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Hello! You made a lovely post outlining Batman's kids, and you mentioned that there are alternate universe children? Am I allowed to ask about those? I don't know anything about them, and you outline it really well! Thank you!

*lots of screams* oh okay fine 

there’s Carrie Kelley, a 13 year old girl from The Dark Knight Returns, Batman now old comes out of retirement and saves Kelley on his first night back. She uses her lunch money to buy a Robin outfit and goes out crime fighting to get Batman’s attention. technically she has parents but they’re neglectful drug addicts 

I’ve mentioned Helena Wayne, the daughter of Earth-2′s Batman and Catwoman there have been two version of this Helena/Huntress Pre-Crisis Huntress became a hero after the death of her parents and was a partner to Earth-2 Dick Grayson who stayed as Robin. New52 Helena was Robin on her earth and fought along she her parents till a crisis killed Batman and sent her and Power Girl to the main DCU TL she took on the Huntress Identity in the main time line. 

There have been A LOT of Bruce Wayne Jrs, the first was a possible future where Batman married Kathy Kane (Bat-Woman) and had a son who becomes Dick Grayson’s Robin when Dick becomes Batman

a Different Bruce Wayne Jr was one the Super Sons (who were a computer simulation because Bruce and Clark wanted to know what it was like for them to have children together)

In the comic Superman & Batman: Generations a universe in which Batman and Superman start being heroes in the late 1930s and age naturally as they go on. Bruce marries the unnamed fiancée he had in the early comics and they have a son, Bruce Jr, known as “BJ” over his mother’s objection BJ trains to be Robin. When Bruce finally retires in the early 1960s BJ becomes Robin for Dick Grayson. In the 1969 Dick is killed by the Joker and BJ steps in to become the first. In the 1970 BJ falls in love with Superman and Lois Lane’s daughter Kara (Supergirl). They’re attacked on their wedding day and Kara is killed, resulting in BJ taking a darker turn as Batman. BJ also adopts Kara’s brother Joel’s son, naming him “Clark Wayne” BJ tries to get Clark to take up the Batman name in the late 1990s but Clark rejects this and takes the identity “Knightwing” 

the last Bruce Wayne Jr worth mentioning here. This one was a part of a virtual reality Batman got trapped in as part of a JLA story. In this “future” Bruce had married and partnered with Catwoman, but now is in his late 50s/early 60s and retired, Tim is Batman and Bruce Jr is his Robin, lots of cool sci fi armor and a huge battle tank batmoblile

okay now for the alternate Damian Waynes! in Kingdom Come and it’s sequel The Kingdom there’s Ibn al Xu'ffasch (Arabic of “son of the bat”) He was raised by Ra’s al Ghul (and it was rough!) killed his grandfather as a teenager and took over his criminal empire, in his early 20s he’s drawn into a conspiracy by Lex Luthor and meets his father for the first time. When Bruce rolls up Lex’s conspiracy Ibn is brought into custody under Batman’s watchful eye. At the end of Kingdom Come it’s implied that he’s building a relationship with Bruce and is not a prisoner like Lex. He meets and falls in love with Mar’i Grayson daughter of Dick Grayson and Starfire, their relationship is a big part of The Kingdom

In the Injustice universe Damian kills Dick Grayson by accident, Bruce’s bad reaction pushes Damian into the arms of Superman and his authoritarian government. He slowly evolves past being Robin, but it isn’t till Dick Grayson now the ghost Deadman gives him the Nightwing uniform does Damian become Nightwing (he’s like 15-16) 

On Earth-16 Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman manage to make a virtual utopia. As a result the second generation of heroes have nothing to do. Damian is Batman, his best friend is Chris Kent who is Superman and he’s dating Alexis Luthor the daughter of Lex Luthor 

this last one doesn’t really count but I like the idea of him so here we go. So Earth-3 is an evil mirror universe, this universe’s “Batman” is Thomas Wayne Jr. who uses the name “Owlman” His Robin sidekick is Talon. Any ways Talon falls in love with Earth-3′s Joker’s daughter. Naturally no one is happy and the two of them flee for the main earth, idk if they ever made it, but I once made my own original character based on the Talon idea/mirror universe. 


