lexicon polaroid


A Fable

An anxious Jew, always waiting
for the other shoe to drop,

met a spirited latina who could,
God forbid, lose one leg
and keep dancing on the other.

Vowing to adopt her point of view,
he traded in his tiresome oy vays
for her exuberant olés.

In his guayabera shirt,
he planted red hibiscus by the porch,
worrying endlessly
that they would shrivel in the heat.

A Collaboration with LEXICON POLAROID


I am still reading & accepting poetry submissions for the third issue of Lexicon Polaroid. The issue is shaping up nicely, and I want to read more! Get your submission to lexiconpolaroid@gmail.com by October 31, 2013!

I am in need of people who make video. If you are a video artist, contact me at that same email address and let’s get you involved with our first video issue.

Full submissions guidelines can be found here: http://lexiconpolaroid.tumblr.com/guidelines

IKEA COFFIN / Matt Rippon

(714) 591-XXXX


still in box.

Each screw/ & dowel &

locking turny thing still

stored/ in airtight seethrough

plastic bag. No

glue/ nor nails requirʼd to

seal the fiberboard./ A

flathead driver only needed

for/ assembly; guided by

instructions not/ a word will

tell, but cartoons show how

youʼre/ to build it. Fits a

small adult and plot./ 1,000-

time-test, creakless hinges

close/ the lid. A futon

mattress pads the walls./

On outside, sheets of wood

veneer compose/ a look of

natureʼs finish fit for palls/

sri lankan made in crowded

factories./ for price call;

serious buyers only please


featured in issue 2