Okay so @ashes-and-glitter, @lillyndra, and I (but mostly them) came up with this idea:

  • Raphael is totally obsessed with those dramatic Spanish telenovelas.
  • like everyday at noon he is sitting down and watching his shows.
  • Simon gets roped into it bc Raphael thinks it’s the best way for him to learn Spanish.
  • Simon doesn’t realize how intense these shows are until Raphael starts shouting in Spanish at the TV five minutes into the episode. (”ESMERALDA! WE HAD HOPE! I TRUSTED YOU!”)
  • Sometime into the third episode, Raphael starts crying when Esmeralda still hasn’t learned anything (”Dios, he’s lying! IDIOTA!”)
  • Simon asks multiple times an episode to watch Star Wars instead.
  • Eventually Simon starts to understand the language and then he’s secretly into it (also Raphael is super cute when he’s angry).
  • Raphael likes to call him out on it.
  • “Are you crying, Lewis?”
  • Simon tosses a pillow at his face.
  • Simon starts telling the rest of the gang about it and casually dropping references into conversation and they get interested
  • Friday nights become telenovela marathoning at the Institute.
  • Everyone has their spot on the couch and they watch with subtitles. 
  • Simon and Raphael still try to watch it during the week but they have to go fight bad guys and stuff
  • Izzy and Magnus commenting on the outfits and love affairs
  • Alec and Clary always predicting what happens next
  • Jace exploding whenever their predictions are true.
  • Everyone just being stupid and happy bc yeah their lives might have sucked but they never had to deal with their father sleeping with their best friend who ended up in a coma for twenty one days after getting hit by their ex-boyfriend’s car.

Some parallels and comparisons - Great Balls of Fire [Dir. Jim McBride. 1989.]
Jerry Lee Lewis (Dennis Quaid) Myra Gale Brown (Winona Ryder)

Random thing popped in my head for a MSA SD crossover. Basically somehow Shaggy and Arthur switch bodies. Velma’s been trying to find a logical explanation, Daphne is excited that the supernatural seems to be real, Scooby’s worried about his friend, and Freddy’s just doing his level best not to freak out when he keeps finding ‘Shaggy’ elbows deep in the Mystery Machine’s engine.  On the other side of things Lewis is desperately trying to keep Shaggy from figuring out he’s a ghost while Vivi and Mystery are researching different kinds of magic to try to reverse it. They’re essentially trying to keep Shaggy in metaphorical bubble wrap since they don’t know if he’ll have Arthur’s bad luck. Thankfully Lewis’s cooking keeps him from wanting to stray far. The arm is freaking him out a bit.

The two group finally get in contact with each other and agree to meet up and try to fix the problem together. Mystery Inc. get to the place they’re meeting first. Of course there’s something spooky going on in the town. And the monster du jour seems to be a demon.

Mystery Inc don’t really register how much Arthur is freaking out, since they’re used to Shaggy being a scared -cat. Still they do what they do. Things go as they normally do and eventually a trap is set. The Demon almost dodges it, but gets knocked in by a blast of purple fire. The two groups unite, Shaggy and Arthur both pleased to see their friends. Velma does her wrap up, pulling the mask of the villain and explaining the how and why. Freddy turns to tell Arthur there was nothing to be afraid of after all, but cuts off mid sentence.

Arthur isn’t scared anymore.

He’s furious.

Before anyone can stop him he punches the culprit in the face. He then grabs him by his costumes collar and demand to know if the bad guy thinks this is funny. When the criminal mocks him for being dumb enough to believe in monsters Arthur drops him and grabs Shaggy. He yanks up the white  T-shirt and begins to explain every scar he’s gotten.

“This sehedron emblem over my heart was from with the Cult of Nagra tried to sacrifice my soul to feed a Demon Lord.  These slashes on the side were from ritualistic bleeding to feed a minor blood demon in exchange for it’s favor. The whip marks are from a the followers of Chzo who believe torture is the path to enlightenment. The pentagram was from run-of-the-mill satanists who didn’t have the slightest clue what they were doing.”

The wrist band on the right is pulled up. “This group decided to try crucifixion. Lucky me they had no idea how to build the thing and it fell apart after they nailed me to it.”

Then the back is exposed, revealing a star chart literally branded into his skin. “Tried to raise the Elder Gods.” The the metal arm is exposed. “And we’re not even going to discuss the demon that did this. You still think it’s funny to dress up and scare kids?He then stops away in disgust.

Everyone’s in varying degrees of horror. Finally Velma asks “Why didn’t he mention the burns?”

Lewsi flinched almost imperceptibly. “A misguided vengeance spirit. He mistook Arthur for the man who murdered him.”

“Which he is regrets immensely,” Vivi added, a bit of bite in her tone. She hates seeing those scares and hadn’t even known about the burns. Lewis just nods.

Haven’t gotten farther than that.

Edit: Is now a Story

(Im digging through old funny MSA chat ideas.)
At the time I had an rp where Arthur got turned into a vampire. Which led to talking with @huppupbup about Arthur being the most awkward vampire.

[9/30/2015 1:36:44 AM] Ecto: im just gonna stick with awkward nerd vampire
“vivi im stuck as a bat WAT DO???”
[9/30/2015 1:37:05 AM] Nam: “STOP LAUGHING AND FIX THIS”
[9/30/2015 1:37:16 AM] Ecto: “VIVIIIIII ITS NOT FUNNY”
[9/30/2015 1:37:42 AM] Ecto: she wont help him until he makes a squeak
[9/30/2015 1:39:14 AM] Nam: poor arthur

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What can you tell us about Magnus and Simon’s relationship in Season 2? It’s cool! I really love that they’re really exploring Magnus’ relationship with other Downworlders. Specifically with Simon; he’s a young vampire, he’s trying to figure out life, this new life. It’s like he’s reborn into something he’s completely unfamiliar with and he has no clue how to use his skills, his powers. And slowly developing it, but also how to deal with it. Dealing with human life, trying to be around his family, but also how to stop from being killed. From dying. So, that’s where Magnus comes in. He gives him advice and he steers him in the right direction. And, it’s a really funny dynamic, and I think you guys will really enjoy it, when you see it.