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Lexi's day

Peebee: I got lasered by an observer, fix meh! D:

Lexi: *sighs* be more careful peebee

Vetra: some scavenger shot me in the arm

Lexi: this should fix you up I hope *medi-gel applied liberally to both*

Drack: I drank the water on kadara.

Lexi: Drack! I said no!

Ryder: I tried to get into cover and instead accidentally leapt 30 feet into the air, got shot multiple times and landed in Remnant goo.

Lexi: Scott what the fuck.

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Chiron did, I think? Hercules and Chiron got drunk. There was a herd of wild centaurs nearby and they smelled the wine and went to the cave, demanding some share. Hercules refused and they attacked. There was a large battle, and after it was done most of the wild centaurs lay dead and Chiron had one of Hercules' arrows in the back of his leg. The hydra's poison was meant to kill, but Chiron was immortal and so he asked the gods to take his immortality away (again, I think????)

or Castor and Pollux! (one variation of the stories) was that, because Castor was mortal (while Pollux wasnt) Pollux begged Zeus to share his immortality with Castor. Zeus complied partially; they both became both mortal and immortal, spending some time in the Underworld and then some time in the heavens alternatively.

Yeah, those were the stories but they’re just not who I’m looking for. It’s so freaking frustrating because I think I remember a goddess was the one transformed, and now I’m just having a crisis because there’s nothing.

Agust D: The Last Verse 2 Breakdown

Second Verse:

Damn huh 현실의 괴리감

이상과의 갈등 아프네 머리가

대인기피증이 생겨 버린 게 18살쯤

그래 그때쯤 내 정신은 점점 오염 돼

First line broken down:

현실의 - Real World

괴리감 - separation

First line put together:

Damn huh 현실의 괴리감

Damn huh reality’s separation

Second line broken down:

이상과의 - strange

갈등 - conflict

아프네 - it hurts

머리가 - head

The second line put together:

이상과의 갈등 아프네 머리가

This strange conflict, it hurts the head

The Third line broken down:

대인기피증이 - social phobia

생겨 - be formed; began

버린 - ruin

게 - too (I’m not entirely sure)

18살쯤 - about 18 years old

The third line put together:

대인기피증이 생겨 버린 게 18살쯤

My ruining social phobia began too around 18 years old

The Fourth line broken down:

그래 - okay

그때쯤 - by that time

내 - My

정신은 - mentality

점점 - more and more

오염 - pollution

돼 - thats right

Fourth line put together:

그래 그때쯤 내 정신은 점점 오염 돼

Okay, that’s right, around that time my mental state became polluted more and more

The full Second Verse put together:

Damn huh 현실의 괴리감

Damn huh reality’s separation

이상과의 갈등 아프네 머리가

This strange conflict, it hurts the head

대인기피증이 생겨 버린 게 18살쯤

My ruining social phobia began too around 18 years old

그래 그때쯤 내 정신은 점점 오염 돼

Okay, that’s right, around that time my mental state became polluted more and more

This probably isn’t 100% correct, but I did try!~ I hope you liked this! Hopefully I’ll be able to get the third verse up soon as well!~ 

- Leader Lexi

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@belovedcerulean  | Blue Poison

Damn, this place didn’t even know who Team Rocket was and she was already being chased by the cops! The only option? Make a break for it by outrunning the cops in her maroon motorcycle. At some point during this chase, Ellie thought it would be a good idea to drive at some higher level so it would be impossible to reach her…Well…she wasn’t wrong…

“AAAAAAAAAAH!” There she goes, crash landing into a huge window of some warehouse. Something the grunt wasn’t expecting at all. Oh and the landing apparently wiped out some of the people in the process. When the burnette finally came to and slammed on her brakes, she noticed an attractive guy in distress.

“I have no clue what the context of the situation is, but wow, your hot!”

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The vampire diaries

  • Character I’d want as a best friend: s1-s3 elena, stefan, kai parker!!!!!!!!!, lexi
  • Character I’d want as a parent: liz i guess idk they all die
  • Character I’d want as a sibling: stefan
  • Character I’d want as a significant other: KAI PARKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Character I’d want as a child: stefan, i want to protect him
  • Character I’d want as a weird inlaw: silas

send me a tv series!

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Welcome on board! :D Could you please do headcanons or a scenario with Saï trying - and miserably failing - to flirt with his crush? I love this clueless cutie pie \(^^)/ Thanks, and good luck 🍀

Hello, my amazing annon! Thank you for your request! Hope you’ll enjoy!

Sai Trying To Flirt!

Sai looked at you while you were chatting with your friends. So it is time. It’s his time. The black haired shinobi took a deep breath and he slowly came toward you.

“Y/n” - Sai said with shaky voice.

“Yes?” - I smile appeared on you face as you greeted your friend with a friendly hug. - “What’s up, Sai?”

“Uhmm…I…” - The young shinobi started and he scratched his neck nervously. - “I wonder if you are a religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers!”

You stood there, with your mouth wide opened and your brows lifted to the sky. What was that? You heard your friends giggling behind you. You couldn’t help but left a chuckle out. Sai’s faked smile didn’t make things easier for you too.

“Did you find that on the internet or you asked Naruto?” - You asked. His face turned red and you started laughing harder.

“I…I found that you are very beautiful and I’d like to be…uuh..uhhm..your spoon..?” - Said looked as he was asking himself whether or not this was the phrase.

“You have no idea what that means, do you?” - You asked and placed your hands on his shoulders. Sai nodded slowly and you giggled. - “Okay, come with me”


“Let’s go and get something to eat and I’ll teach you how to flirt! ‘Cause if you try to hit on me one more time like this…boy, you have no idea what will happen!” - You told him happilly

“So it is a date? Cause baby, I wanna get you…” - You were quick to place your hand on his mouth.

“Yeah, it’s a date. But, please, stop. Those skills are horrible” - You shook your head and dragged him to the nearest cafe, ready to have a loong leason on “Flirting for clueless 101″ 

                                                                                                     -Admin Lexy💞