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Eat, Shop, Intern: Where & Why

We all know the importance of getting your foot in the door, but where exactly do those perfectly pedicured toes of yours belong? 

Now that the boys have filled you in on finding the internships and the interview process; I’ve complied this short list of the best places to intern at and that’ll turn that resume into a high roller.

1. The Agency

Agencies are a good place to learn the ins & outs of production, creative marketing, business/industries standards, and meeting successful photographers.  In my experience smaller agencies tend to give you bigger responsibilities.  With a smaller staff you can quickly become acquainted with everyone sooner.  Not to mention there could be a chance or two for you to help out on set.  At the very least you get to stay cool during those dreadful summer heat waves.

2. Editorial

Magazines have always had that “ohhh” effect on most of us. [wow gif]  I’m sure plenty of us began our photo adventure flipping through the glossy sheets of a magazine, but which ones should we actually give our time and metro swipes to? In my experience the bigger names get the best reaction.  Smaller magazines have more creative freedom since their advertisers aren’t as involved, but the bigger mag can paint a better picture.  Not only would you be working alongside creatives that have been in the industry for years and are on the top of their game, but it can also help you picture yourself in a few years from now.  When it comes to gloss, go big or go home

3. Photographer

Who best to teach you how to take your photos from crit and turning them into spending money, then the photographer who’s “been there, done that.”  The toughie with interning for a photographer is that you probably won’t be the only intern and there will probably be a first, second, and pet before you. Still, the best photographer you could intern for is the one whose work is closes to your style and interest.

 4. Studios

Take your minimum wage job at the cage and turn it into real life experience.  Most studios have interns run their equipment/grip rooms doing things you most likely already know how to do; minus the casual run ins with Karlie Kloss and Sean O’Pry. Oh and of course, the left over 5 star catering.

5. Retouching House

These might be the toughest to score, since they require you to already have a specific knowledge of editing software, but if you can actually use the magic wand tool successfully – flaunt it.