“Dicono che la morte sia più dura per chi sopravvive.
È difficile dire addio, a volte è impossibile, in realtà non smetti mai di sentire la perdita.”

— Meredith Grey // Grey’s Anatomy, 9x01.

(Collage mio, crediti foto: calzona-stxrm // Tumblr.)

“Ti amo. Oh mio Dio, mi è uscito di slancio. Mi è uscito dalla bocca come una specie di… Io… Io… Io ti amo e ho cercato di non dirlo, mi sono sforzata tanto di reprimerlo e ignorarlo e non dirlo… E ti amo talmente tanto… Tu sei dentro di me. Tu sei come… Tu sei una malattia, è come se fossi contagiata da Mark Sloan… E non riesco a pensare a niente e a nessun altro, non riesco a dormire, non riesco a respirare, non riesco a mangiare… E ti amo… Ti amo in ogni momento, in ogni minuto di ogni giorno. Io… Io… Io… Amo te.”

— Lexie Grey // Grey’s Anatomy, 8x22.

“La gente se ne va sempre.
E tutti quelli a cui vuoi bene se ne vanno o vengono strappati via dal tuo mondo senza un avvertimento, senza una ragione, in incidenti aerei e in ospedali insignificanti.”

— Amelia Shepherd // Grey’s Anatomy, 11x22.

tatsusyamashiro  asked:

what are your top 6 treasure hunting movies

AWW YISSS (also lmao ty to everyone else who asked this i love y'all for enabling me)

  1. THE MUMMY/THE MUMMY RETURNS NO HARM EVER CAME FROM OPENING A BOOK ACTUALLY THE PINNACLE OF THIS GENRE/ACTION-ADVENTURE MOVIES AS A WHOLE OTHER NEED NOT APPLY!! but really, 20’s aesthetic!! TWO amazing otps!! (i will never not be upset about imhotep/anuk su namun’s ending don’t even fucking look at me THE MOST TRAGIC SHIT) subversion with turn of the century pulp fiction tropes!!! JONATHAN THE RAPSCALLION, ARDETH BAY LIGHT OF MY LIFE, his boyfriend mr eko from lost, HEY BENNY!! LOOKS TO ME YOURE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE RIV-ERRRRR!!! also holy crap the anuk/nefertiti fightin the ssecond one THE MOST AMAZING AND FORMATIVE SCENE OF MY YOUNG LIFE THEY DONT MAKE EM LIKE THAT ANYMORE what /third/ one???????????? TAKE THAT, BEMBRIDGE SCHOLARS!!!  
  2. Indiana Jones its been like 30 years but THEY STILL ROCK, the first and third especially!! (we don’t talk about the fourth bar the 20min mccarthy era americana opening scene tbh). The third is my fave because SEARCHING FOR THE HOLY GRAIL FOLLOWING THE KNIGHT’S TEMPLAR TRAIL FIGHTING NAZIS PAPA JONES RIVER PHOENIX FLASHBACKS HITLER SIGNING THE GRAIL DIARY I HATE SNAKES!!! the iconic map travel and INDIANA WAS THE DOG’S NAME!!! Also shit fuck man these movies were Harrison Ford’s prime hey how are you i’m fine thanks NO IM NOT ITS NOT OK
  3. NATIONAL TREASURE you think i’m joking but i am one hundred percent NOT these movies are amazing I’M GONNA STEAL THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE I’M GONNA KIDNAP THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! and how diane kruger is his awesome girlfriend who is totally smarter than him and riley is their trusty sidekick~ who WRITES A BOOK ABOUT THEIR ADVENTURES and how his parents are all fucked but still love each other and they bring his mama into the second one!! and SEAN BEAN and the resolute desks!! and just how much everyone in these movies are complete NERDS FOR HISTORY it is so qt and speaks to me on a base level you know YOU KNOW
  4. GOONIES ARE GOOOD ENOUUUUGH the cutest fucking movie though?!!? THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE and josh brolin as samwise gamgee’s older brother and they love each other soooooOoooOoo much and HOW ALL THE GOONIES STICK TOGETHER AND HELP EACHOTHER EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE GETTING KICKED OUT OF THEIR NEIGHBOURHOOD AND THEN THEY FIND ONE-EYED WILLIE’S TREASURE AND THEY GET TO STAY FOREVVVVERRR also the fratellis are the best stupid matriarchal mobsters ever omg that jailbreak though
  5. Tomb Raider i loooove the games but the movies do okay too!! helped in major part because THE LOVE INTERESTS ARE GERARD BUTLER AND DANIEL CRAIG RIGHT RIIIIIGHT but yes it’s always nice to see a female lead in treasure hunting movies!!! (evy carnahan and lara would get on so well omg) and lara is so fucking LEGIT she was in the goddamn SAS BACK THE FUCK UP!! her hate for spooks/MI5 gives me life omg and like she tied cables to her fuckin chandelier and jumps around her foyer shooting things to basement jaxx Y'ALL FUCKING WISH YOU WERE THAT COOL and omg the cambodia segment where’s she fucking running on that swinging gong thing hooollly shit man BACK UP THE TRUCK 2FIERCE 2AWESOME 
  6. The Librarian series/Romacing the Stone - they’re on the same level of not actually being good but i enjoy them anyway because i am a sucker for this genre lmao. The librarian series is soooo cheesy it starts Carter from ER and he’s hired to be /THE/ Librarian and he guards this subterrarian library that holds all the world’s treasures like the Ark of the Covnenant and Excalibur and the Fountain of Youth and stuff and in the movies he goes hunting for other treasures omg they’re so fucking cheesy but I love them ESPECIALLY THE LAST ONE because VAMPIRE STANA KATIC IN NEW ORLEANS!!! likewise romancing the stone is about a romance author who decides to try and live one of her books~ and gets swept up into michael douglas’ rakish arms SO 80S BUT SO MUCH FUN

also anyone interested in this genre NEEDS to read the Seven Ancient Wonders series by Matthew Reilly, they’re this amazing modern techno Indiana Jones/Mummy mash up with INTERNATIONAL TEAMS AND FOUND FAMILIES AND SECRET AGENTS AND SAVING THE WORLD AND TREASURE HUNTING GLOBETROTTING WITH CODENAMES FROM LORD OF THE RINGS read them!!!! also theyre meant for early teens but the 39 clues books are also lots of fun TEENAGERS ADVENTURING AROUND THE WORLD AND FIGHTING/RELUCTANT TEAMUPS WITH THEIR NUTSO EXTENDED FAMILY SO GR8 SO GR8 (also lots of poc/diverse.characters in both series!!)

“Mark ha detto che gli manco… Ma anche lui mi manca. No davvero, mi manca davvero. E crede che io sia ancora innamorata di Jackson, ho cercato di dirgli che non è vero, che sono ancora innamorata di lui… Ma provavo a parlare e non usciva niente… E’ una cosa terribile.”

— Lexie Grey // Grey’s Anatomy, 8x21.