lex whines a lot

  • Me: *lifts something for a customer*
  • Customer 2: oh you're lifting all this? Oh here let me help you I can do it wow I'm so sorry wow if they made my daughter lift this I would be so upset oh I'm sorry you have to do this.
  • Customer 3: haha where's the men??! They should get some big strong men out here to do this for you! Haha women are weak and it's funny and weird to me that you are lifting things!
  • Customer 4: if I didn't have a bad shoulder I'd do it... Oh you're gonna... you? I mean my shoulder isn't all that bad actually let me help.
  • Me: *screams internally at the subtle sexism EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME at my job*

Alright this may seem v radical but I am all for complete gun control. The removal of ALL guns from the hands of the public. Private citizens do not need them. I just don’t see a reason for any person living their normal life to own a gun or ANY kind. I mean I guess (????) For hunting during designated seasons but even that is really unnecessary. I’ve known people killed in drive by shootings and people with personal experience being threatened with guns. My stepfather and mother used to argue about guns he had for hunting and because their domestic situation was HELLA abusive I grew up completely terrified that my stepdad would just up and decide to kill her or any of us one day. Guns have no place in anyone’s hands. White men and veterans in NRA t-shirts come into my job all the time and I don’t feel safe despite the “Responsible gun-owner” concealed carry slogans they wear proudly. I feel afraid. I get shaky and terrified any time I spot one because that shit makes me feel threatened not protected. Guns are so fucking unnecessary and I wish people were less fucking stupid about how much they “need” them. The right to bear arms is bullshit in modern society, sorry not sorry. If I could I would personally remove the guns from every person in the country and ban all gun sales forever.

D I S S O C I A T I O N.

Whenever anybody asks how I am these days it’s very hard to describe to them exactly what I’m feeling, mostly because the answer is… well… Nothing. I know it’s a coping mechanism -I even know that it’s a really damaging one for where I am right now- but my life has become a marathon of dissociation.

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