Hannah and Lewis privacy

Okay so I saw a post a while back saying basically “Hannah and Lewis are never on camera together and they never post any relationshippy stuff anymore surely that means they are broken up/going through tough times.”

This made me very angry.

Why do people not understand that just because a couple decide to keep their relationship/sex life/private life separate from their careers and their YouTube channels, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love each other, respect each other or aren’t together anymore?

For God sakes they have been dating for nearly 5 years. If a couple have managed to stay together for that long without posting it all over the internet, why should they feel obligated to do so?

Please remember what they want to share is their own choice and you should not harass them to reveal more than they feel comfortable revealing.

Thank you

P.S: I am not having a go at the people who merely ship them as a couple and think they are cute together and “aww sweet” etc I am talking about the people who assume things and badger them about their relationship constantly.


So I made another Yogscast music video type thing! 

This one is clearly Lewis and Hannah centered!

If you’d like to check out my old ones they’re here and here

Yogscast Ships of Choice

     I ship Lewmadia; Sjips; Zoethian and LalnaXRidgedog.

     The first one actually came naturally. Due to Lewis and Hannah’s relationship, it seemed that their characters were heavily affected by their romantic antics and so I went with it. It felt right and actually pretty cute. But I do also like Honeyphos and Xephna too. I find it interesting; funny and adorable in it’s own way.

     The second one came from their interesting conversations. While in real life Paul and Chris already have that special someone, their characters do not.

As much as SjinXMinty is cute, I can’t help but ship Sjips. The characters were just, meant for each other.

     The third is obvious. ZoeyaXRythian forever!

     The last is relatively new. I haven’t really paid attention to Ridgedog for most of my time as a fan, but I find him pretty funny and interesting in his own way.

I happen to be a massive Lalna fan and always felt bad when one of my ships rendered him alone. I have also never dreamed of shipping HoneydewXLalna however, since it never felt quite right. LalnaXSjin is possible, but only as a Kismesis type of thing. It’s a bit more about sexual tension/frustration between the two, not love.

Then I realized something.

Ridge is a genius in his own way and more of an observer. He’s the one behind the scenes making sure the server is ok and running properly. He’s the master of puppets behind everything in other words, and Lalna is quite the intellectual man capable of building great and terrible things.

If Ridge decided, he could team up with Lalna and just blow up the entire server because he simply can. Not only that but I feel like they need someone that can manage their difficult personalities and the two just fit I guess.

I also think it adorable. Imagine the most powerful man in the server cuddling with our favorite blond scientist and sharing private jokes with him. That would be simply sweet X3

What about you guys? Whom do you ship with whom?

Ok people of the Yogslash tag. I have a suggestion.

From what I’ve noticed from the like 3 things I’ve seen, there has been some confusion on what to tag XephosxLomaida as.

May I suggest… *drumroll*


It sounds nice, it’s pretty obvious who it is, and it uses both character names (that’s one of the reasons “Lewmadia” kinda bothers me).