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I’m supposed to be working on two other pieces right now and I also have uni work to do but I figured I could take a few minutes to scribble out something so at least I feel a little better about that post. Sorry, it’s messy and whatnot, but I just had to get it out of my system so here you go.
The floor was smooth under Maddie’s bare feet, chilling her toes and sending pangs of pain brought on by the cold through her ankles. She had once fallen into a lake during the last weeks of winter, and the water had been so cold that she couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. The feeling in her feet was exactly the same, and Maddie knew that if she didn’t hurry, the cold would seep through her flannelette pyjamas and sink into her bones.

The smooth tunnel drilled itself into the bedrock that surrounded the lab. Almost perfectly cylindrical beyond its entrance, the diameter was an exact two metres, and the metal tube itself reached six metres into the earth. Maddie knew every inch of the thing - it was her crowning invention, after all.

There was a button on the wall, about halfway in. All she had to do was push it.

A mouse, white with eyes that visibly glowed, was perched on top of the portal’s frame. He watched Maddie with that unwavering green gaze, and she watched him right back.

“Who are you?” she asked, shifting from foot to foot in an effort to dispel that numbing pain.

The phantom mouse broke eye contact in favour of cleaning his whiskers, and Maddie eventually realised that he wasn’t going to answer her.
She took a step towards the portal.

“Are you really going to do that?” the mouse asked, staring at her again.
“If I don’t, then you will, right?”

A tattered white ear flicked in annoyance. “What do you mean?” he said. “I’m your mouse, remember? I’ve already done it.”

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If Vlad got split by the Fenton Ghost Catcher, what would his halves be?

Classy Vlad and Packers Vlad

i like to think of it as Butter Biscuits vs. Cheese Logs


medicine [danny phantom]

for lexiepiper/ghostdirectlyahead

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!  :)

Oops I angst-ed.

The Paradox


Things had been going so well.

The Fentons had finally formed a truce with Phantom. It had taken them a while to accept the ghost’s relationship with their son, but Maddie and Jack eventually conceded that it wasn’t causing any harm.

Danny had finished school for the year, and with Phantom taking care of the ghosts, the human had managed to pull off a report card that rivaled Jazz’s.

It was Summer.

They were supposed to be enjoying it together.

That’s the funny thing about ghosts. Despite being post-human manifestations of consciousness imprinted on ectoplasm, despite having no need to breathe or eat or sleep, despite being something that technically wasn’t alive…

If hit with enough force with the correct weapons, they would react like any living being.

That’s the funny thing about ghosts.

Despite not being alive, they can still die.

The Mistletoe Debate

Merry Christmas, Laura! Surprise, I’m your Christmas Truce!

I’m not exactly good at fluff, but here’s some Amethyst Ocean for you. Turns out that we share an OTP!

Enjoy your story!



Somewhere between saving the world and completing high school, Danny had developed an unlikely relationship with Pamela and Jeremy Manson.

They pulled some rather impressive strings to clear the kid’s arrest record (it turns out that being arrested for busting Dash Baxter’s jaw could be rather detrimental to Danny’s future career options when the kid’s main goals were either space or the police force), and in return Danny was more than happy to help out whenever they needed.

Shivering in his knitted Christmas sweater, Danny shifted from foot to foot on the Mansons’ doorstep. “Where did she even get a flamethrower?” he breathed, staring at a flaming tree that lit up the frigid darkness.

“Uh, the shed?”

Danny shot a glare at the young man. “So, why is she torching the blasted tree?” he grumbled. “For your information, Sam loves nature. What in the Ghost Zone did you do?

The sleek stranger raised a singed eyebrow. “You even talk like a ghost,” he remarked with a sneer that made Danny want to blast him in the face.

Jeremy Manson chose that moment to intervene. “Daniel, this is Kyle. He’s-“

“The son of your business partner, right? Sam mentioned you were having them over for dinner.”

