it on her own and why she doesn’t tell the girls much in the beginning. She was playing it smooth and safe so -A wouldn’t listen in and then they got pissed at her for it and didn’t trust what she was doing. She didn’t have to announce her moves and just made them on her own. They forget that A knows AND HEARS EVERYTHING. They need to stop being dumb and loud and announcing their every move in their little meetings.