Mr & Mrs Salander by steelsheen featuring rose gold wedding rings

updated the photos of our lovely couple to something that would look like it was taken on their wedding day. so thats Sal remembering to shave and doing everything to look his best for his beloved Lexi. and Lexi being her usual beautiful self (plus switching back to her original model Chelsea Kane ^_^)

Hey guys.

So my refrigerator broke right in the middle of a heat wave and I really can’t afford any groceries right now. My food supply is super limited at the moment and close to running out so I’m opening commissions.

These will all be from the knees up, 1 character only.
I will draw any fandom, any gender, human/humanoid characters.
Backgrounds can be a solid color or textured.

There are 5 slots for now: 
1. taken
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open

I take payments in Euro through Paypal.
Please email me at gabe.lexander[@]gmail.com (please include your tumblr user on the subject).

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Thank you!