lexie :d

Lexi's day

Peebee: I got lasered by an observer, fix meh! D:

Lexi: *sighs* be more careful peebee

Vetra: some scavenger shot me in the arm

Lexi: this should fix you up I hope *medi-gel applied liberally to both*

Drack: I drank the water on kadara.

Lexi: Drack! I said no!

Ryder: I tried to get into cover and instead accidentally leapt 30 feet into the air, got shot multiple times and landed in Remnant goo.

Lexi: Scott what the fuck.


For my 4k Celebration @roxy-davenport asked: Hey hun. Sorry if I’m sending this twice. I just wanted to congratulate you on 4K followers. That’s awesome and you deserve it. 💕You know me… I’d gravitate towards kinky Cas but someone beat me to it. So instead how about first date with Cas.

Hope you like this Lexie :D 

Castiel had never before been on a date. He didn’t know what to expect. If he was to tell you the truth, he had never even thought she would say yes. But she had.

If Cas thought he had been scared before asking her out, he had been down right terrified when she had said yes. He had no idea where to take her. He didn’t eat so that ruled out restaurants and coffee shops.

He wanted to get to know her better outside of hunting and the bunker so he didn’t want to take her to the movies. After shooting down 100s of options, Cas had settled on the park.

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De algun modo el llegar a LA era un alivio para el ruloso, aunque parte de su mente estaba en New York con sus padres, él deseaba estar en lugar que ya conocía, donde podia relajarse por unos minutos y ademas de todo de estar con su familia. En ese momento se encontraba en la habitación que les habian asignado jugando con Luana.–Mi amorcito estamos en LA–Dijo mostrandole a la bebé la ventana de donde podia admirar un gran paisaje.–¿Verdad que es hermoso?–Le pregunto volteandose para buscar a su esposa con la mirada.–Mira, alla esta mami ¿vamos a darle un besito?–Le susurro en el oido a la bebé.–¡Hola mami!