Ra’s al Ghul vs Deathstroke 

The Leader of the League of Assassins vs The World’s Greatest Assassins. These two have a very similar list of abilities and it should be interesting to see how it goes. A really big thanks to mar0w4k for giving me the idea for this fight. If you have an Idea for any future fights or for something I should draw let me know, PLEASE!!!

Ra’s al Ghul

Name: Ra’s al Ghul, The Demon’s Head

Height: 6’ 4"

Weight: 215 lbs (98 kg)

Powers, abilities, and weapons

Due to his expanded life span, Ra’s has accumulated a vast knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, chemistry, detective artistry, physics, and martial arts. He has also gained many international contacts and a vast fortune, gained over centuries. When in combat, he favors more ancient weaponry. These weapons include scimitars, katanas, bolas, throwing stars, smoke pellets, and miniaturized explosives. Ra’s is also assisted by his devoted, musclebound servant Ubu.

Ra’s’ greatest tools are his Lazarus Pits, which will heal him of any injury while restoring him back to his prime of life. His constant exposure to the pits has granted him slightly enhanced endurance, strength, and healing but also comes with the price of a gradual onset of insanity if overused.


Real Name: Slade Joseph Wilson

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225 lbs (102 kg)

Powers and abilities

Deathstroke possesses various enhanced abilities granted by the experimental serum, which are stated to be well beyond those of an average human. According to several character bios, his physical attributes border on superhuman. These include having the strength of ten men, and possessing heightened speed, stamina, endurance and reflexes. His enhancements made it possible for him to press about 1 ton. He has the capacity to use up to 9 times the brain power of an average person at one time, making him a tactical genius, adept at turning his opponents’ own abilities against them; this can also be attributed to his years in the military and combat with various heroes. Deathstroke also possesses a healing factor in his blood that enables him to recover from physical injury much faster than a normal person; however, it does have limitations, as it could not heal his missing eye and cannot regenerate entire limbs. This enables him to recover from what would otherwise be fatal injuries, though recovering from such injuries renders him insane and animalistic for a short period. Deathstroke is also a formidable martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant. He proved himself to be one of the best fighters in the United States Army and, through his martial arts training, he would later be highly skilled in Boxing, Karate, Jujitsu and Ninjutsu. In addition, he has demonstrated multilingualism, being able to speak various languages such as Russian, Japanese, and Korean.

Green Arrow Vol. 4 #66 claims that an assassin known as Natas taught Deathstroke “almost everything he knows”. Deathstroke is also skilled in the use of various weapons, including swords and firearms, which are among his current weapons of choice. His signature weapon is a power staff that fires lethal and non-lethal energy blasts from both ends. In some more realism-focused versions of Deathstroke, his staff fires bullets and miniature cannonball-like pellets instead of energy blasts. His staff can bend and stretch to include both of his martial art forms. He is also seen with a wide array of swords, including giant broadswords and katana swords. Typically in combat, he will only use his staff as a last resort, after his other weapons are rendered useless. His body armor is composed of a mesh-woven, kevlar, chainlink mail, capable of stopping small arms fire. Most of the metal he wears and uses is Promethium, the volatile variety which he’s immune to thanks to his physical prowess. However, in the New 52, he wears a full suit composed of Nth metal. This armor allows him to absorb blows from some of the mightiest DC beings, as evidenced by it being able to absorb numerous blows from Lobo, although it could not withstand the power of Mazahs.


