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Jump Phoenix 2016 (Club Routines w/ Names)

I may be missing a few dancers in some of the dances but otherwise it’s a full list! :D

Update #4: Added what adjudication/place they received! :)

Update #5: Added links to ALL the dances on Youtube! :) Just click on the title of the dance! (Videos from carmodance, JPDKaylee, Creating Artistry, TalentKidDancers, Dancy Pants, and Lovely Dancers on YT. If you would like me to not link your video just let me know!)

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anonymous asked:

Can you name the dancers in the self house?

For who I can tell the dancers in Club Dance “The Self House ” Jaycee Wilkins
Kenedy Brown
Tessa Wilkinson
Isabelle Boyer
Simeon Player
Carlee Schield
Brandt Czerniski
Brynn Rumfallo
Sarah Reasons
Kalani Hilliker
Jasmine Robinson
Kamilla Johnson
Tatiana Savedra
Lexee Crandall