lexi the rabbit

Tails and Chris had one job….

Cosmo: He did it!

Cream: The Metarex is destroyed!

Amy: Sonic does it again! But wait a second, how’s Sonic coming back?

Tails: *sweatdrop*

Knuckles: What’s wrong?

Chris: It’s about the Sonic driver retrieval system. Its supposed to bring Sonic back to the ship but its not finished yet. Or more accurately I never thought of making one…

Knuckles: In other words, there’s nothing we can do.

Amy: What?!

       (subtitles may not be completely accurate but they are the ones I got)

Episode 58. One of my favorite scenes.

Lexie's night blogging post

-If goofy has a son and boris is technically goofy, does that mean boris has a son?
-why do I think of bendy every time I see old Disney or Mickey mouse cartoons?
-why is youtube recommending me Nickelodeon bumpers?
-i love oswald and I want disney senpai to notice him
-Im gonna regret this the next morning when I wake up to 20+ notes about this post
-dr flug is waifu material
-i love bendroid.
-i made a bendroid fan child


No I am not smug it really is all about me! 

This is my intro!

I am the brain and operation behind Makie Kobayashi, OC that was originally made for a fanfic of mine. It’s a mondaiji tachi ga isekai kara kuru so desu yo fanfiction so more than likely you probably haven’t heard of it. If you haven’t then give the series a read or watch it is actually really fun!

Normally I am a shy stupid cinnabun but right now I am high on caffeine so ITS THE BEST TIME TO DO THIS!! 

I really wanna make friends here and have fun and if you have any criticisms or concerns about Makie or wanna give me feedback please let me know this is a trial run for me when designing characters, especially since I am doing an older version of her to beat out writer’s block. I have gotten positive reviews on her though so far so who knows? 

All seriousness, I am super excited to RP with everyone and at times I get self-conscious about my writing because I don’t like letting people down and I wanna impress people and make them excited. Part of being a writer is to be an entertainer for the audience (learned this from Anderson in CCC). And i know I tend to be slow or drop rp’s that lose their flair. But I absolutely love comedy and so i have a tendency to have my characters do funny shit or say something. But i know how to read a mood I swear!! I know when it is appropriate!! 

In shot: I’m shy please be my friend? 


Ok going to hide now bye. 

*zooms off to the rabbit hole to hide in*


Despite having to start off this year as shitty as the previous one ended, I know I am grateful to be able to surround myself with the unconditional love and adoration of the animals in my family. And even though I claim no ownership to three of these (the cats and rabbit) they’re all a part of me. Even Nuts, the only one I have away from home, greets me every morning and knows me apart from everyone else.