These two fighters are very similar as far as the abilities they have. However, if you notice Deathstroke is better at each skill. Ra’s al Ghul has endurance, strength, and healing but Deathstroke has more endurance, is stronger, and can heal much faster as he does not need to wait for someone to take him to a Lazarus Pits. Ra’s al Ghul is a great fighter but Deathstroke is one of the greatest fighters. Deathstroke does not have to make Ra’s stay dead but killing him would take him out of the fight long enough that one could easily say Deathstroke won the fight. Deathstroke also has armor that could take almost anything Ra’s al Ghul could throw at him. It’s no wonder Deathstroke has 498,415 points in this fight compared to Ra’s’ 117,940 score giving Ra’s a 11.831506% chance of winnig

I have this fic idea that could either be really cracky or freaking glorious that’s a crossover between Danny Phantom and Superman.

So it turns out that Maddie has another sister- Lois Lane (because OUAT family tree logic fucked me up for all eternity), and the Fentons are going to visit her. It turns out that Lois and her husband Clark (or Richard or both if you’re an SR fan) have adopted a girl. She spends the first night at a friend’s house, so the Fentons won’t get to meet her until the next day.

That night, the citizens of Kandor attack Earth in a mass invasion, and Zod declares that if anyone from Earth can beat him in one-on-one combat, the Kryptonian forces will back off. Lois, Clark, and Richard go into a frenzy trying to contact their daughter, but she apparently left her friend’s house after the announcement. Danny, meanwhile, is discussing strategy with Jazz because they both understand that in the Bad Future, Dan had to have killed Superman somehow, but Danny promised himself he’d never figure out how he did it.

Things are tense the next day, and the girl is still missing. Lois, Richard, and Clark go into Reporter Mode and learn that their daughter visited Lex Luthor in his prison cell. The three go to interrogate Lex, but he won’t tell them anything except that he knows the girl’s birth father (Vlad, but Lex won’t say it’s him).

While they’re talking with Lex, it turns out that someone has taken up Zod’s challenge: a girl in black and white. The fight moves too fast and is too far away for anyone to get a good shot of them, but finally, Zod’s body crashes to the ground.

Lois, Clark, and Richard have made it back to the Daily Planet by this point, and as the Kandorian ships leave Earth’s atmosphere, a girl in black and white stumbles in. There’s blood all over her and yep, that is definitely a heart in her hand.

Danny recognizes her first. “Danielle?” he asks, confused and astonished as to why she would be there, not to mention why she would choose a room full of reporters to go to after fighting an alien.

Danielle looks at Danny for a moment, confused as to why he’s there, before she passes out and transforms back to her human self. Lois, Richard, and Clark all run up to her, fussing over their daughter and how the hell did she get superpowers is this a new thing?

As it turns out, she went to Lex knowing he knew Vlad and asked for advice because she doesn’t exactly come up with ways to kill people in her spare time. Good ending: he told her to reach into Zod’s chest and rip his heart out. Angst ending: he told her she would need kryptonite to do this, and Danielle, not knowing one of her dads is Kryptonian, intangibly put a piece of kryptonite in her body and can’t get it out, so she can never be around Clark again.

Also, I imagine interactions between Dani and Lex being very tense, because he knows she’s a clone (maybe Vlad and Lex even collaborated to perfect the cloning process) and mocks her about it.

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R is Lena's niece and Lex Luthor's daughter. R grew up inside Cadmus. One day, Lena is captured and R helps her escape. When asked why, R reveals that Lena is her aunt. Lena is shocked and asks R to come live with her, determined not to fail R like she "failed" Lex. (Also, thank you so much if you do this and you are an amazing writer)

Originally posted by supercorpsource

“Hold on; I haven’t driven in a while.”

Lena gripped the roof handle as you swerved out of the hidden road that led back towards the CADMUS facility and onto the interstate.  The ride would have been a lot bumpier if the two of you weren’t in an oversized Jeep used by your aunt’s goons.

“Who are you?  Why are you helping me?” Lena threw her seatbelt on and squinted through the dark vehicle.  Something about you was familiar, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

“It doesn’t matter.  Is there someone you can call to come pick you up somewhere?”

