“This is the most ridiculous idea you have ever had.”

jace shrugged mischievously, his lips hooked in a lazy grin as he tilted his head in that adorable way that made simon’s heart flutter and forget everything else. who needed knowledge, money, fame, when jace was looking at him like that, with soft amusement and awe, like a child watching the tiny ballerina of a music box spinning slowly round and around, something so simple like sticking your face out of a car window to feel the wind whip your face and your hair back.

but jace’s charm and beauty was not going to work this time. no freaking way. simon would forbid it.

“where’s your sense of adventure, simon?” jace scoffed in that dramatic, exaggerated way of his and it was times like these that simon seriously believed that if jace wasn’t a shadowhunter, he would be a fantastic actor. He did have the looks and the chops, after all.

“adventure?” simon repeated, his voice cracking on the last syllable of the word from the stupidity and disbelief of the situation, throwing his arms up into the air and gesturing wildly at his boyfriend, who was standing on the other side of the room and had been standing there ever since he walked over about two minutes ago. simon, of course, had been said said two minutes trying to get him to move back towards him.

“adventure is fighting bad guys, saving the day!” simon mimed swinging a lightsaber and jace laughed, endeared at the “zhoom zhoom” sounds simon was making with every swish to add to his point. “ adventure is finding some hidden treasure in a forest or the jungle. this, us in your living room in the institute, is not an adventure.”

“but, it’s a productive and fun way to spend our time!” jace replied, giving simon a dazzling grin that caused the vampire to start to smile back before blinking rapidly and shaking his head fiercely, as if telling himself to not let jace’s smile talk him into this.

“showing me that you now how to do the dirty dancing lift is not a ‘productive and fun way to spend our time.’“ simon deadpanned and jace delivered an eye roll so extreme that even alec would have been impressed.

“well, you shouldn’t have shown me the movie last week.“ jace retorted and simon cursed himself mentally, reminding himself to never do another movie marathon with jace again in order to expand his knowledge on mundane pop culture.

he spluttered for a little bit and then sighed weakly, “is the music really necessary?” indicating the speaker that was softly playing “the time of my life” in the background.

“of course, it makes it more authentic and sets the mood.”

“you’re an idiot.”

“but you love me.”

well, that…well, that simon could not deny.

“why can’t we be like normal couples?” simon whined, scuffing the ground a little bit with his foot. “why can’t we be more like magnus and alec, who don’t do things like this and hold hands and kiss and are, well, normal?”

jace put his hands on his hips. “babe, trust me, you were not there when i walked in on them recreating the spiderman kiss. They had a mask and everything.”

“but how did they… ? upside down…? Oh, nevermind,” simon waved the topic away with a hand. “the point is….well, that’s just it! What’s the point?”

“It’ll be fun! I don’t know, let’s just try it!” jace pleaded and simon huffed, crossing his arms.

“i don’t want to do this.”

“then why haven’t you moved?” simon opened his mouth to say something and jace pointed a triumphant finger at him. “HAH! you so do. a part of you wants to.”

simon grit his teeth in frustration. “we have to go to a meeting soon and you’re being, well, you, so i’m being a good person and staying with you until you stop being so stubborn and we can go together.” he argued, his voice cracking at the end of his sentence.

“uh huh, sure.” jace smirked and simon glared at him.

“What if you drop me?” he asked in an accusatory tone.

“shadowhunter strength, remember?” jace winked, causing simon to blush and stutter and focus on a particularly interesting speck on the floor.

“come on, release your inner jennifer grey.” jace coaxed and wiggled his hips a little bit, and the comment was so adorably stupid that the laughter that fluttered in simon’s chest was too strong to contain. simon put a hand over his mouth as if to hide the fact he was chuckling when it was plain as day, and jace marvelled at the way his eyes crinkled and his face lit up and he thanked the lucky stars for simon lewis, his goofy, beautiful boyfriend.

simon stopped laughing after a while, but he still was smiling and shaking your head. “okay, i give in, patrick swayze. But one time. ONE TIME.” simon held up one finger and jace did a fist pump in victory.

“It’s kind of alarming at how happy this is making you.” simon remarked, but his brain short circuited when jace took off his leather jacket to reveal his very toned, very runed, very much “simon lewis worshipped” arms.

jace shrugged. “I like holding you, anyway. this time, it has a little flair.” and simon’s heart skipped a beat at the comment.

jace held his hands up in front of his chest. “ready, simon?”

“as i’ll ever be, jace.”

“good man, that’s the boyfriend spirit.” jace nodded, almost professionally, a concentrated look on his face.

“okay, here I go.” simon said to no one specifically and jace crooked a finger at him and replied, “come here, loverboy. oh, and remember not to use your vampire speed cause you’re gonna knock me over.”

at this, simon chuckled and he planted his feet before taking a breath and running towards jace, jumping right before they met so jace could catch him and hold him up in the air. they stumbled a little bit and simon let out a scared noise when he wobbled in jace’s grip but eventually they steadied and simon had to admit how impressed he was that they were able to nail it the first time.