The blond nodded, straightening his back and tugging at a glinting cufflink. “Yes, that is correct.”

“So what’s with the fire?” Danny asked, holding up a hand when Kyle opened his mouth. “Jeremy called me here, so I’ll have it from him, thanks.”

“Samantha was fairly well-behaved, and even agreed to wear something that wasn’t black. But Kyle here asked to see the greenhouse after our meal, and ran back inside with chunks burned out of his suit, screaming that our daughter lost the plot.”

“Well, it’s not the ghost hunting,” Danny observed, pointing towards a figure beside the flaming foliage. “Look, that’s a human weapon.”

Turning to the man in the gently smoking suit, Danny crossed his arms over his chest with a frown. “Right, what’d you do?”

“Nothing!” Kyle exclaimed, holding up hands that were blistered and a lovely shade of cherry-red. “We were going to the greenhouse, and walked under a tree with mistletoe, so I tried to kiss her and she got really mad.”

Closing his eyes, Danny took a deep breath before glaring at the man with newfound venom. “Did she say no?”

“Well, yeah, but there was mistletoe-

Danny grabbed Kyle’s shoulders, shoving him against the side of the house. “When a girl says no, she means no!” he growled. “What’d you do when she got upset?”


“She wouldn’t be burning the tree if you backed off when you should have!”

“Gee,” Kyle muttered, shoving Danny off him. “Keep your mitts to yourself, Phantom, I’m not a ghost or anything. I told her that so long as there was mistletoe, I wouldn’t give up, no matter how hard to get she played. That’s when she fetched the weapon!”

Clenching his hands into fists, Danny shoved them into his pockets and reminded himself that the only bad guys he was qualified to hit were already dead.

“My name’s Danny,” he spat, “and maybe if you treated her less like an object and more like a person, I wouldn’t have to clean up your mess!”

As he stomped towards the fire, Danny’s mouth curved into a smile as he heard Jeremy say “By the way, my daughter already has a boyfriend. Now, I believe that your parents are ready to go home.”

Following the footprints in the snow, Danny wound his way towards the tree whilst successfully avoiding Pamela’s various garden beds. As he neared the tree, the ghost boy grinned. “You know, when I asked if we could roast marshmallows and chestnuts over the fire tomorrow, I didn’t quite mean like this.”

Sam started before glaring at her boyfriend. “Well, you didn’t factor in a pompous prat, either.”

"No,” the halfa agreed, slinging one arm around her shoulder while using his other hand to pry the flamethrower from her grasp.

Sam let go without a fight. “Why does every guy have to be a jerk as soon as they come by a bit of money?” she sighed. “They think the whole world belongs to them!”

Danny shrugged as best he could. “The poor ones can be real jerks as well,” he reminded her.

Sniffing, Sam pressed her face into his shoulder. “Did I overdo it?”

“Nah. The only reason I didn’t shoot him was because you’d already singed his stupid hair and ruined his stupid suit.”

“I also burned his stupid, roaming hands,” the goth giggled. “But now I get why you blasted Dash in the face last year.”

“Mmm,” Danny murmured, angling his head so that Sam’s skull fitted in the hollow of his neck. “Well, he’s going home now, so can I put out the tree before it spreads?”

Sniffing again, Sam wiped her nose on the sleeve of her jacket before nodding. “Did my dad seem angry?”

Tugging off his gloves, Danny held out his bare hands. With a whump, the tree was suddenly buried in a massive mound of snow. “Not at you,” he assured her, “but I should probably apologise for being rude to his business partner’s snooty son.”

“Probably,” Sam agreed as Danny replaced his gloves. “We wouldn’t want my parents thinking that you’re a delinquent now, would we?”

“What, like that’s worse than being half ghost?”

“You’re an idiot.”

Danny grinned, pulling the girl close again as steam from the doused inferno rose beneath a gibbous moon. “Yeah, but I’m your idiot.” Tilting his head forwards, the halfa pressed his mouth against hers for a handful of heartbeats. “Now, let’s get you inside so I can go home. Dad’ll be having a fit right about now because Santa won’t come until we’re all asleep.”