Lena’s mind flickered to Kara before her curiosity came back and she reached for the ceiling light.  You squinted as she turned it on and tried to ignore the way she was staring at you.  Finally, you gave up and prepared yourself for an admission.

“I’m your niece; Lex is my father.”

Suddenly, it all made sense.  Your eyes and nose were what made you so familiar.  Your irises were a shade of green that was distinctively Luthor.  

“I…I didn’t know he had a daughter.”

“I didn’t know I was his daughter until he went to prison.  He wasn’t around and I was at a boarding school that Lillian picked out.”

“She came for you once Lex was arrested?”

“Yeah.”  You reached up and turned the light off; tired of feeling her eyes on you.  “I’ve been with her for the last few years.”

“I didn’t know,” she shook her head in disbelief that she could have a niece this old and not know about it.  “Please, stay with me.  Let me repay you for helping me escape.”

Somewhere inside, Lena knew it was more than that.  This was about finding another part of her family; a part that was corrupt or too far gone.  It was also about trying to stop it from happening again before it was too late.

Okay so Elyza Lex

- Wears a black leather jacket
- Has a very sexy Australian accent
- Is badass as fuck and could kill zombies with her bare hands
- Swears a lot, she loves to say fuck, fuck this, fuck off, etc
- Sings and draws really well
- Plays the ukulele
- Owns a motorcycle
- Always has at least 2 shotguns with her because she loves to dual-gun
- Angel With A Shotgun is her theme song

More things;

- First time she met Alicia she says “Have we met before?” (because they are soulmates in every life of course)
- She loves to flirt with Alicia, like winking at her and laughing softly when Alicia blushes. She also love to call her princess, sweetie pie, honey and cute things like that
- She’s REALLY gay
- She make friends really easily like she would be bro with Nick and Strand
- She puts warpaint on before going on a killing zombies spree??
- She has a couple of tattoos of course
- She never showers but she smells really good anyway
- She would do anything for Alicia
- She saw the movie Machete probably like 1000 times??
- She likes to listen to Fergie and the Pussycat Dolls
- Did I say she’s really badass? Like nobody want to fight with her
- She has really muscular shoulders and back (Alicia can’t stop staring and Elyza smiles when she catches her looking)
- She loves to tell inappropriate jokes at weird times
- She sleep-talk sometimes when she dreams. She often has nightmares because she would have a dark past (Alicia would spoon her of course)

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For the supercorp headcannon let's get on with the angst: who has more nightmares? Who usually comforts who? How the Danvers and the Kents take a Luthor?

omg i am so excited i have so much angst in my soul and so much angst for these two lil nerds