“wow, we got it in one try.” simon commented, still up in the air and jace laughed.

“well, we have an advantage, as a vampire and a shadowhunter,” he replied nonchalantly. “spread your arms out, i’ve got you.” he added when he noticed simon’s arms were rigid at his sides while jace’s hands were snug on his waist.

simon nodded and did what jace suggested. “wow, i feel so graceful. no wonder this moment in the movie is considered one of the most magical moments in film history.”

“nobody puts simon in a corner.”

“shut up or i’ll move and fall on you.”

there was another moment of silence before simon asked, “so, do we just….stand here?” and jace thought about it for a while.

“let’s see how long we could hold it.”

“but my arms are tired-” simon started to whine before a familiar voice questioned, “what are you guys doing?”

simon felt his body turning, indicating that jace was moving to face alec, who was standing in the doorway, a shocked yet amused look on his face.

“how you doing up there, simon?” he chuckled.

“questioning my taste in boyfriends.” simon replied with a grin, to which jace responded with a “hey!”

“you guys are strange. like, really strange.” alec crossed his arms over his chest, chortling. “how long have you been holding that for?”

“i’ve lost track of time,“ simon said thoughtfully. “jace wanted to attempt the dirty dancing lift.”

alec stood there for a second before saying, “okay, i’m gonna leave now and leave you to your….dancing.”

“hey, alec, is it easier or harder to kiss magnus when he’s upside down?” jace suddenly called out, smiling cheekily and winking and alec’s face turned red and he tried to stammer out a witty reply before he gave up and just decided walking away was the best option.

“nice one, sweetheart,” simon couldn’t give jace a high five, so he settles for brushing the back of his hand over jace’s. “i love you so much, like you will never know, but please, can you put me down? i miss your face and my back and arms hurt.”

jace giggled, “okay.” he gracefully put simon down, but did so in a way that he ended up wrapped up in his arms. “you liked it, though. it was fun. couple bonding.”

simon guffawed, “you are such a weirdo.” and jace nuzzled his nose with his, kissing him soundly. simon hummed and ran his fingers through jace’s hair as he felt jace’s fingers press into his hips.

they pulled apart and simon realized that he was truly, completely, happy as he twirled around in jace’s embrace as they danced to the music and begged through a voice choked up with laughter to not serenade him with “the time of my life” when in reality the sight of jace singing and smiling and kissing him warmed his heart and made him feeling like the luckiest guy in the entire history of the universe, even when he was being a complete doofus.

enough. - lewis redman

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finally found some spare time to do a bit of writing ! not my best piece of work ): keep requesting x bel

warnings; nah not really

requested; yes

pairing; lewis x reader

word count; 542 words

finally. a night to get out of our stuffy little apartment.

lewis and i had been invited out to hang out with a few friends, we were just heading out to a small local club that was opened til’ late. 

i stood quietly in our shared bathroom, wearing only my bra and undies, wrapping my (thick/thin) hair around the my curling wand. my hips swayed to the sound of my 50′s music playing softly in the background, waiting while the heat from my curler curled my locks. i had already finished my makeup, i only had to stick on some false eyelashes and spray a bit of setting spray before i was finished. i had been so caught up in making myself look presentable that i hadnt even noticed my boyfriend, lewis, come and stand in the door way to watch.

“i dont get why you put all that effort into it. you’re beautiful without it.” i said, leaning his head against the doorframe.

i blushed, finishing off the last curl before picking my dress up off the toilet seat where it had been laid out before hand. i slipped on the dark maroon coloured dress, zipping it majority of the way before lewis stepped in and zipped it to the top. i giggled softly, feeling light kisses being pepper over my soft skin.

“let’s get going.” i hummed. “they’ll be waiting.”

i turned to face my boyfriend, a small smile spreading across my face before i pecked his lips softly and heading out of the bathroom. i slid on my black heels, grabbing my black clutch purse and made my way down the hall to the front door as lewis followed closely behind.

his arm wrapped around my waist loosely as we exited the apartment. we hopped into the elevator, lewis called an uber and i fixed my hair a little bit before exiting the elevator and building.

as we got into the uber, lewis couldn’t stop complimenting me. nor could he keep his hands off of me. all i could do was blush and scold him, taking his hands into my smaller ones so he would stop touching me.

as we got to the club, we very quickly found our friends, josh, freya, jj, simon, ethan and emily.  we all sat around a booth before Freya and emily got up to order us all drinks. as they got up i noticed how gorgeous they both looked in their dresses and how skinny and beautiful they looked. 

dont get me wrong, i was happy with the way i looked. but who doesnt have those times where they wish they were a little skinnier.

my mood instantly changed. i became quiet when everyone was talking. i wasnt laughing or having a good time.

my eyes kept flickering towards the other girls in the club, noticing how they all looked amazing too. why would lewis want someone like me?

lewis seemed to notice as his hand gripped my thigh.

