MCU Ladies Week | Day 5: Favorite Friendship | Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis

You were gone for five hours!

I think the most important thing about Jane and Darcy’s relationship is how utterly normal it is.  They didn’t come together for any great purpose, they came together because Jane needed someone to help her do science and Darcy took a chance on it.  And while I imagine Darcy expected helping with lab work and research, what she gets on top of that is being Jane’s science getaway driver.  Their respective areas of knowledge feed each other, they snark and banter at each other, they support each other (Darcy’s genuine worry for Jane, the apparent care Jane must genuinely have for Darcy to take her to London) and they do all of these completely average things even when circumstances get completely un-average.

MCU Ladies Week roundup

We hope you’ve enjoyed Ladies Week! Here are the ass-kicking ladies we’ve featured:

Peggy Carter

Half of the History We Shall Never Know by @cesperanza

Bucky visits Peggy ficlet by @imaginebucky

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The Sick Rose by @stripyjamjar

Strike Gold Along This Shore by @dietraumerei

Natasha Romanoff

Half of the History We Shall Never Know by @cesperanza

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Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief by @tamthewriter

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Full of Grace by @bomberqueen17

Maria Hill

A Thing That Wants by @magdaliny

Darcy Lewis

You Probably Think This Song is About You by @rainnecassidy

Stars and Sparrows by @sumomomochi

Mother Russia, Mother Hen ficlet by @captainwittyonewriter

Lady Sif

For As Long As We Both Shall Live by @genderfluidrogers

Trish Walker and Jessica Jones

A Moment in the Storm by @eyres

Sarah Rogers

Paddy wagon ficlet by @toli-a

Sun to Sun by @toli-a

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