That One Kid: Part 7

So TOK asked me if I was going to his “Go away party” even though he’s only going to a college like 30-40 mins away…Waste of time if you ask me, I was gonna go, but my friends are going to BG xD. (so jelly) 

Anyway I told him I couldn’t since I have class till 4. Now tell me this, who has a party for 3 hours? Hmm, TOK, only he would. However (as I write this), now he changed it to some night on the town (which costs money). He is broke man. Ugh who even has a party during the week,fool some of us have classes/jobs so dumb for real.

Then I told him I’d see him at the meetings then he said I quote “No one in the group lives in Norfolk. No one’s going to want to drive out to get me”…Go ahead have your moment….Ok so

1. No one likes to get you from where you live now since its a dead end zone

2. Don’t expect me to pity you, because I don’t give a damn 

3. That’s your fault you still don’t have your license 

4. You do have skype, so you best ta get use to that

5. Suck my dick

Peace out