“whats wrong beautiful?” he asked.

“nothing, just admiring all the other girls here.”

“baby, youre gorgeous. dont be so hard on yourself. i love you, remember?” he started, his hand gripping my thigh a little bit. “youre fucking stunning, dont ever put yourself down.”


Lewis M1914 Automatic Rifle

Designed by American colonel Isaac Newton Lewis, manufactured by Birmingham Small Arms in England c.1913-1942 - Serial Number 34049.
47-rounds .303 British pan magazine, gas-operated full automatic.

An iconic WW1 weapon design if there’s any. Colonel Lewis was initially slapped with rejections by a bunch of faggots [sic] from the US army, so he went off to Liège in Belgium to found his own company, Armes Automatiques Lewis, and started to look for buyers in Europe. Success soon followed when discerning militaries from around the world, like Belgium or France before the introduction of the Chauchat which supplanted it as the most common light machine gun, and Lewis managed to secure a deal with BSA to supply the British army.
The barrel’s aluminium sleeve or shroud or whatever supposedly helped with air-cooling the gun by using the muzzle flash to draw in cool air from behind, but the guns deployed in anti-aircraft roles did very well without it.

Lewis Redman imagine- Completely and Hopelessly

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Summary: Both work for Sidemen Clothing and y/n overhears Lewis talking to Josh about how he feels about her :)  

You had been working for Sidemen Clothing for a little over 6 months. After a sudden loss of your previous job, your best friend Freya offered you to work for her boyfriend and friends clothing brand. Left with no other options you quickly accepted and began work. Over the time you had become great friends with all of the Sidemen as you spent a lot of time at the house and out at Nando’s with the boys. However, there was one person who you had gotten extremely close with, Lewis. You always shared inside jokes and hung out as often as you could. You became best friends in no time.

Your back was aching from bending over the boxes and parcels for the last few hours. You were so grateful for the job that you had received but sometimes it was draining. However, you get to spend each day in great company. Lewis had spent the last few hours making your work bearable. Sharing many inside jokes with you and offering to help organise the orders. “You sure you can carry that box y/n?” Lewis asked, “Yeah I’m good, I am quite strong” you replied slightly giggling. “Oh cause just in case, you know I’ve got these great muscles,” Lewis joked flexing his arms sending you both into hysterics.

You laughed as you exited the room carrying the box. It had been like this for a while. Flirty jokes and continuous laughing. Lewis would always be able to make you smile in the simplest ways. Whether it being a quick not-a-date lunch date, a sticky note with a smiley face on it, or a cocky but only in a comedic way joke.

You didn’t know how or when it happened but in the last month, you had found yourself wanting more with Lewis. Wanting to see what was on the other end of those side smirks and flirtatious comments. You were dumbfounded at how much you had fallen for his sweet, sweet smile. You were completely and hopelessly in love. Nonetheless, you had continued to keep your mouth shut and laugh at his jokes pretending that you were not falling deeper and deeper in love for the fear that he did not feel the same way about you.

As you left the room, Josh quickly entered. You dismissed this as anything interesting until you were on your way back to the room and heard your name come up in their conversation. “So what are you going to do about y/n?” Josh spoke. “I don’t know man, I really, really like her but I just don’t want to screw it up you know, I would have to see her everyday here and if it didn’t work out it would be so awkward.” Lewis answered nervously. “You won’t screw it up Lewis” Josh reassured him. “What if she doesn’t like me, what if I’m just completely lost and have no idea she actually hates me?” Lewis frantically said. “Lewis, chill, there is no way that she does not like you, just take a chance because I know that you know that you will regret it if you don’t.” Josh finally stated and walked out of the room.

You stood there for a second processing everything you had just heard. Lewis liked you. You liked Lewis. This was it. You had to say something.  You put on a neutral face and acted your best to pretend that you had not just heard most of Lewis and josh’s conversation. You did your very best to ignore all your fears and nerves that were arising. You had to do something now or never. “Hey,” Lewis nervously spoke, taken aback by your re-entrance to the room after the conversation he had just had. “Hey, sorry that took a while, I couldn’t find the label for the box,” you said half-lying. “Nah it’s okay,” Lewis answered.

“Hey Lewis,” you spoke with a small smirk dancing across your lips, “Do you wanna maybe go out sometime?” butterflies erupted in your stomach as you locked eyes with Lewis. With bright eyes and a large smile on his face Lewis replied “This Saturday, I’ll pick you up at eight?” “It’s a date,” You said grinning. You were completely and hopelessly in love with Lewis but now you knew the feelings were mutual and you could not have been happier. 

