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Helpless (Semester 1.5)

This is (kind of) a sequel to Before the End of the Semester and All’s Fair (Semester 2). It takes place a little bit before the start of Semester 1 and ends right up to the beginning of the library smut from Alex’s POV.

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Warning: pining

Kink Tag: none

AU: modern/college au

Word Count: 2471

Song: “Touch” - Little Mix

A/N: Yes, I haven’t updated in 500 years, and yes this is hella late and the write-a-thon is over BUT this is for day 5 of the @hamwriters Write-A-Thon for reverse pov day. All french translated for me by my platonic soulmate @manuelmirandamn hope you enjoy!!!

A note from Mackie who proofread for me: “i read this as “on my sexual life” bc im taking french rn and I started cackling because i thought it was like “i swear on my life” but it’s alex’s sexual life” - about a line in french @protecting-my-legacy

Alex dropped the last of his bags on his bed, looking around the room to figure out what order he should organize his things in. Move in day was always hectic and stressful but you’d think after two years of college, he’d have it down already.

A loud bang and a strong French accent coming from down the hall notified him that Gilbert had just arrived. Smiling, he walked out of his room and down the hall to Gil’s.

“Nice flight,” he asked, leaning against the door frame. “Alexander! Mon meilleur ami!” He grinned and opened his arms wide for a hug which Alex happily obliged. Gil’s hugs were the best.

“How was France?”

Incroyable. All the cousins were there and ma grandmére. She makes the best chocolatines. I had some shipped over for you guys. Your life will change forever.”

Alex laughed. He missed Gil and all his friends when they were on break but especially Gil. His life was boring without Gil’s drama in it.

“Did you get your class schedule?”

“‘Did you,’ is the more important question. Will we have to suffer through yet another semester of you pining after Y/N?”

“I don’t pine. And, yes, but I don’t know what her schedule is.”

Gil raised an eyebrow as he folded a shirt. “You mean you didn’t ask your dad?”

“George isn’t my dad-”

“He adopted you when you were fourteen-”

“He’s not my dad.”

“Fine. You didn’t ask Washington to find out for you?”

“No.” Another eyebrow raise. “Fine, yes.”


Alex ran a hand through his hair. “We’re in the same classes again. But I’m over it. It’s been a long summer and I’m only focused on getting valedictorian.”

“Give it five minutes into your first class and you’ll be at each other’s throats.”

He rolled his eyes. “I think I have more self control than that.”

“You two have been hurling insults at each other and debating like it’s a courtroom for two years straight. That’s not going to stop overnight. Or over a summer.”


Non, mon ami. This has been a thing for two years. We’re getting you two together.” 

Alex groaned. “Whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t. Seriously.”

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“That voice. Annoying, yet, soothing. The only thing I feel is the weight shifting, but nothing more. The words say things, encouraging things, or just stories of a life that’s not mine. Some days I can’t stand it. Other days I find that I miss the laughter that would follow every joke, despite my own silence. Who is this?”

Deja-ryu week, Day 2: Training

basically, Tracer visits Genji while he’s recovering and speaks to him, telling him stories and other fluffy stuff. he’s not so fluffy when he’s fully able to control himself though.


An Interview with Obsidian Lava-Flow

ModLuther: Guess who has two thumbs and only just found out that @gemsona-week is a thing. This girl. So here is Obsy and the crew, a bunch of idiots and off colours that are surprisingly still alive.
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Things a Luthor Does Not Do

I actually forgot to post this here… LIke, I’m really bad at being organized. Anyways:

A Luthor does not cry.

A Luthor does not beg.

A Luthor does not kneel.

A Luthor does not show weakness.

A Luthor does not love.

It lasts until Kara Danvers comes along.

A Luthor does not cry.

Lena learns such thing one week into the Luthor’s household.

She’s five. She’s terrified. She cries. A lot. Never in front of Ms. Luthor, never again in front of Ms. Luthor. Not after the first night.

At five years old, memories are still too vivid in her mind. Her parents smiles’, her parents laughs’, and it’s too much. The hole in her chest is too much.

When Lillian, no, when Ms. Luthor finds her one morning, hands clutching at the duvet and sobs escaping her lips, she barely acknowledges her pain. She’s met with cold eyes and an unwavering voice.

A Luthor does not cry.

Lena learns. Lena follows. Lena tilts her head up, her back way too straight for a seven years old. It takes her two years but she learns. She doesn’t cry.

Not when Lionel dies when she’s eleven and she stands at a eighteen years old Lex’s side, jaw clenched and eyes fixed on a point far way, never focusing on any of the reporters.

Not when she’s sent away for boarding school because, once Lionel is no longer around, mother doesn’t have to pretend to love her.

Not when Lex becomes what he becomes.

She just stares at it all, chin up, settled eyes and unwavering voice. Just like mother. Because a Luthor can be sad, but it can never be shown or heard.

But Kara Danvers appears in her life. Kara Danvers with her bright smile. Kara Danvers with her blushing cheeks. Kara Danvers with her sweet eyes.

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this is EXACTLY lex choking on his own power and overplaying his hand. this is EXACTLY lex falling into his own trap. this is lex assuming that he has oppressive control over doomsday, by virtue of doomsday being his son.

this is lex’s history coming back to haunt him, his past replayed. except this time, the roles have changed. he is the domineering father and doomsday is the dangerous, powerful son. 

patricide is again enacted.

but THIS TIME, a man in the sky intervenes and delivers lex from doomsday’s fists and abominations. 

clark not only saves him from doomsday, he saves him from his own fatal flaw. he breaks the cycle of luthors begetting and abusing their sons and paying for their sins. 

negotiations and commands

@bleachitwhite and I were talking about supercorp, Krypto, and then supercorp and Krypto. bleach is too nice and let me use some ideas, so this happened.


She’s come to expect certain things from her life.

Letters from Lex? Once a week at most if she’s lucky.

(It’s generous to call the mass of threats letters, but it’s easier that way. To act like she gets well wishes from her brother instead of attacks against her.

To act like he’s still the Lex who took her in when no one else would even though now, he’s anything but.)

She’s expecting her mother’s to join the pile soon.

(She could just shred them with the rest of her mail, but there’s something particularly soothing about watching them go up in flames.

Sometimes she thinks that’s the only ending for Luthors.)

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Just A Job? - Part 2

Title: Just A Job?

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: Part 2/3

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: In desperate need of money, Lexie agrees to help her paparazzi friend get the perfect shot of Tom Hiddleston. She just never expected what would happen afterwards.

Warnings: Minor swearing.

Author Note: Because I felt like writing angst, and I remembered I haven’t written part 2 of this yet. 

“I’m just saying maybe selling those pictures wouldn’t be a good idea,” I twirled the phone cord around my finger. It was an ancient thing, and I should have upgraded to a cordless years ago, but I always loved the look of the older rotary phones. 

And you couldn’t exactly play with a cordless to alleviate anxiety.

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