  • SO i would say kara probably has more nightmares but lena generally has more intense ones??  
    • this isnt to say that kara’s are not fucking intense and terrible and usually involve, you know, the destruction of her planet, culture, family, etc, but she’s had them for what’s going on 10+ years and while she used to wake up screaming in the beginning (which, tbh, is a big reason why alex became so incredibly protective over her, even when she resented her existence, bc she was this little girl that was so far from a home that didnt even exist anymore and she was crying and scared and alex is a giant softie so of course she got up and got into kara’s bed, curled around her and stayed awake, vigilant until kara was asleep again, anyway that was off topic i just have a LOT of emotions about the danvers sisters)
      • but like its been years and so she’s sort of used to them??  and unless it’s particularly bad, she usually just wakes up a little shaken or sad but its manageable
        • that said, lena’s particularly attuned to kara bc kara often wont verbalize whats eating away at her??  she’s so used to putting on a brave face and closing off whatever anger or sadness or doubt she has and she wont saying anything so lena’s learned to catch onto the minutiae, the tiny shift of expression, the deep sadness in those blue eyes before its shoved back.  so she usually wakes up with kara, and even though she’s not always one hundred percent coherent she’s usually with it enough to figure out whats happening and pull kara against her, ground her, land a sleepy kiss to her cheek or temple
    • lena on the other hand, has not had 10+ years to adjust and the nightmares are a pretty recent development, often centered around thinking she’s got lex back on her side again only to have him kill her, or her have to kill him, or the worst yet, developed only after learning about supergirl, being somehow manipulated into killing kara herself (those are…..the Worst tbh).  she usually wakes up crying, though there have been a couple times when she’ll wake screaming and she’s so used to self soothing, to just shaking and rocking until she’s calm enough to get up and make herself some tea and down some ambien, its honestly a little bit of a shock the first time kara is around for one of these nights and she’s so worried about lena, sitting up in a blink of an eye and sort of–she doesn’t want to make it worse by holding her if she doesnt want to be touched and lena’s not really??  talking???  and kara doesnt know what to do, doesnt know how to make this better for her and she feels so incredibly helpless
      • in the end, she sort of just stays with her, just so she’s not alone until lena sort of collapses against her, crying so hard that she’s shaking and kara takes that as her cue so she wraps her arms around her and channels a lil alex and stays awake until lena’s calm, until she’s asleep again and then she stays awake past that, not sure what to do if it happens again
        • they talk about it the next morning, after lena’s cancelled her meetings and stumbles out looking like death and kara’s still got a worried look on her face even as she sets down a smiley face pancake in front of lena when she sits at the kitchen island
          • like……dont look at me bc im totally NOT crying over the thought of lena looking incredibly small, the smallest she’s ever seemed to kara, and her trying to explain what happened, trying to explain that they just happen sometimes and that kara shouldnt worry and kara like aggressively worrying and just asking what she can do to make it better when lena wakes up like that
  • a lot of the time its lena comforting kara, like she has a lot going on you know?  like she’s desperately trying to balance being supergirl with maintaining some semblance of a normal life and on top of that she’s constantly reminded of the fact that she is the only living being that still remembers krypton, that carries the history, the traditions, the culture, the language with her because while kal-el knows a bit here and there, he never lived it, never went to the festivals, never watched it die and there is no one that can relate to that, that can relate to the very specific pain of being 13 and watching everyone and everything you love die AND THEN not even being able to carry out the last thing your mother ever told you to do like kara carries so much guilt and she rarely vocalizes it and even then its never exactly about it, always by proxy, some sideways way of approaching it
    • she normally breaks down in front of alex, her go-to, her rock, but then alex is happy for once and kara can’t–kara won’t take that away from her, refuses to weigh her down with this when she knows she’s the reason it took this long for alex to look so free so she buries it deep and this goes on for months and then she has this one awful day where snapper is on her case about something that isn’t even in her control and she was looking forward to her date with lena that night when, of course, supergirl duty called and she cancelled and the alien’s just a fuckin jerk ok, just a jerk that liked to blow shit up and kara’s tired, she is, she just wants to feel okay for a little and she’s reached a point where she’s not sure if that means she wants to be kara zor-el or kara danvers but splitting the difference is hurting more and more each day and she just wants to feel okay
