lexie and food

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My name: Lexy

A four letter word: Lame

A boy’s name: Luca

An occupation: Laundromat Worker 

Something you can wear: Leggings

A food: Lemon poppy seed muffins

something you find in a bathroom: Loofa

A place: London

reason for being late: Large animal attack

Something you shout: LOL

A movie title: Lion King

something you drink: Lemonade

An animal: Lemur

A type of car: Lexus

Title of a song: Lone Digger

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Buff Strickland

In Austin, One Sweet Sommelier Shares the Gospel of Good Wine

In Austin - the muddy land of South by Southwest; outdoor sanctuary for hikers, bikers and swimming-hole enthusiasts; and home to an ever-growing culinary and cocktail scene with a particularly hipster lean (crab toasts and fried oysters are played up at a onetime laundromat, quail and waffles at a former apothecary) - finding a sophisticated, well-air-conditioned, French restaurant with a wine cellar isn’t at the top of most visitors’ lists.

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Sara Remington, courtesy of Rizzoli

Recipes From the Ranch in Malibu Bring the Wellness Spa Into Home Kitchens

“The Ranch at Live Oak Cookbook”, now available, doesn’t detail workout regimens or fitness tips (the Ranch’s guests exercise for eight hours each day) - just, true to its name, recipes for nutritious vegetarian dishes meant to sustain and empower an active lifestyle.

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Hidden Veggie Brownies

By Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

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Lexi’s Clean Kitchen is a regular paid contributor to the American Express Tumblr community.