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1. Character you’d want to meet if he/she were real?

Juliet Burke, no doubt

2. Favorite childhood memory?

When my great grandfather let me drive a tractor, picking up oranges in the farm, swimming in soya beans and the first time I ride a horse. (it looks like I grew up in a farm but not really)

3. First celebrity crush?

Matthew Perry that I can remember…

4. If you had a magic power, what would it be?

Flying// teletransport

5. Which places you’d like to visit?

Hawaii, India, London, Paris, Rome, Prague, Amsterdam, NY, LA, Machu Pichu, the whole world is not an option right?

6. What is your favorite food?

Pasta and pizza. 

7. OTP you didn’t like\hated at the beginning and then fell in love with?

I can’t think of any of them, I did ‘hate’ characters that then I loved but that’s it.

8. Do you prefer summer or winter?


9. The movie you don’t like

Titanic (don’t hate me)

10.  Do you sing?

Sure, we’re trying to break windows right?

11.  What is your future goal?

Finding a job I love.