As a birthday present to myself, I went over to Sunnyvale to get my sound system fully installed; replacing all the stock products. More than satisfied with the results– the trunk doesn’t rattle and it has the deep/dense sound I always longed for.

Time to break the subs in! Only 85% complete, with the 4-ch amp not being installed (didn’t have enough time for rewiring). Besides minor imperfections that aren’t bothering me a tiny bit, I’m one happy camper.

NEXT UP: installing the amp/tints!


DIY: Headlight/Fog light Restoration (Part Deux)

So the original quick fix I’ve done lasted short of 2.5-3 weeks, so when I found free time (which happens to be today) I told myself that I’d work on it again– but for a longer period this time around.

If only I can find the lens sealant wipes sold seperately.. I wouldn’t have to keep buying the whole kit itself.. Anyway, I spent about an hour or so to revive four lenses (2 headlights & 2 fogs) and results are better than the first time! Using the expression “amazing” to describe it is an understatement.

Scared of Fremont.

As I have been picking up my sister from in/around Irvington these past few days since she has started school, all the memories of terrible Fremont drivers are coming back to me and I’ve really been scared for my car. Last night as I was exiting the Safeway in traversing into the parking lot on the way to my car I was struck by a vehicle. This makes for the second time this year, but this time it was totally not my fault. Given that I was in a bit of a rush I simply expected this nice golden Lexus ES300 with an Oriental female at the wheel to stop at a STOP sign. I gave Fremont drivers too much credit. This lady, whether just a terrible driver or distracted by the lightning that was ravaging the bay last night, simply rolled right through the STOP sign without even slowing down. And struck me right below the knee. I mean really? I think Fremont police needs to loosen up on speeding tickets and give people tickets for bad driving. I was pretty close to calling the police if she was gonna try to pull anything on me. Either that or give everyone a new driving test every year. 


DIY: Headlight/Fog light Restoration

Before I start blabbering, I saw this easy-to-do, cheap (without replacing the unit itself), do it yourself fix on CL & YouTube.

The photos are edited to ENHANCE the difference since it’s quite impossible to get it how it looks in real life. Took me about an hour or less to jump start it back to life.

I recommend this to ANYBODY who wants to get that shine back… it makes a significant change to the appearance of your car. I bought the kit for only $9.21 at Walmart, and I think it’s the best DIY I’ve done so far to this car. Definitely worth looking into, in my opinion.

I’ll let the photos speak for it self, check ‘em!

I’ve been obsessed with my car lately.

Latest feature I added was hyper yellow fog bulbs that you see in the photo above (work done 2-3 weeks ago). My first attempt into changing the bulbs making access from the hood ended up with in a failure. Take 2, I went to Mr. Fransua’s house and used a lift, which was 100x easier than going from the hood. All in all, the DIY project for the fog bulb install is 85% complete; remaining 15% for the incomplete passenger side with the bulb not correctly intact (aimed low).

I’m satisfied with the results. I had to add photoshop flavor into the mix since photos do not do justice for portraying the true to life hyper yellow color in person.

More upgrades coming soon…