lexis cosplay


Alright trans, nb, cosplying, etc. friends!  I don’t know when/if you will need to use this, but here is a little tutorial i made on how to shorten/hem a chest binder.  I’m super happy with the way it turned out and i really hope SOMEONE can use it at some point.
a few extra points:Please, please, please do not bind for more than 8-12 hours!  I know you might feel like shit about yourself but it’s very bad for you and I really don’t want you to get hurt.Try wearing a tank top under your binder!  It might feel gross or uncomfortable at first but it can reduce chafing and make the whole experience easier to deal with.
If the cut off binder makes your stomach look weird from the transition of binder to skin, wear a tank top over it and it practically disappears. 
I may be making another binder out of the bottom part if there’s enough material, and if you want another tutorial for that please let me know!

This is my first tutorial and i’m totally open to any suggestions/critcism.  Please like or reblog if you’re planning on using this.

Message me with any questions/concerns, and thank you for reading!