My theory on Hellbent

I think rather than the car chase we were all expecting, Hellbent is going to take place in Arthur’s mind. That through the shock to the prosthetic arm, Lewis (or at least a portion of him)is now going through Arthur’s head (To destabilize him, or maybe there’s a part of Lewis that still needs to know why his best friend would murder him).

If alternatively, Arthur’s unconscious the whole time and Hellbent is Mystery and Vivi save the day, I would have no complaints. Vivi needs her time to be badass

White Rabbit - Sixteen

It was Charlie that ran after her and found Alice bent over and dry heaving by the gate. He went to put his hand on her back but she pushed him off, angrily.

“You knew?”

He nodded.

“How many? How many of our friends, our family, how many have been killed because they were ill?”

“Ally, I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I’m only a few years older than you, remember that. I didn’t know this was happening when I bought you here.”

“Yeah right,” Alice scoffed. “You’re his son, of course you knew.”

Charlie shook his head again.“I don’t get any special privileges because I’m a direct descendent. Far from it. It’s you he had the special interest in remember, you and Abby.”

“So anyone that’s been ill, anyone that we’ve been told has left of their own accord?”

“No one leaves of their own accord. I know this now.”

Charlie did look ashamed of himself and Alice wondered if he really had been kept in the dark until he’d reached nineteen. Even after Alice had been matched to Lewis, she and Charlie had remained good friends. He looked out for her and Abby, he’d comforted her the two times she’d been in the infirmary with her miscarriages and he’d always come with her to hold her hand whenever she was called to give blood, because he knew how much she despised it. It was Charlie that bought her books from his trips into town that she still wasn’t allowed to go on, and it was Charlie who had spent days slapping at her hands when she’d started to itch at the rabbit tattoo all residents of the camp were branded with when they turned sixteen.

Alice couldn’t wrap her head around this. Lewis had told her time and time again that when the world fell, they’d need everyone. All of the resources they could get. Due to the ages, some of the residents naturally wouldn’t have been around for it anyway. But for the time being, when they were still building and expanding, working to save for the future, surely it was all hands on deck?

Yet here he was, advocating the murder of innocent people. Their friends, their family.

“The measles outbreak, last year. Amy and Sara?” she named two young girls she remembered being taken to the infirmary and not coming out. She’d been told they’d been taken back into town and would recover with their grandparents on the outside.

Charlie nodded.

“Alex? Meg? Jenny?”

He nodded at each name and Alice retched again.

“Ally, comeback to the house. Lets get you some water.”

Alice didn’t want to go anywhere with him. She didn’t want to go anywhere with any of these people any more. This wasn’t right.

But she had no choice.

Lewis came to her later that night. She’d shut herself away in her room, not even saying goodnight to Abby or Marnie. Charlie had tried to talk to her some more but she wasn’t having any of it. Marnie had told him to leave her be, that she’d soon understand.

Alice didn’t think she’d ever understand.

When Lewis came in he didn’t look annoyed or disappointment. He just sat on the edge of the bed, the bed they shared a few nights a week, and looked at her.

“Alice, this will be your job soon. To make the hard decisions like I’ve had to.”

“I don’t want that job,” she told him.

“You don’t have a choice. It’s going to happen. You’re going to lead them all. You’re going to save them all, you’re special.”

Suddenly Alice found herself no longer believing this. In fact, she started to wonder how she’d ever let herself believe it. But… She sensed something. That if she argued too much, that things would change. So she listened to him, nodding in the right places as he told her that it was all for the greater good.

But now, she was questioning everything internally.

“You will do the next one, Ally. It’s your duty.”

She nodded at him, apologising for running out and panicking. She understood now, she told him. It was just a shock. He patted her leg and moved closer towards her on the bed, stroking her arm softly.

“Lewis, who did it, in the end? Who shot Thomas?”

“Rebecca did it. She’s turning out to be stronger than I initially thought. She wasn’t there before, when I left to come to this time. I don’t know if she ever was meant to be, not like you. You were always meant to be here.”

Lewis pressed his lips to hers and she forced herself to respond.

She didn’t want to be here though. Not anymore.

Spencer watched as Alice spoke. During the morning, she’d been animated and responsive. As she was talking about the killings though, her voice went flat and her eyes seem fixed on a spot on the wall. She’d emotionally detached herself from it, the way he’d seen hundreds of people do before.

He couldn’t blame her. She’d spent nearly four and half years in a place, being told she was important to a non existent future. She’d clearly craved family and love and adoration, and was lavished with that for the first few years, being singled out especially. What Spencer couldn’t work out, is why she’d been singled out by Lewis. Reid was sure that someone who had the charismatic capabilities to convince people to live in a retreat in the woods, could have had his pick of girls to choose to take as a partner. Yet for some reason, he chose Alice. Chose to tell her she was going take over from him.