Sam gasped in mock horror. “Oh, no! We wouldn’t want that, now, would we?”

Chuckling, the teen took his girlfriend’s hand. “He’d suck me into the thermos for sure,” he joked, pressing another kiss to her cheek before starting back in the direction of the house, “but I think I can spare a few more minutes to spend in your company…”

Smirking, Sam pulled her hand away, shoving Danny into a snowdrift. “Go home, you dork.”

The halfa shook his head with a grin, pulling her leg so that the girl fell beside him with a squeal.

“Merry Christmas, Sam,” he whispered, lips barely brushing her forehead.

Smirking, she grabbed him by the hair and kissed him hard on the mouth. They pulled away, breathing hard and sending little puffs of steam into the freezing air. “Merry Christmas, Ghost Boy.”

 this is beautiful  I love it ! Idiot Kyle :l  and the danny and sam parts waaaaa :3

   *high fives because we share otp* thank you so much and merry christmas Lexie!

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Ghost language has been one of my headcanons for the longest time! (Why else would Jack bother to invent the Ghost Gabber?) But I can't reblog the posts because my phone's not working properly! (But really, I just had to send this ask because I'm so excited that other people share one of my oldest headcanons)


like it’s been my fav headcanon for the longest time and i’m so freaking glad it literally exploded

(more ghost quirks please)

i should make a page of all my fav dp headcanons and ghost quirks. if only i could remember them all. school has destroyed any and all memory skills i used to have (i really should just keep an idea notebook with me at all times)


Here’s something I was working on about a year ago what are your thoughts on it?

“Mum, could half-ghosts be possible?” Danny blurted out as he helped her with the dishes.

Maddie started, staring at her son. “Of course not, Danny. Ghosts are creatures in limbo, halfway to heaven and halfway to hell.”

The halfa flinched. “Yeah, um… What would someone have to do to be a ghost instead of going straight to heaven?”

Maddie shrugged, scrubbing vigorously at a saucepan stained with ectoplasmic residue. “Nobody really knows that.”

The teen sighed, seating himself at the table. “Have you ever seen a ghost… you know… change?”

The huntress inclined her head. “Plenty of times.”

Danny straightened in his seat. “Really? Any angels?”

At this the woman shook her head. “Ghosts always do bad deeds, Sweetie. We hunt them so that they don’t have the chance to become bad enough to turn into a demon.”

The halfa slumped his shoulders again. “Oh.”

(There, feeling a bit better now?)


Sounds like the power quandary–a being who is nigh unstoppable can’t be controlled if they become “bad”. The question is whether to destroy them before they can reach their full potential or trust they will make the right decisions and pursue a “good” path. Kinda like the choice Clockwork was forced to make with Danny.

Except Maddie’s choosing to believe it’s impossible for ghosts to “be angels,” thus removing the moral dilemma and allowing her to act without reservation aaaahnnnnnnnnngh~


“This is cool" -heebiejeebiejade

#woah, #he looks adorable and I love the spider legs. -one-more-level

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“Why does he have arms when he has so many legs?”


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“Ooh! So is he mutating into an alien spider? Or is it symbiotically attached…or a combination of both?” -Haikujitsu

It’s sort of a combination of both. In the story, the spiders are clones of a parasitic alien species that target perfect hosts, transforming and consuming them into horribly disfigured creatures. The only way to remove them is to kill the host or bring it to a death like state to trick the spider into detaching, however physical changes to the host may be permanent. The legs are able to extend to the host’s size once a spider is connected to the spine. Dave’s spider, Coral, is actually the original alien spider. After Dave and his best friend, Eric, accidentally release all the cloned spiders, Coral attaches herself to Dave because of instinct. What’s interesting about Dave’s relationship is that Coral targeted Dave because he’s the least suitable host, slowing down the mutations so that it’s a more symbiotic relationship rather than a parasitic one. However, Dave still suffers from certain mutations, such as fangs, extra pupils, heightened senses, and conflicting instincts. Dave and the story still need some work, but hopefully it will become something for everyone to enjoy. Unless you're arachnophobic oops.

