nerd family au where Bucky has pretty much taken Darcy’s place as “Jane Wrangler” but sometimes when she’s really on a roll and hasn’t eaten in three days, he panics. Jane is even more than Steve had been when it comes to her research and bar physically removing her from the lab and inserting a feeding tube (all of which he could do but none of which are legal), he doesn’t know what to do

So he calls Darcy, quickly telling her the situation and she will walk him through how to break through to the intrepid scientist. 

Most times that’s the end of he conversation, but sometimes they’ll stay on the phone, laughing and swapping stories about Jane and Steve back in the forties. Those calls go on for hours, but they’re hours well spent

‘Shadowhunters’ tv-show

What we know so far:

* The show will be on ABC Family.

* They are currently in the process of casting the roles of Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec, Isabelle, Jocelyn and Valentine. They are looking at all ethnicities, so depending on who they cast the characters may end up looking different from the books.

* Filming is set to begin in May in Vancouver.


* The show is an adaption. It’s not 100% by the book, but they’re pulling elements and the mythology and reworking it. It’s definitely different but most of the key/important points are retained.

* Characters are aged up by about 2-3 years

* Clary is attending the Brooklyn Academy Of Art.

* Simon is an accounting student.

* Simon gets a new girlfriend. Her name is Natalie Adams.

* The show is more modern than the books (for example Isabelle has an iPad that detects demons). Also Simon and Clary track each other using smartphone apps.

* Simon’s band has different members than in the books. These includes Natalie (Simon’s girlfriend) with a pomeranian named Yeti and bass player named Gary.

* Clary and Simon are still fans of manga. In the pilot Dragon Ball is the first manga that Simon lent Clary. They apparently mention a few character names too. At one point Clary also mentions manga to the Shadowhunters when they talk about vampires to her.

* The Institute is seen in the pilot.

* Hodge, Church, Madam Dorothea, Luke and Magnus Bane don’t appear in the pilot, but they could appear in later episodes.

* The first episode covers up until Clary gets to the institute and discovers she’s not a mundane. The rest of the first season is book one (City of Bones).

* Jace kills a girl rather than a guy in the Pandemonium.

nerd family au where Bucky crashes on Jane’s couch one night after driving her home. They’ve been working for almost three days straight until, at Thor and Darcy’s insistence, Bucky physically dragged her away from the lab. Jane’s a bulldog when there’s a breakthrough on the horizon. 

They get to her place and Jane runs inside, and for one reason or another Bucky ends up sitting on her couch and within minutes, he’s passed out cold. (Bucky’s not so good at remembering to sleep. He hasn’t had to in decades, and when the exhaustion finally catches up, it hits him hard)

The next morning he wakes up to Jane and Darcy making breakfast and found a place setting for him at the table. Neither of them mention it, or act as if anything’s out of the ordinary, but all Bucky can think about is how his family took Steve in after his parents died. One day there had just been another setting at the table, and just like that Steve had been family.

Just like that, Bucky is family.


In the second chapter of his book Symbolic Logic (1892), C.L Dodgson, whose everlasting name is Lewis Carroll, wrote that the universe consists of things which can be ordered by classes and that one of these is the class of the impossible. He gave as an example the class of things which weigh more than a ton and that a boy is able to levitate. If they don’t exist, if they were not part of our happiness, we would say that the books of Alice [Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871)] correspond to this category. In effect, how to conceive a work that is not less delightful and inviting than The Arabian Nights and that is likewise a plot of paradoxes of logical and metaphysical order? Alice dreams of the Red King, who is dreaming of her, and someone warns her that if the King awakens, she will go out like a candle, because she is no more than a dream of the King that she is dreaming. In regard to this reciprocal dream that well could have no end, Martin Gardner recalls a certain fat woman, who painted a thin female painter, who painted a fat female painter that painted a thin female painter, and so on to infinity.


The layers of meaning embedded in representations of the human form and the complex relationship between the dialectics of the viewer and the object are at the core of the works in a Secret Affair: Selections from the Fuhrman Family Collection. The exhibition takes its name from Secret Affair (Gold), 2007, a stainless-steel sculpture by the Scottish artist Jim Lambie comprising the outline of an oversized keyhole placed incongruously in the landscape on the grounds of Laguna Gloria.  In this work, a simple framing device becomes an Alice in Wonderland portal to a secret garden, an irresistible invitation to what lies beyond and a metaphor for the infinite possibilities that exist between the corporeal and the abstract.

Text Citation:  Top: An excerpt from Jorge Luis Borges’s preface to the Spanish translation of the works of Lewis Carroll’s (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) published in 1976. For more, click here.  Bottom:  An excerpt from “The Subversive Body,” an essay by Heather Pesanti, included in the catalogue accompanying the exhibition A Secret Affair: Selections from the Fuhrman Family Collection, on view at  The Contemporary Austin from May 3 – August 24, 2014. For more information, click here.