Perhaps it really was what she’d said earlier. That to Lewis, this really wasn’t a scam. That he truly believed it.

“Alice, you’re doing so well. And you’ve given us so much information….” Dave began as the door to the interview room opened and Agent Hotchner strode in. She shook herself out of her reverie.

“Alice, we’re going to take another break. It’s approaching early evening and you’ve answered so many questions for us already. There’s not much more we can do here tonight. I’m going to have Dr Reid escort you home again and spend the night. We’ll need you to come back tomorrow and help us some more, okay?”

She nodded and the three stood up and exited the room, Aaron putting his arm out to stop the two Agents, but allowing her past them. She hovered out in the hallway, close enough to hear the hushed tones.

“What do you think, Hotch?” she heard David Rossi ask.

“She’s telling the truth, as far as I can tell. She’s been through a lot and I think it’s taken an awful amount of courage for her to come forward with this. It’s just a shame she didn’t sooner.”

“What now?” Spencer enquired.

“We bring her back tomorrow. There’s still a list of questions we need answering. And we need to find this place somehow, and shut it down. Shut HIM down.”

“Aaron, that may not be that easy. From the way she talks, it sounds like he thinks he’s doing the right thing here. And they clearly have weapons and have all been taught to defend themselves. It’s been five years since Alice was there. We don’t know what’s changed since.” The older profiler commented and Aarob sighed, knowing he was right.

“We’ll think of something. Reid, take her home and stay with her. She seems more at ease with you than any of us. We’ll stay here for a while longer, see if we can dig up any more information, maybe find this place by looking at satellite photos. Once we find it, then we’ll worry about how we infiltrate. An Agent has been staying with the Manchesters and he’s been reporting back. Ellen apparently seems hysterical at what she’s found out about her sister, and she only heard half of it.”

“Is it a good idea to insert Ally into that atmosphere then?” Reid asked, noting Aaron’s face change slightly at his use of her nickname.

“It could be good. She may reveal more if her sister starts asking questions. If she gets bothered by it, we can put you both in temporary accommodation for a few nights. But I don’t want you leaving her side. She still could run.”

Alice shook her head and moved the few feet back to the door opening.

“Hi…. I can hear you out there. I won’t run, promise. But, until you shut them down, I’m not going anywhere without an Agent. An armed one. Dr Reid will do. Can we go now? I can handle my sister’s hysteria or whatever. I have done for the past five years.”

Looks were exchanged between all three men.

“We can go. We need to stop by my apartment though, I need a change of clothes,” Spencer told her, nodding farewell to his colleagues and leading Alice out.

Both Rossi and Hotch watched them go before turning to each other.

“This is turning out to be much bigger than we thought, isn’t it?”

Hotch nodded. Much bigger.

Dancing On The Light

(Requested by @dorkwolf-nightmare. Piano accompaniment by the same name, if you so desire.)

Mercy Lewis, but her arm ached.

Tina wiggled the fingers on her right hand, feeling the bandages that wound from palm to elbow tighten whenever her muscles flexed.  She stood in front of her door a bit uncertainly, clutching her heavy dressing gown to her frame as she stared down the long hallway of the Scamander family home.  When her father’s pocket watch had informed her that it was almost two in the morning, she’d heaved a disgusted sigh and resolved to find a distraction from the near constant pain in her arm, but now that she was up and about she wasn’t sure where to start looking.  The house was a sleep, after all.

Well, perhaps not all.

The faint sound of a piano drifted along the dark corridor and she padded silently down the plush carpet runner in search of the source.  It was eerily quiet, save for the tinkling notes, which beckoned her and promised safety from the long shadows on the wall.  Her cheeks burned slightly at her silliness, but she consoled herself with the knowledge that she was trained to expect danger around every corner.  This was most certainly not a lingering fear of the dark left over from childhood that she had never quite managed to overcome.  Turning a corner, she found light spilling out from under a door, the music much louder and clearer now, and heaved a sigh of relief as she knocked.    

The music stopped and she waited nervously in the silence until a hesitant and slightly muffled voice invited her in.  She blinked as her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room, scanning the interior for the man responsible for tonight’s serenade.  Newt was smiling over his shoulder in welcome, one hand hovering over the keys while the other patted the empty space next to him.  She made her way over and gingerly sat, tucking her robe around her, conscious of how little room there was on the bench.

Idly, she toyed with a key, listening to the low echoes of the note when she pressed too hard.  “I didn’t know you played piano.”  She said quietly.  He reached over and playfully tapped out a short melody stemming from her errant chord, causing her to smile slightly.

“Mother started teaching me when I was six.  I was a terrible student, though, never wanting to practice.  I’d cheerfully play all sorts of wrong notes and mangle my chords until she had a headache.”  He ducked his head as Tina let out a soft laugh.  “Eventually, she figured out a way to trick me into wanting to play.”