      • she flies to lena’s after the debrief at deo hq.  it’s nearly one and most of the lights are off when kara lands on the balcony but she also knows that lena’s first meeting isnt until the afternoon tomorrow and she also knows that she doesn’t think she can handle going back to her empty loft tonight
        • she also knows that when she doesnt stay the night, lena sleeps with her phone on the bed and lena actually picks up on the first ring which means she’s either still up working or has just finished and kara can barely tell her im on the balcony, it’s chilly, please come let me in and then she’s crying and lena doesn’t hang up, kara thinks, but then she’s at the top of the stairs, jogs down them and unlocks and slides the glass door open and then kara’s falling into her arms and lena holds her for a moment before she’s guiding her up the stairs and leaving her at the foot of her bed while she stacks her papers haphazardly and dumps them onto her dresser and later kara will think that that’s probably the biggest sign that lena cares for kara as much as kara cares for her, but then lena’s pulling back the covers and following kara when she climbs in, pulling her back against her chest and just letting her cry it out
          • i’m tired, she whispers later.  i’m just so tired.
          • then sleep, love, lena murmurs back.  i’m right here.
            • kara wakes up sometime long past when she should have.  lena’s still there, holding her, and she murmurs when kara starts to sit up i called snapper and told him that i’d offered you an exclusive on the new tablet we’re putting out, she yawns.  and that you’d be sitting in on meetings for the next week.
              • lena
              • you need a break
                • which, well, true
    • and this isnt to say that kara doesnt spend just as much time taking care of lena, but the way lena views it, she has a therapist that she pays good money to listen to her and, like, she can actually talk about things without any sort of cover story in a way that kara can’t outside a select group of people and lena is honestly just glad that she’s part of that select group and maybe that means she announces a couple of pieces of tech a little earlier than initially intended, it still fucks with apple pretty well
  • HOO BOY OH MAN OH GOD OKAY so the danvers handle it with relative grace, they really do; alex gives lena the shovel talk and, quite honestly, so does eliza, but kara’s happy and safe and that is their first and foremost worry, really, so when it becomes clear that lena is just as committed to that ideal, just as willing to prioritize kara’s well being, it’s easy enough to accept her.  it doesn’t hurt that she’s got the whole my parents never loved me! card to play, something that immediately wins over eliza ‘i’ve never met an orphan that i didnt want to mother’ danvers and lena and alex sort of bond haphazardly over That Lesbian Lifestyle and their shared drive to keep kara safe and happy
    • so while they’re wary for a bit and thoroughly vet lena, she’s eventually just kara’s girlfriend lena, rather than Lena Luthor, Sister to Lex Luthor, Daughter to Lionel and Lillian Luthor, which is???  honestly all lena’s wanted?????
    • THE KENTS ON THE OTHER HAND so honestly idk what history supergirl is working with for clark like are his parents even alive???  who knows but im going with no bc ive only ever seen man of steel and have never watched smallville and also dont care that much.  ANYWAY kara literally does not tell kal-el for the LONGEST time because she knows exactly how he’ll react and she’s not interested in having him talk down to her when she is, in fact, older than him and more than capable of making her own decisions and judging people based on merit, rather than surname.  but like…..he’s superman.  he finds out eventually.  probably by winn accidentally letting it slip (he then sends off abt fifteen thousand panicked texts to kara, all starting with IM SO SORRY HE’S JUST GOT THAT FACE AND I GOT DISTRACTED or something like it)
      • and then kara’s getting a pissed kal-el storming into catco and, well, he’s not yelling but he might as well be and kara’s eyes just about roll out of her head and she drags him up to the roof, where at least they won’t have an audience wondering why clark kent gives a shit about kara’s relationship and then kal-el’s yelling about The Luthor Family is Bad News Kara and kara’s like listen i Don’t Care (i mean, obviously she does; she knows what lex did and what that in turn did to kal-el but at the same time, he is perpetuating the same bullshit judge a book by its cover that kara has fought so hard against and he’s not even bothering to listen to her, just sort of assuming that that she will listen to him and break up with her girlfriend that she likes like a Lot, maybe even loves, and so honestly Fuck You Buddy) and it boils down to if you’re not willing to respect my ability to make autonomous decisions, then you can leave and kal-el’s like FINE and kara’s like FINE and he flies away and kara’s so angry and hurt that she spends the rest of the day in the deo training room (kryptonite off) punching everything she can
