there’s too few Lucian of Samosata posts on this website, so, a few of my favourite works: 

  • The Market of Philosophers is basically Zeus selling philosophers from different schools. At a market.
  • True History: the moon is gay. Space battles! Solar-system sized conflict! Cheese! 
  • The Parasite: in which Lucian explains being a parasite is the noblest art of all
  • The Symposium: lol Plato no one philosophizes at symposiums everyone gets drUNK
  • Lexiphanes: mocking purple prose way before it became mainstream
  • How to write History: an actual masterpiece???
  • Dialogues of the Dead: after mocking philosophers, let’s mock Homer i mean why the fuck not
  • Ode to a Fly is… a literal ode to a fly. just. you know. a fly.