lexi the bunny

“So! City’s in peril and we got some freaky power things going on…what now?” 

“We could have some dinner? Betcha guys didn’t know there’s a pizza joint open during the end of the world.” (  ⁰<⁰)◜

Remember in  episode 4 Weathering Heights, when everyone is in the tornado and Ace saves Lexi then Tech saves Rev. Ace says “I was gonna get you next” and Tech says “I got impatient” then winks at the screen??

That scene made me go crazy, like; SECRETS?! DID TECH JUST BREAK THE FOURTH WALL?!? ARE ACE AND LEXI TOGETHER OR NOT?!?! These questions and the fact that Tech’s wink was cute.

Did anyone else notice that scene?

-Megan Neko


Someone should start a spinoff game – which cats in Neko Atsume resemble the members for anon