Ever since the plane crash, Mark hadn’t been the same, they all had their scars and wounds from the accident. He was laying with Callie as they kept one another company, things hadn’t been going well with Arizona, and of course he was still grieving for Lexie. Every day was a struggle but as difficult as it was, he had to just get through it the best he could. 

Mark wrapped his arms around his best friend, he had lost the love of his life, and it seemed Callie had lost Arizona now. He never thought she would be a cheater but people had changed after all these events. He looked down at Callie started to trace one of his scars, a daily reminder of the crash, trying not to jump as he felt her cool hands against the bare skin. 

“We all have scars.” He whispered, all he pictured was Lexie every time he saw the reminders, sometimes he could get on with his day and focus on work, pretending that none of it had ever happened. But as soon as he saw those scars the reality of the situation came flooding back to him. “I don’t think they ever fade to be honest.”