Image Credits: Left: Installation view of Jim Lambie’s Secret Affair, 2008, at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Scotland. Right: Installation view of Jim Lambie’s Secret Affair (in the trees), 2007, part of the exhibition Reconstruction #2, Sudeley Castle, Cheltenham, United Kingdom.


elleracket asked:

Imagine an all-Avengers nerf gun fight in which Bucky is the single most terrifying man with a plastic orange gun in the whole univer. He, Clint, and Natasha team up and take it way too seriously, eventually pinning all of the others down in one of the dens. Tony cheats and asks JARVIS to locate them, but it doesn't do any good, since they're too well-coordinated and fast to be defeated.

JARVIS dislikes it when Mr. Stark makes amoral requests of him. This happens fairly infrequently, and there has never been malicious intent behind such requests, but he does find being asked to edit the wikipedia biographies of high-ranking governmental officials both repetitive and dull.  

Running a tracking algorithm of the sort he uses in the Iron Man suit to identify hidden hostiles against Mr. Stark’s own friends within their own home, however, settles poorly in his circuits, especially as they have no such advantage in this mock-war. Mr. Stark is already operating with an upgraded nerf weapon with a targeting system and has constructed a very sturdy barricade in the labs with the help of Thor and Dr.s Banner and Foster, although Thor had been lost in the first skirmish with the team lead by Captain Rogers. 

Although he dislikes doing so, he begins tracking the locations of the remaining ‘hostiles’ on Mr. Stark’s phone. He watches quietly as Dr. Banner is sent to liaise with the Captain’s team at their fort behind the couch in the lounge. Rogers declines the invitation, as do Agents Hill and Wilson, but Miss Lewis accepts, although JARVIS suspects that her reasons for doing so are not purely motivated by a desire for victory.

Before Dr. Banner and Miss Lewis can begin the journey back to the labs, the Rogers fort comes under attack from the vents. Hill manages to take Agent Barton out with a stunningly good shot involving a ricochet that should not have been possible with a foam bullet. In the end, Barnes and Romanoff get all but Mr. Wilson and Miss Lewis, who manages to escape at the last second as Dr. Banner takes a shot meant for her. 

JARVIS takes stock of the situation. Wilson and Lewis have made it safely back to the Stark barricade. Lewis, Wilson, and Dr. Foster are all quite fast and very good shots, and Mr. Stark has gifted them with the advantage of superior weaponry and intel, including the locations of the last three ‘hostiles’, who are operating without communication devices or upgraded weaponry. Despite this, JARVIS assesses that minus the intelligence he is providing, the terms of the final engagement should be evenly matched. He cannot disobey Mr. Stark’s order. However, there is one person Mr. Stark has not ordered him not to speak to, primarily because he believes her to be out of the game. 

"Miss Potts, if I might have a word?" 


Tony and his team are approaching the enemy encampment when the tracking program on his phone shuts off. he frowns and checks to make sure the phone still has battery. 

"Tony, where’d our intel go?" Darcy’s voice hisses through his earpiece. 

"JARIVS! Come on, buddy, fire it back up, don’t leave me hanging here," Tony whispers.

"I’m afraid I can’t do that, Sir," JARVIS says tonelessly, and for several long seconds, Tony knows the meaning of true, pants-wetting fear. The he feels a sharp tap in the middle of his back, and whips around to see Pepper leaning against the doorframe, casual as anything. 

"Stark, are you still there? What the hell’s going- aagh!" Sam cries out in his ear, and seconds later Tony hears both Jane and Darcy go down. 

"They’re efficient agents, Tony, but did you really think Barton and Barnes were working together that well without someone organizing them?" Pepper smirks.

"Don’t try to use JARVIS to cheat against me again, he doesn’t like it very much," she says over her shoulder, she saunters out of the room, gun at the ready. Tony thinks that even though she might be up against Barnes and Romanoff, the game is far from over. 


Spike & Tonya Lewis Lee

Please, Baby, Please

A toddler’s antics keep his mother busy as she tries to feed him, watch him on the playground, give him a bath, and put him to bed.

Please, Puppy, Please

Watch two toddlers try to take care of a puppy who has no plans of letting up.

Giant Steps to Change the World

Pursuing one’s own path in life takes courage, strength, and perseverance, as demonstrated by such inspirational leaders as Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, and Muhammad Ali.


lost girl meme: [6/6] friendships » The Happy Sunshine Gang
- And there are times when we will fight. Because we are family.
- But family sticks together?
- Yeah. Even when we screw up.