lexi the bunny

Remember in  episode 4 Weathering Heights, when everyone is in the tornado and Ace saves Lexi then Tech saves Rev. Ace says “I was gonna get you next” and Tech says “I got impatient” then winks at the screen??

That scene made me go crazy, like; SECRETS?! DID TECH JUST BREAK THE FOURTH WALL?!? ARE ACE AND LEXI TOGETHER OR NOT?!?! These questions and the fact that Tech’s wink was cute.

Did anyone else notice that scene?

-Megan Neko

here’s some uhh human designs??? cus i really do genuinely still like this show and i love its potential but i hate how it fell so flat… anyway
Lexi’s loves girls and is Black, Duck’s Indian and Ace is half-Vietnamese and half-Black (Duck cares so much about his teammates but he grew up being told love and affection was weakness sO!!! conflict)

Here’s some Loonatics headcanons that literally nobody asked for, but you’re getting them cause I’m back into the show again

- By the end of season 2, it’s been about four years since the meteor attack; season 1 taking place over two years and season 2 taking place over a year

- Slam is the oldest (25 at the start of the series and 27 at the end) while Rev is the youngest (19 at the start of the series 21 at the end)

- Ace and Lexi are actually cousins but don’t say anything about it for a long time cause they don’t think it’s relevant; the others have a running bet going and only Tech doesn’t think they’re secretly dating/into each other

- Ace, Lexi, Rev, & Tech were all actually in college when the meteor hit; Ace was taking online community college classes, Lexi was majoring in dance, Rev was a freshman at ACME University and working to pay for rent, while Tech was a senior graduate at the same school working for his doctorate

- Tech was a child prodigy, getting his masters at the age of 18

- Rev and Tech actually saw each other a couple of times before the meteor, cause Rev was interested in the engineering course and so went to a lot of show cases of Tech’s pieces

- Rev’s power makes his brain works three times as fast as a normal person’s which is why he can keep up with Tech, though he was already intelligent before; Tech actually tries to teach him as much as he can since Rev never got the chance to finish school

- Ace is AroAce though he doesn’t really talk about it, Lexi is bisexual though she prefers guys, Duck is heterosexual but a transmale, Tech is demisexual, Rev is gay but closeted, and Slam is pansexual

- The humans are actually pretty racist to the animal people but the presence of the Loonatics is sort of making this ideal less common

- Tech and Slam are both autistic

- Duck has narcissism

- They all have varying degrees of PTSD from everything they’ve been through

- Rev talks much slower without his powers (slower even than his non-powered parents) because both he and Rip actually have a genetic disorder that makes them slower than normal roadrunners