He nodded and rose, making his way over to a shelf containing an assortment of blown-glass figurines and pulled down a pair of dancers frozen in mid twirl.  Carrying them over, he settled them carefully on top of the piano and gave them a quick tap with his wand before arranging himself back on the bench.  With the air of a great showman, he began to play a jaunty little piece, eyes fixed on the statuettes.  So, Tina watched them, too.

She let out a delighted gasp as the couple gracefully parted and exchanged curtsies and bows before engaging in a lively waltz across the top of the piano.  Light from the lamps glanced off their translucent surface to make swirling rainbow patterns on the polished wood of the instrument.  They moved so liquidly she imagined they could be water given form and her eyes followed their every move in complete enchantment.  For the first time since she’d been injured, she completely forgot the pain in her arm.

All too soon, the song ended, and the dancers gave their audience a bow, before twirling back into the frozen flourish in which they’d been found.  Tina clapped lightly, conscious of her malady, while her eyes sparkled with wonder.  For a moment, everything felt perfect, which of course meant her jaw chose that exact instant to stretch into a yawn.  Newt chuckled.

“Come on, the healer at St. Mungo’s was very specific that you rest as much as possible.  You need sleep.”  

Reluctantly, she rose, feeling just a tad rebellious, but his hand was warm around hers and she found she didn’t have the strength to resist his gentle tug as he led her to the door.  Down the hall they walked, side by side, and the shadows that had chased her earlier that evening were harmless and docile once more.  

When they reached her door, he pulled her around and met her eyes, expression impossible to read.  His gaze flickered to the heavy bandages encasing her right hand and realization dawned on her as to why he had been awake at this hour.  Smiling sadly, she whispered, “I’m okay.  I made it out alright.”

He closed his eyes and brought her other hand – the one still entwined with his – up to his lips, kissing the spot where her engagement ring rested during the day.  She had survived this fight, he just had to hope she survived the rest of the war.

Continued from this

“What the hell kind of power mechanism is this?”

An assortment of seemingly random items were strewn about on six pedestals. There were assigned spots, and as soon as the items were in place, the lights around the main power switch flickered on. The room didn’t look any better in the light either.

“Well…” Lewis looked around nervously. “At least it worked.”

“Vivi, I think this client of ours has a few screws loose,” Arthur deadpanned.

“No kidding…” Vivi replied and swallowed down any other anxious quips. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Vivi knew what she said before, but with this place being powered by an almost ritualistic power source, not to mention everything else in the place that raised all kinds of red flags, she was starting to have second thoughts.

But if this Joey Drew really needed help…they couldn’t just leave. They hadn’t even seen a speck of him since coming to this crazy studio.

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To The Moon And Back (Lewis Redman x Reader)

Request: Lewis imagine where you rush to the hospital after the boys called you because Lewis busted his face again x

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this one :D

Originally posted by sofiejizzle

(Y/n) sat on a beanbag in the corner of the room checking the Sidemen Official social media accounts as Freya moved in and out of the room getting shop orders in line. It had been a quiet day. The boys went out at 7 that morning to go out and record.

(Y/n)’s phone interrupted the tranquility. “Hey, Tobi.”

“(Y/n), are you doing anything important right now?’

“No… Wh-what happened?” (Y/n) asked cautiously. Freya looked up from a receipt slowly.


“Is he okay?” (Y/n) blurted suddenly. Freya moved closer to (y/n) silently, making sure everything was okay.

“Um… He’s in surgery right now.”

“What happened?” (Y/n)’s heart was beating in her throat.

“We were doing a one vs. one tossup thing and his face got smashed against the back of Cal’s head. His lip got busted and needs stitches and they’re looking at his nose because of where he was hit.”

“Okay. Okay. Is there anything I need to bring?” (Y/n) asked trying to stay calm.

“Not that I can think of. Just- just be here as soon as you can. He wanted to see you as soon as it happened.” Tobi said, causing (y/n)’s breath to hitch in her throat.


(Y/n) walked through the large hospital waiting room with a defined purpose. Cal looked up from his phone at the sound of footsteps. “(Y/n), I’m so sorry. Literally. I didn’t mean to hurt him.” He said the moment he recognized her.

“You’re fine. Don’t worry about it. Things happen. Are you alright?” (Y/n) asked pressing on the center of her hand nervously as Cal lead the way to Lewis’s room.

“I’m fine. Just have a little headache.”
“No concussion or anything?”


“Alright. I’m glad you’re okay.” (Y/n) said as Cal knocked on Lewis’s door. She could hear laughing as soon as she opened the door and sighed with relief. The boys greeted her calmly. Before (y/n) went to see Lewis, she went up to talk to Tobi, “Thank you, Tobi.”

