lex 2012


“You’re not very important just because you’ve got more money for your ticket; or just because you know someone in mid-level management at Coachella. Everybody in the VIP sit down… That’s right I’m looking at you. I’m looking at you Tom Hanks.”

Since it’s that time of year, here is a flashback to Pelle slaying at Coachella 2012 main stage with a now legendary quote.

  • xever: whatcha doin? trying to escape?
  • karai: is that a real question?
  • xever: just making conversation
  • karai: are you? what part of that gives me anything to work with? my choice is to say nothing, be sarcastic, or bark "yes" like a trained animal. it's not a conversation. you're holding me verbally hostage
  • xever: okay ass-face, i'll be in the dojo
  • karai: hey xever, whatcha doin? goin to the dojo?
  • xever: okay
  • karai: yeah, you like that?
  • xever: screw you