lexi the rabbit

Tails and Chris had one job….

Cosmo: He did it!

Cream: The Metarex is destroyed!

Amy: Sonic does it again! But wait a second, how’s Sonic coming back?

Tails: *sweatdrop*

Knuckles: What’s wrong?

Chris: It’s about the Sonic driver retrieval system. Its supposed to bring Sonic back to the ship but its not finished yet. Or more accurately I never thought of making one…

Knuckles: In other words, there’s nothing we can do.

Amy: What?!

       (subtitles may not be completely accurate but they are the ones I got)

Episode 58. One of my favorite scenes.


Despite having to start off this year as shitty as the previous one ended, I know I am grateful to be able to surround myself with the unconditional love and adoration of the animals in my family. And even though I claim no ownership to three of these (the cats and rabbit) they’re all a part of me. Even Nuts, the only one I have away from home, greets me every morning and knows me apart from everyone else.