“No problem.” He said smiling as she turned to face her boyfriend. Lewis looked so helpless lying in the hospital bed. There were two lines of little black stitches on his lower lip, a bruise was forming from the middle of the bridge of his nose to his right eye.

“Hey honey…” (Y/n) said sitting in the chair next to the bed. She reached out and held his hand gently.

“Hey. I got a couple stitches. I don’t know how much the bill is though.”

“We’ll worry about the bill later. We’ll figure something out. How are you doing?”

“Tired. I wanna go home and sleep.” Lewis said looking at (y/n) like she was the only thing in the world that mattered. To them, there was no one else in the room, but the others were watching their conversation in complete silence and slight awe. They got along so well and just seemed so calm about what was happening.

“What do you want for dinner?” (Y/n) asked. Lewis was silent, “You guys?” She said turning to the others with raised eyebrows and an open ended question. “Do you just want to walk around downtown and we eat whatever we eat? Are you up for that?” She asked turning back to Lewis.

“Sounds good.” He said before the other guys began to chime in.

“Alright. We’ll do that then.” (Y/n) said turning back to face Lewis. She brushed a strand of hair back into its place.

“What is it?” Lewis asked in response to seeing an amused smile appeared on her face.

“Nothing.” A small laugh escaped, “It’s just that you have got to stop getting hit in the face. I mean go for the arm sometime.” The boys felt a sense of relief in the fact that (y/n) could laugh in this situation and they joined in, “I’m joking! But you know what I mean.”

“I know.” Lewis said laughing.


(Y/n) leaned her head on Lewis’s shoulder as they lay in bed, watching a Netflix movie silently. “I’m glad you’re okay.” She said kissing Lewis on the cheek as the credits began to roll.

“I’m glad too.” Lewis said pulling her closer. (Y/n) nuzzled her forehead into his chest. “It’s times like that where I genuinely worry about losing you. I mean I do most of the time but that’s when I feel the most vulnerable I-I guess…”

“Why are you worried about losing me? You know I love you more than anything.”

“I know. I just get scared that I’ll do something wrong and it’ll make you so mad that you leave and I never see you again. Or I’ll die.”

“Honey, I’ll always love you. There’s no way that I could ever do better than you if you’re worried about that. You’re my one and only and I love you to-”

“To the moon and back.” Lewis finished, wrapping his arms around her lovingly.

Lewis Redman Imagine- Aeroplanes

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Request/Summary: Hiya! I was watching callux vlog called ‘what happened in new York’ and there was a clip we’re a baby was crying on the plane. Could I have a imagine where that’s Lewis and readers baby and the reader feels really bad that they interrupted the boys and the rest of the aeroplane? Thank you, sorry if that’s so specific😌 have a nice day love ❤

It was set to be a relaxing and easy journey. Lewis had kindly arranged to have your aeroplane tickets upgraded to first class for your journey to New York. It was going to be a romantic getaway, well as romantic as it could be with a four-month-old baby. You, Lewis and your beautiful baby (name) were going on a holiday to New York to take a break from your busy lives in London.

You began boarding the plane and finding your seats. You were holding your baby close to your chest while Lewis was offering to help put your belongings away safely. Taking your seat, you started to observe the other people on the plane around you. An old snobby couple to your left, A few businessmen in front of you, two young men sitting to your right and more important-looking-people scattered around the plane.

“Lewis,” you whispered to your husband who had taken his seat beside you. “Yes babe,” he replied. “Do you not feel a little bit out of place?” You started to question your position in first class. Everyone else in the first class area seemed much more important, that their trip held more stakes then just your cute romantic, family holiday. “Don’t be silly Y/N, this trip is special and we’re fine right where we are.” Lewis reassured you.

As more people started to take their seats and move around their bags and belongings, you began to bounce your baby on your lap trying to settle her. The movement of all the people around you had begun to irritate your baby and her mood declined rapidly. Your baby became restless and the inevitable crying started.

In a matter of seconds, slight discomfort had turned into high-pitched crying with no end. You did everything you could to try to stop the crying but nothing looked like it was working. Humming quietly, bouncing her up and down, rubbing her back, and even trying to feed her some milk from a bottle, however nothing seemed to work.

Embarrassment and guilt flooded through you as the other people on the plane began to turn their heads and look at you. The snobby old couple glared at you and whispered under their breath, “This is why they shouldn’t allow anyone under the age of 21 in first class.”

You were upset that people were frustrated with you, but you were trying your best to calm her down. “Do you think she’s hungry?” Lewis asked, “She’s a baby Lewis I have no idea why she’s crying. She’s on a plane I mean f course she’s going to cry.” You snapped back at him before apologising straight after, “I’m sorry, I’m just overwhelmed and I just don’t know what to do.” 

Feeling completely overwhelmed you looked over to the pair of young men who were sat next to you. “Some people are so mean, clearly she is trying her best,” You could hear one of them say, “I know I just wish we could do something to help but I don’t think there is anything we can do,” the other man said.

