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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Thanks Kayla! <3

1. There’s A Nap For That

“I’m sorry,” Raven interrupts, “sometimes you nap?”

“That’s not weird!”

“Depends on how often sometimes is.”

“Like,” she stops to think, “three times a week, tops.”  | The one where Bellamy and Clarke keep taking naps together. You know, platonically.

2. Then I Heard Your Heart Beating

The thing is, there are a million really good ways Bellamy could nearly get himself killed. Productive ways, like, dying a radiation soaked death while trying to save his friends from sporadic nuclear meltdown. Or, like, dying a bloody death at the hands of a wild boar on a hunting trip gone wrong. Less grandiose, but still broadly understandable. Really, the possibilities are endless. | Canon-verse. Hurt/Comfort. Just an excuse for Clarke to vocally appreciate Bellamy, because someone needs to do it.

3. Set My Heart Aflame (This Is Not A Game)

Whoever this arsonist is, Clarke has to wonder if they’ve got something out for her in particular.


The loud, deep voice rings out as she turns away from a witness and back toward the house—kitchen now no longer on fire—to see her least favorite firefighter, cocky grin settled on his sweaty, unfairly handsome face. “Fancy seeing you here.”

She loathes him. |A Bellarke Firefighter/Detective, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers AU.

4. Freckles and Constellations

Clarke doesn’t really think about whether or not she’s ever touched Bellamy Blake, mostly because it’s weird. But also because they’re hardly even friends. He’s just the guy she sometimes works with at the library. His freckles are nice. | Based on a soulmates prompt where soul marks blossom at the place you first touch.

5. Cloud Diner

Clarke Griffin dreams about the same boy every night after her father’s death. He helps her through tough times and she returns the favor. There’s no way he’s real, right? | Another soulmates AU because that’s my entire aesthetic.

And definitely check out all of Kayla’s writing as well!

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Here are the first dates for the Mass Effect Andromeda Appreciation Weeks (followed by the blog hosting the week). Thank you to all hosts!

May 1 to May 7: MEA Appreciation Week (general) - @heleusdaily
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May 15 to May 21: Krogan Appreciation Week - @that-lizard-hunch
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July 10 to July 16: Sloane Appreciation Week - @omegastation
July 17 to July 23: Liam Appreciation Week - @peebeeandgay
July 24 to July 30: Jaal Appreciation Week - @magicrobins
July 31 to August 6: Angara Appreciation Week - @feralsaarebas
August 7 to August 13: Nexus Leader & Personnel Week - @14months-stillnotoiletpaper
August 14 to August 20: Suvi Appreciation Week - @omegastation
August 21 to August 27: Lexi Appreciation Week - @forensicdaffodil
August 28 to September 3: Kallo Appreciation Week - @kalloappreciationweek
September 4 to September 10: LGBTQIA+ Characters Week - @continuousspec
September 11 to September 17: Pathfinders Appreciation Week - @pathfinder-helius
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Other Appreciation weeks (such as Ryders of Color Week) will have dates confirmed soon!


lexie grey appreciation week: Day 7 → au: where lexie didn’t die // team neuro

Neuroscience (or neurobiology) is the scientific study of the nervous system. It is a multidisciplinary branch of biology, that deals with the anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, and physiology of neurons and neural circuits.