Sorry I haven’t been posting pictures lately… I have logic behind it.

I really don’t like posting about this, but as it keeps happening, once AGAIN it seems I have to talk about it…. my watermarks/logos.

I put watermarks/logos on my pictures for a reason. It’s so when people see my pictures and want to find the source to see more, they can google or go on any social media and search for me to look. It’s what gives me as a photographer exposure and possible business.

I have nothing against cropping it out, as long as I’m credited at the bottom of said post. What’s really the problem is when it’s purposely whited out. Or removed by photoshop or any other photo editing service.

It’s not fair to me as a budding photographer to have it purposely removed and end up with zero exposure because of it. I am grateful that my pictures are all over the internet now, but it’s not right to do that for ANY circumstance.

I truly enjoy putting my work out there to share and everyone to see, under the right circumstances. However, if this doesn’t stop, I will copyright my pictures; in which case, the photos from there on out with a removed logo will be ILLEGAL.

I am asking you all nicely to stop removing my logo, because it’s unfortunate that a few people who fuck up and remove my logo will ruin it for everyone else.

I only say it out of tough love, but I shall return soon with new photos.

P.S. This is a PERFECT example of what I’m talking about. you can clearly see where it was taken out his left shoulder. and if anyone knows/finds the source of this picture, please contact me? I’d like to have a NICE conversation with whoever did this. Thank you. <3