lexi this is for you

anonymous asked:

When will the face of hambury return from war *sob*

stares in sadly through the window

IM STILL HERE… IM STILL HERE…….. life has just been hectic lately (trying to get my shit together) BUT I THINK I’VE ALMOST GOT IT SO I’LL BE BACK SOON!!! VERY SOON!!! I’LL COME BACK TO YOU!! ALL OF YOU!!! (REACHES ARMS OUT AND CRIES)


also i got a ton of submissions/got tagged in a bunch of stuff while i was gone so when i’m free again i’ll be posting those!!! sorry @ the submitters/taggers if it seemed like i was ignoring you or i missed ur submission/post, but i want to put a long comment on all the stuff you submitted!! i feel bad when all i write is like “omg cool!” or “thank you!” JCHGJCF

i’ll be back soon!! thank you for your patience!!


Blissfits/Bliss Squad, please watch this episode if you haven’t already! This was very beautiful and great to watch. We love you, Alexa! Keep shining!  ♡ ♡