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Heya!! Do you mind if I ask how you got to talk to Mark, Tyler, and Ethan on Skype? I'm just asking by curiosity, I'm sure it must've been wonderful to talk to them ^^ How did you feel in the moment?

Yeah of course! Back in March during the Charity Livestream, every so often they would call someone who donated on Skype! I just happened to be the first person they called and it was awesome! 

If you want not sure why you’d want to you can see the stream here where they called me. They called a bunch of other people during the stream too~

It was so cool talking to them, cause like I said they were so easy to talk to and super nice! And in that moment I was mostly just excited cause I’ve always thought it’d be nice to chat with them and a little nervous cause I knew that like 50,000 people were watching the stream when it happened lol I tried my best to keep my cool and I think I did okay~

can we a take moment to appreciate how allura mentioned shiro when talking about the fallen ones and the color of her armor? its no secret to anyone how much altea and their people mean to her, so the fact that she decided to put someone she met not long ago in the same light really warms my heart

The Signs As Tempest Crew Members:
  • Aries: Vetra
  • Taurus: S.A.M.
  • Gemini: Suvi
  • Cancer: Jaal
  • Leo: Ryder
  • Virgo: Gil
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  • Scorpio: Cora
  • Sagittarius: Drack
  • Capricorn: Lexi
  • Aquarius: PeeBee
  • Pisces: Liam