        • it is not fine at all bc while he’s got an entirely different experience from kara when it comes to krypton, he’s also the only tie she has left to her home, her family and it breaks her into too many pieces to count that he’s entirely unwilling to even consider judging lena for her own actions, or even to consider the fact that this is kara and she trusts lena with her life, her secret, and that should count for something.  lena’s particularly quiet during this time, turning it over in her head again and again, knowing exactly the weight that kara’s cousin carries for her, exactly how terrible this is for her, how it’s lena’s fault that kal-el’s not talking to kara
        • its a Bad Time, because then lena’s pulling away, putting distance where kara doesn’t want it out of guilt, but kara’s too upset to think anything but the worst and it culminates in what is actually their first fight (bc while they’ve had disagreements, disagreements have never ended with kara storming out in tears)
          • kara shows up at alex’s crying and alex’s first instinct is to murder lena luthor, her second is to hide the body, her third (and strongest) is to draw her sister into her arms and let her cry on her shoulder because everything’s just gone to shit and i dont know what to do alex, i dont know and alex’s heart is breaking and she stays with kara through the night and only leaves once her sister falls asleep, and only then to go to lena’s apartment and flashes her fbi forgery to be let up without question and then she’s banging on lena’s door shouting WHY IS KARA CRYING ON MY COUCH LUTHOR and lena answers the door looking wrecked, all red eyes and puffy face and its so obvious that she’s just as upset and alex, who will deny it vehemently if asked, has already developed a soft spot for her sister’s girlfriend, and it probably helps that lena’s first words to her are is kara alright?
          • so alex softens a little, enough to think rationally, to remember that lena is, by all evidence, absolutely whipped when it comes to kara and would never do anything to hurt her, so she asks what happened and lena looks like she doesn’t want to answer but this is alex, Super Intimidating DEO Agent And Also Sister To Supergirl/Kara Danvers and lena’s Lena Luthor, Billionaire and Survivor of Multiple Assassination Attempts, but she’s also incredibly sad and worried and scared that she’s ruined what was possibly the only good thing aside from her company so she tells alex everything and then alex is S E E T H I N G like what the fuck kent and she leaves lena, promising that talking to kara would be a good idea and calls kal-el and tells him he’s needed at the deo, to meet her in the training room
            • she greets him with a slap to the back of his head when he walks in like what the actual fuck kent, i get that you dont trust luthors, but you should trust kara of all people and his bullshit excuse gets lost somewhere in alex’s Big Sister yelling, like do you not understand how fucked up it is that you cut off the only person in the world that has any idea of what you go through just because you dont like who she’s dating and lena is not her brother, she’s not her mother or father either, she is her own person and i’m not sure if you remember, but your father in law built a death machine with the only purpose of using it to kill kara if he ever chose to, not sure if you remember that he tortured her aunt without need, not sure if you remember the hell he put kara through and you dont see her judging lois for that or cutting you off because of it and the mighty superman is reduced to a shaken ball of nerves by the end of it, suddenly realizing how shitty he was being
            • he gets to kara’s apartment just as lena does and then it’s as awkward and uncomfortable as it possibly could be and kara opens the door to find them locked in a staring match and then lena’s looking at kara and kara’s looking at lena and kal-el has to clear his throat to get them to even remember he’s there and even then just barely and he sort of mumbles out something about him being wrong, lena obviously cares about you and you care about her and im just going to butt my butt out now (at least that’s what kara garners from his stumbling attempts at an apology)
            • its never an easy topic, but its not like the kents and the danvers spend thanksgiving together or anything and it puts a strain on kara and kal-el’s relationship moving forward, something that trips lena up sometimes, makes her uncertain and worried and guilty and they struggle with that for quite some time, because lena knows that kara’s lost and doesn’t want her losing this, losing him too, just because of her; at the same time, kara’s reached a point of knowing that she’s damned either way, but even if its uncomfortable, she’s happy and lena’s happy and their friends are happy for them and that’s what matters

