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Henry, Shih Tzu mix (5 y/o), 22nd & Lexington Ave., New York, NY • “He was found as a baby in an alley in Memphis, TN, and brought to NYC by Bideawee. I say he’s a Shih Tzu with some stuffed animal in him. He’s become the Bideawee spokes-dog and is currently on his seventh Times Square billboard promoting animal rescue.“ @bideawee


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Where You Can Still Remember Dreaming (8/35)

Killian Jones, former crime reporter, was not happy to be home. It hadn’t been home in a very long time, after all. Home was an abstract construct that existed for people who didn’t know as many adjectives for blood as he did. Home wasn’t New York City, but it certainly wasn’t Boston or New Orleans either and he’d always gone where the story was. And he was positive Emma Swan was one hell of a story.

Emma Swan, pro video game player, desperately wanted to find home. She thought she had, a million years ago in the back corner of a barn and a town and faces she trusted. But that had all blown up in her face and it didn’t take long for her to decide she was going to control the pyrotechnics from here on out. So now she was in New York City and a different corner and she kind of wanted to trust Killian Jones.

Neither one of them expected a year of of video games and feature stories to dredge up old enemies and even older feelings, but, together, they made a pretty good team.

Rating: Mature. Some discussion of injury.
AN: Here are some emotions, Emma and Mary Margaret friendship and my continued, unintentional writing of Captain Swan staging emotional conversations in the hallway. I can’t tell you guys what it means that you’re still clicking and sending messages and reading this. This whole thing was kind of a test to write something totally different and it means several worlds that y’all will give it a chance. 
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It took Emma one block to realize that there were few things she’d hated more than Manhattan in the rain.

It was…disgusting. And cramped. And everyone kept hitting her with an umbrella. She was going to be bruised by the time she made it to the 6-train. If she ever made it to the 6-train. There were too many people on Lexington Ave – every single one of them carrying umbrellas and she’d already stepped in one puddle, gasping loudly when the water crested the top of her sneaker.

She didn’t even want to think about what had hit her foot.

Emma repressed a shudder, jogging down the block and wondering if she should just cave and buy one of those umbrellas being hawked on the corner, but she didn’t have cash and for some kind of center of the universe city, it certainly required a shit ton of cash.

She got hit by six more umbrellas on the Subway platform.

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