lexi this is for you

lance [smirking]: get ready to not walk straight for a week, mullet

keith [pressing his bayard against lance’s throat]: i haven’t took a hetero step in my entire life


Meredith and Lexie meet in the hall, in there first normal conversation about their days. Lexie got to watch a Heart transplant and Meredith got to scrub in on an ear growing pro-bono case. 

4x05 - Haunt you everyday. 

The Signs As Tempest Crew Members:
  • Aries: Vetra
  • Taurus: S.A.M.
  • Gemini: Suvi
  • Cancer: Jaal
  • Leo: Ryder
  • Virgo: Gil
  • Libra: Kallo
  • Scorpio: Cora
  • Sagittarius: Drack
  • Capricorn: Lexi
  • Aquarius: PeeBee
  • Pisces: Liam
how it probably happened.

yurio and otabek [talking about welcome to the madness routine, probably]:

otabek [is distracted by yurio]:

yurio [is mad because thinks otabek’s not paying him attention]:

yurio [smirking]: then i’m gonna stick my fingers inside your mouth

otabek [choking]: what?

yurio [pulling otabek by his shirt]: did i fucking stutter?