Tumblr Crushes:

usually I don’t do this because I don’t actually know anyone, but this is a list of blogs I actually love, soooo here ya go :)

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1. Are you supposed to be doing homework right now?

Yes. Studying actually. I’ve got a history test tomorrow. I shall fail with pride.

2. If you could have a kpop idol’s body for a day, whose would you steal?

OMGOMGOMGOMG TAEMIN. He’s just… so pretty… and talented… and …and…LOVED BY EVERYONE. 


3. Are you tired of making these things?


4. List your 5 favourite songs

oh God, here goes:

- “Masterpiece Theatre III” by Marianas Trench

- “New Perspective” by Panic at the Disco

- “Your Song” by Elton John (Cover by Ellie Goulding)

- “Life in Technicolor II” by Coldplay

- “Angel” by EXO .

Marissa, imma smack you for asking this question. IT TOOK ME 20 FLIPPING MINUTES TO ANSWER. And there’s no SHINee on the list TT.TT this is so sad. 

5. Who do you want to call right now, if you could call anyone?

My cousin. No joke. Even though she lives like, 15 minutes away and I see her almost everyday at school, I miss her  :(   <3

6. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

CHOCO-LATE <3 but milk chocolate only, please ^^

7. How late do you go to bed every night?

Dear goodness. 12:00-ish usually, sometimes later. Rarely ever earlier (only earlier when I fall asleep trying to do homework - always happens when I try to avoid tumblr).

That’s actually a pretty big problem for me - the only way to keep me awake is for me to be on tumblr or youtube. If I try to avoid those things and do my homework at night, I end up falling asleep :/

8. What’s your OTP?

I HAVE SO MANY, THOUGH D: But I guess i’ll have to go with Myungyeol, since they’re the only one that’s 100%

9. Have you ever read smut as a bedtime story?

o.o I tend to stay away from smut… hehe. I never got around to being able to read it >.< (I love how marissa totally asked this question to see if anyone was as crazy as she is. lolol <3 )

10. If you were to dye your hair, what colour would you dye it?

Blues :D I’d probably get blue peek-a-boos… because they’re flipping awesome ^^

11. Is there a guy in kpop that’s prettier than you? honestly why am i even asking this omg i am so ti

red and i don’t give a fuck so too bad.

Every single kpop namja out there. No, I joke. My situation isn’t THAT bad. :P

Probably the obvious ones like TAEMIN, jaejoong, TEAMIN, Lee Joon, TAEMIN, sungjong, and TAEMIN. ^^

[I tried to find a gif to put in here, but no gif was able to properly express taemin’s beauty, sorry guise]

 Alrighty, so my quesitons:

1. What exactly is it that you should be doing right now, but are not, as you are on tumblr instead? 

2. Most beautiful memory.

3. Any fears? How and why?

4. Biggest girl crush. 

5. Biggest man (or boy if you’re a 1D fan like me) crush.

6. 5 songs to listen to when you’re feeling down. 

7. Want a tattoo? Where, of what, and why?

8. What side of you do you think your tumblr reflects that you don’t reflect in your day to day life? (oooh deep question - I deserve a pat on the back *nods* )

9. A movie you recommend to everyone you meet?

10. jump ahead 10 years into the future - who are you? what do you? where do you live? who do you know?

11. A secret/silly ambition.