lexes shut up

if you don’t support more women in the music education industry (with only 11% of directors being female working at high school level, and less than 5% being female at college level) but scream and shout about more women in stem (which have a 23% job rate) you need to shut up and think about WHY you support women going into stereotypically masculine fields and not supporting them working in a field that’s stereotypically feminine

On Oikawa Tooru and “Tobio”

So I was rewatching the Haikyuu anime because I couldn’t fall asleep and noticed something peculiar during the Seijoh vs. Karasuno match. It turns out Oikawa always calls Kageyama by his first name. To his face, it’s “Tobio-chan”, a sort of teasing meant to clearly be humiliating/condescending, since high school-level boys don’t normally refer to each other by their first names, much less using a suffix that’s reserved for girls or children, unless they’re extremely close to each other. He doesn’t even call Iwaizumi, his best friend since they were kids, by his first name, granted he does have a cute/silly nickname for him. 

But that’s not all of it. 

Oikawa also refers to Kageyama as simply “Tobio” when talking about him to others. 

Which leads me to my original reason for writing this: what if Oikawa slipped up and referred to him as “Tobio” to someone who doesn’t know Kageyama’s first name? For example, someone who hadn’t been present during the two matches they first played against Karasuno? Someone like Kyotani Kentarou. 

Now, just picture the Seijoh team having a meeting right before their last match against Karasuno, and Oikawa mentioning something like “Beware of Tobio” or whatever. And Kyotani’s there looking puzzled and wondering out loud just who the hell is this “Tobio” that Oikawa talks about so much? 

“Is he your boyfriend or something?”

“What?! Why would you say that?!”

“Well, for starters, you call him by his first name, and you talk an awful lot about him. And you also call him your ‘cute underclassman.’ You’ve got to at least have a crush on him.”

Silence fills the room. Everyone seems to slowly realize the truth in Kyotani’s words. Oikawa runs away crying. 

Forgive me for making this so long and silly orz. Y’all already know I’ll forever be OiKage trash, and even if you don’t ship them, you gotta admit those two have a very peculiar kind of relationship.

nnnnnnnn now that i’ve started thinking about wings reflecting not just one’s soul but everything, from their vibe to their frequency to their imagination, i just. can’t stop thinking about joshua. how amazing his wings must be. in ddd, they’re the standard white and fluffy angel wings, but that’s kh and not twewy and twewy wings would be beautiful. i think that they would reflect both joshua and shibuya—joshua has become one with the city, so his soul, and therefore his wings, would show that. god. just,, just imagine these two, maybe three white wings. two or three entirely unreasonably large white wings that can’t possibly move; they’re too big and they’re structured like reaper pinions. but they do, they do move and those who can see him are amazed every time he flies. because shibuya is special; shibuya’s composer is special and his wings are beautiful. they’re huge and white, sharp, and almost angular. shibuya’s a noisy city filled to the brink with edge and creativity, after all. but joshua’s wings are also covered in feathers, so many feathers in so many colors, one to represent every note of every song in shibuya. vibrant reds, blues, purples, silvers, golds, greens, and any anything else, they’re all there. every conceivable color is imprinted on the soul of the composer. and feathers fall off all the time, floating in the breezes in the rg and carrying the latest trends, gossip, and ideas from person to person. the ug is where the real beauty is, though, because players and reapers can see the feathers. they’re everywhere, nestling in trees and sitting on top of shops, falling on reapers and players alike. harriers will help each other get them out of their wings; hands brush the feathers away and suddenly hip snake has never been more popular. wall reapers will pluck some out of the air and soon they’ll shuffle off to 777’s concert, not noticing the feathers dissipating like noise. the feathers carry ideas, fashion, and emotions, but all of those things weave together to make music, as well. and god, the music is so shibuya. everyone has different styles and the music that gets back to dead god’s pad is so jumbled and tangled and it’s all clashing together but the composer loves it. joshua loves it, he loves sorting through all of the different genres and tempos and taking them apart, putting them together again and again until he has this amazing symphony of sounds that should be a cacophony but it isn’t. it’s a beautiful song, it’s shibuya’s song, made up of hip hop and alternative and techno and so much else that only works because of the composer. and at the end of each day, josh let his wings out and hold one of the white feathers. and he’ll listen to the music he’s made and give it back to the city, newer, fresher, and somehow more astounding than before, because it took him a long time to figure it out, but because of him and the people around him, it really is a wonderful world.

more elyza lex/lexark headcanons
  • elyza always wears her leather jacket and black boots and she would die for them (one time she went into a house full with walkers to get her leather jacket back, that girl is insane)
  • elyza loves to tease alicia, she does it whenever she can, even when they are fighting walkers (alicia says she hates it, but secretly she loves it and it makes her feel all kind of different emotions)
  • the first time elyza showed up she literally wore war paint and took down a walker herd with only 2 guns (alicia saw all of it and for the first time she throught she wasn’t as straight as she believed she was)
  • at some point, alicia shares her music with elyza and both of them are listening to it while falling asleep (elyza is mostly the big spoon and  to 100% a top)
  • elyza disappeard for 2 days and showed up with batteries/something to charge your phone because alicia was sad she couldn’t use her phone anymore
  • some nights, elyza likes to listen to alicias slow breathing, it calms her and makes her feel at peace with herself
  • their first kiss happens after alicia took down her first walker all by herself and she is covered in blood and elyza thinks she is slowly falling in love her
  • after that they make out whenever they can and alicia realize she is, in fact, bi and not straight 
  • elyza is just the gayest human you will ever find, even before the apocalypse happened
  • and they make out, like a lot, they are either fighting the dead or crash their lips together, there is no inbetween. 
  • the gayest zombie apocalypse™ you will ever see

Okay, but The Drawing™ scene won’t even be the best Clexa scene in 3x06. So far every sneak peak we’ve been given that has Clexa in it isn’t even the most romantic or emotional scene between the two. Just like in 3x03 we saw the opening scene but were given The Bow™. In 3x04 we got Clarke standing up for Lexa in the meeting but the best scene was the last scene with the hand healing and smiles. In 3x05 we saw the opening but not the flirty “we bring them peace” and then got “blood must not have blood.” Fam, we’re gonna die. The Drawing™ scene is just the beginning for Clexa in this episode.

  • Alicia Clark: Oh, shut up, Elyza
  • Elyza Lex: You shut up, Princess
  • Alicia Clark: Make me
  • Elyza Lex: I will
  • Elyza Lex: But you might moan a little

felarin  asked:

Can I ask why do you want that Turkish OW character? I'm sorry if this is rude, just a bit curious and want to hear the reason^^ You seems like a very kind person<3

i love the diversity that the Blizzard team is going with for Overwatch, and it would be unique and really freaking cool to see what Blizzard will do with the Turkish culture as an influence for a hero design!

i myself am 1000% not Turkish but i 100/10 want to see more diversity. to see Blizzard push themselves!