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ohhhh cool what do you have planned for ae?

im actually doing a few groups with my friends who are coming along, but we aren’t sure which day is what

i’ll be aranea, god tier rose, and the psiioniic

then i have my friend lyn being meenah, god tier dave, and the sufferer. my other friend kira will be damara, god tier john, and the disciple. also with our ancestors, jen will be our dolorosa!!

and may i ask, were you at ae last november as rufioh? i checked your blog and think i recognise you.. what are your plans for ae this year?

kairisora16 asked:

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1. How long have you been a Homestuck?

Since April 18th/2012. It’s nearly been a year!

2. Your patron troll

Terezi, since I’m a Libra

or Sollux, since my birthday is 10/2

18. Cosplays?

Oh god, I own the cosplays Jade and Terezi.

I have done Dave, John, Kankri, and Roxy.

I am working on/planning to do Rose, Aranea, Vriska, and Prospit Sollux (as a duel cosplay with Lyn as Derse Sollux) and possibly others!