Like Family

Imagine being Lex Luthor’s secret daughter who is frail. When she bumps into Conner she gives him the location of a recently healthy Project Match.

Relationship: Family in some ways

Character: Conner


Gifs: Found on Google.

A/N: I know the request says escorts Match to Conner. But I thought Lex wouldn’t let her just leave with a clone. So did it this way. Hope you enjoy.

You hate this, even if Lex couldn’t publically say you’re where his daughter he still sent bodyguards with you everywhere. Even thought you were sickly you still would escape from your bodyguards and walk around Metropolis. Today was one of those days, you had climb out the window of a bathroom in a department store and took off. Before you knew it you were in the park, it was peaceful. Families were out, dogs were barking, everything thing about this made you feel normal.

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Sebastian Stan Request

Can you write a Sebastian Stan imagine where him and his wife are going through a rough patch in their marriage but she surprises her and they reconnect like old times?

You carried your sleeping two year old to bed. After being promised by your husband that he would be home tonight and would read her a bedtime story Lex, your daughter, had passed out next to you on the couch waiting for Sebastian to get home. 4 hours after he was suppose to arrive you finally gave up and tucked her in.

You were nervous about your husband coming home, in a sense that most spouses shouldn’t be. He had been gone for a year on filming, coming home for a couple breaks during the time, but each break was only up to a week long. Recently your phone calls had shifted from keeping up with each other to him calling to talk to Lex. You two would briefly speak to each other, but that was about it.

You were scared about what this meant for the two of you. You were worried that maybe it was you and Sebastian was done with you. You were worried about what all this might mean for your and Sebastian’s marriage. Just as you started folding up the blankets that you and Lex had used you heard the front door open and heavy footsteps followed. “Did I miss her,” Sebastian asked.

“You’re four hours late, so yeah, you missed her,” you sad voice said.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. My connecting flight was delayed and my phone died on the first flight, I didn’t have a charger to use. And, I stopped on the way home to get you and Lex something.” You looked up from the blankets and took in Sebastian’s sunken face.

“That’s nice of you,” you said looking at the flowers and the small present in his hands for you and Lex. “But, Sebastian, your daughter has been waiting for you to be home since your last break, which was three months ago. She waited up until she passed out waiting for you to walk through those front doors,” tears started leaking from your eyes. “And, she asked me the other day if you were going to stay here when you got here tonight and…and I honestly didn’t know what to tell her at first.”

“Y/N, of course I’m staying. What are you talking about?”

“You haven’t been home in three months, every time you call we don’t talk, and I just..I just don’t know how you feel about me anymore.”

“Y/N,” he stepped to you and brushed off tears that framed your face, “I do love you, I do. It’s just been so long and I wasn’t dealing well with being away this time. Please don’t ever doubt that I love you,” by this point you were both crying as you held each other close. “Tomorrow,” he leaned spoke as he rested his head on yours, “you, me, and Lex are spending the whole day together. We’re doing something fun and going to our favorite ice cream place. Deal?”


   “Hello, anyone there?” she asked as she opened the door very slowly and peaked inside. 

There she was, opening the door to her fathers place, she hesitated for a moment when no one answered but entered anyway. A band member managed to find her fathers Address for her, at first she didn’t know if she should be the one to approach him, her mother always told her to stay away from him but Ava couldn’t help it.. she had to see him, she had to meet him at least once. 

The lights were off and she figured that no one would be home. She looked around, there were no mirrors, no pictures.. but then something caught her attention, a door. It looked like a door to a basement, nothing special but something was pulling her closer, she touched the pendant her mother gave her when she moved out and bit her lower lip lightly, grabbing the door knob and pulling it down, opening the door that led down dark stairs. The strong scent of blood hit her and she backed away from the door quickly. “What is this place?” she gasped and took a few steps back.

I’m so emotional over Elyza Lex. Okay I didn’t come with the clever name but I started the badass, leather jacket, sexy australian zombies killer headcanons and now she’s alive because of you all and just like I imagined her. I’m so fucking happy. 

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I don't understand the lena is evil because "the comics said so" ?? Like, yeah, she's shady in most of them but she's also sometimes a physically disabled thirteen years old with psychic abilities, daughter of lex and sometimes possessed by a 64th century supervillain while going to boarding school with supergirl and her evil twin sister. pretty obvious they're ABSOLUTELY following the comics there.