The many faces of Organization 13

It’s funny, nobodies are supposed to be these empty emotionless husks but the memebers of organization 13 are full of so much emotion and personality it’s impossible to see them that way. Each of them brings something to the table and the more we see of them the more we understand them and see them as well, people. 

If Organization Xiii were/had Pokemon (This is what I think, you can disagree):

Xemnas: Dark
Xigbar: Poison
Xaldin: Flying
Vexen: Ice
Lexeaus: Ground
Zexion: Ghost or psychic, I can’t decide which would be better suited for him.
Saix: Dragon
Axel: Fire (duh)
Demyx: Water
Luxord: Psychic
Marluxia: Grass
Larxene: Electric
Roxas: Normal
Xion: Hm, maybe normal? (Since Roxas)
Namine: Fairy

Dear anonymous,

Bend? What do you mean bend?

Perhaps they are trying to ask which of the elements we would control. Which is a rather redundant question, since many of us already do control various elements….

Oh. Well, then what’s this Sailor Moon stuff? What do they mean by scouts?

Sailor Moon is a popular children’s show about magical girls who transform and use their super powers to fight monsters. Sometimes a little girl by the name of Kairi would bring over the episodes and we’d put it on for her and  Zexion on his more subdued days before he became a Nobody–which is saying a lot, considering he was a quiet youth to begin with.

The show certainly had it’s repetitive moments, but I always found the basic premise of the show something of a puzzle, or a conundrum to be solved. Why did these girls feel it was their duty to go out of their way and help people? What was the point of their suffering–or rather, why did they have to suffer so much? Why was the fate of the universe put on their shoulders, again, and again, and again?

Geeze, even as a kid you lived waaaay too deep inside your own head. But fine, so answer the question. Which scout was your favorite? I bet it was a brainy one, just like you.

Well, there was one known for her smarts yes, and I did rather like her, but to be honest…Hotaru was the most intriguing one for me. She was a child, caught up in the schemes of the adults around her, forced to grow up and become an object to further the goals of those who were supposed to be her caretakers. For some reason I…found myself highly interested in her character arc.

-Demyx, Lexeaus, Axel, and Zexion