Alright, Here is my speech about summer and stuff like that lol

Well, This summer I had a set of goals that were never accomplished.. Thanks to my busy schedule of tumblr, And My summer went by way to fast. I was hopping to go on more trips, meet my friends from Ohio, and Just kind of kick back and have some fun on the beach. But since time grew short and I became lazier and lazier as time passed, I never did any of that. I didn’t even finish one thing I wanted to do. Like write a Larry fanfic, Or a btr one. I wish my summer was full of more outside activities, but I must say that this is one of the best summers  of my life.. I mean I must have set a recorded of the longest human to not move. And I made a ton new friends! (aka followers) and… Yeah.. Pretty much what I’m saying is that I wish I had a life, I would love to get out and do shit, but I’m not going to because tumblr is amazing, and I don’t give a poop about anything else.

Now enjoy somethings that make me smile. 

That doesn’t make me smile.. But it’s sexy…^^

Lol that is all… Thank you..