It comes with the occupation


Summary: Danny finds himself set up for what will be a truly spectacular dinner.


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Didn’t Armin score like the highest on the written portion?
I haven’t found a favorite character yet. (I’m scared I’ll pick one and now they’ll die, because as I’ve seen from Tumblr spoilers, AOT likes to kill their characters off…) and if/when I do, it’s gotta be one with a big ego. I learned over the years of watching anime, I somehow favorite the characters with the big ego…

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I didn't want to study for my exams anymore so I decided to draw you a picture since your pretty art turned up on my dash again. The drawing failed miserably, so here I am using my most proficient medium to tell you that you're amazing and I love how you show so much personality and thoughtfulness in your art, your tags, and your general comments. (Also, you're not getting that picture - it went in the bin already) Okaaaay, I guess I should get back to cramming now... Have a good day!

Thanks, Lexie! Good luck on your exams!

Haha I’m hungry and thirsty and tired but you know what it’s already 6PM on the first of November NaNoWriMo has already started and I have to compete with everybody on my buddy list Llama Baa has close to 2000 words already I’ll see you soon at the 500 word mark because no doubt that’s all I’ll get done today before I give up

If you are competitive like I am or you want to look like you have friends then we could be nano buddies or something


Danny flinched when the ghost appeared next to him.

“Why didn’t you just tell me?!” Phantom cried, slamming his hands down onto the table and managing to knock over the human’s cereal bowl.

Danny got to his feet and proceeded to clean up the mess, keeping his eyes downcast. “Why can’t you seem to understand that when I say no to something, I actually mean it?”

“Look, if you’d just told me-”

Danny rounded on the ghost, jabbing him in the chest. “I shouldn’t have had to tell you!” he shouted. “If I didn’t want to go flying, then I didn’t want to go flying! It doesn’t matter if I’m scared of heights or not - if someone says that they don’t want to do something, you can’t just grab them and drag them into the sky anyway, and you especially can’t drop them on purpose and then catch them at the last possible moment!”

Phantom placed his hands on his human’s shoulders. “Fenton-”

“Don’t,” Danny growled, using a quick locking move to escape from the ghost’s grasp. Phantom hissed in pain at the sudden twist of his arm, phasing out of his attacker’s grip with a sigh.

“Please, just let me-”

“I am beyond furious right now,” Danny spat. “Go do your patrol or something. If you’re still here in ten seconds, I’m sucking you into the thermos.”





“Oh, fine!” the ghost shouted, throwing his hands up in the air. “If that’s the way you want to be, then fine!”

He disappeared in a flash of light, teleporting to the other side of town.

Danny collapsed back into his seat, shakily running his fingers through a serious case of bed hair. He’d make it up to the ghost later, but right now, the human simply reached for his phone.

“Hey, Jazz,” he greeted as soon as she answered, “I kinda need some advice, and maybe a good psychologist…" 

lexiepiper replied to your post: lexiepiper replied to your post: 1. Target (100)……

Yes, very true. I think that’s one reason I love drabbles and oneshots so much - I’m left guessing, and often come up with so many ideas about the aftermath. Anyway, I love you, you’re fantastic, and now I’m going to bed because it’s 2am.

I know a lot of people complain about the cliffhangers inherent to a oneshot, but I do love the freedom it gives you to just come up with a scene from the middle of a plot and explore what would happen just then without needing to justify a back story or figure out which one of the many outcomes would actually occur. And then it leaves you free to decide that whatever you want to happen is actually happening. XD It’s like a choose your own adventure! Or something. Anyway. Love you too! And now get some sleep. <3