In that moment, you felt so happy. These two strangers who were sat next to you were so kind without even realising, they could have easily just been as mean as the old couple were but they weren’t. They understood. 

While the plane had now taken off and you had been bouncing and singing to your baby for what felt like forever she had finally calmed down and fallen asleep in Lewis’ arms. You felt so relieved and already tired.

Looking over to the two young men beside you, you spoke “I’m so sorry about her, hopefully now she will sleep for the whole flight,”

“It’s okay, it happens,” One of the boys replied (Calfreezy). “I feel really bad, I do.” You continued to apologise. “It’s okay, really,” One boy reassured you (Callux). “thank you for being so kind,” You spoke.

Your baby slept through the rest of the flight, including the landing, which you and the rest of the plane were thankful for.

“Do you need any help with your bags?” The two young men named Cal and Cal, who you and Lewis had gotten to know along the flight, offered. “Oh no thank you, we’re good,” Lewis happily replied.

“Enjoy you trip in New York guys, maybe we’ll see you on the flight back.” You spoke. “Although I kind of hope not, I mean for your sake, because I hope (baby name) doesn’t cry again,” The boys laughed and said their goodbyes. From what started as a flight from hell turned into a new friendship for both you and Lewis. 

Googly Eyes

Hi again! I wanted to tell you all I enjoy writing these drabbles so much, and your support, likes and reblogs help a ton! This drabble is specifically based off of a post from @ectoimp , who inspires me! 

She checked the clock. It had been two hours.

She walked out of her room and tiptoed to the kitchen. What was taking Arthur and Lewis so long? They had wanted to make dinner and she hadn’t heard nearly any noise at all!

She was about to turn the corner when she heard a quiet sob. Who was that? It sounded like…

She peered around the corner to see Arthur with his head in his hands and Lewis behind him, trying to comfort him.

“Arthur, it’s okay, we’ve been over this. None of it was your fault!”

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headcanon: drunk!Lewis in established brocedes
  • “leave me alone i want nico and not you”
  • *holding nico in his arms* “i never want this dream to end” (+ for more angst: “bc real life can never be as good as this”)
  • lewis proposing to nico and then suddenly realising that he’s drunk and starting to hide/explain it away until at last he says: “Damn, i wanted to surprise you at you date this weekend!” and nico just sits there like…. oh my god can i marry this idiot immediately
  • by @katiazamolodchikova​: LOSING the engagement ring and looking at nico like YOU NEED TO HELP ME FIND THE ENGAGEMENT RING I BOUGHT FOR YOU and Nico is literally dead inside. He loves this idiot so much it hurts 
  • lewis insisting that he can only sleep in nicos arms
  • lewis insisting that hes too drunk to take a shower on his own (from one second to the next nico finds that lewis somehow turned into an octopus form the way he’s holding onto him)
  • *nico tries to help lewis out of his clothes* “don’t touch me! I’m happily married/engaged/ I have an awesome boyfriend!”
  • after they had a fight and lewis went to drink with someone (kimi?) out of anger: “you’re way nicer than the real nico. i think I’ll keep you”
  • lewis passing out and nico taking care of him. when lewis wakes up he panics bc nico isn’t there right next to him,,, where is he?? where is his nico??? he yells. nico comes running into the room. “i was making a fucking tea for you, you drunkard!”
  • lewis snatching their wedding pic and cradling it in his arms, crying over it. “I’m so happy, Nico. I love you so much. Please don’t ever leave me.”
  • Nico trying to sooth lewis by patting his head and lewis starting to purr
  • lewis drooling on nico when he’s FINALLY fallen asleep
  • also,,,,, the following hangover the next morning. “NICO TURN OFF THE SUN”
New Year’s Kiss (Lewis Redman x Reader)

Request: Could you please write a Lewis imagine where he and the reader like each other and there’s always been tension between them so at the NYE party they finally break the tension and kiss/make-out at midnight? Thanks. x

Warnings: Drinking/alcohol

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It was so loud and hot. Quite honestly there were way too many people in Cal’s flat than to be safe or comfortable. There was music playing loudly as people danced and stood in circles talking with one another. Some girls had abandoned their shoes in the front hall. The boys who wore ties loosened them or gave them to the girls to wear.

Calfreezy, Callux, Simon, Tobi, Lewis and Josh stood in close proximity to each other out on the balcony as fireworks began to go off in the distance. “What’s up, mate?” Simon asked Lewis before taking a drink.

“Nothing.” Lewis said absentmindedly staring at something else in the room. Simon followed Lewis’s gaze to the group of girls next to them. Simon smiled.

“Oi you’ve got something going on!” Simon said.

“No! I mean- What do you think?” Lewis said rubbing the back of his neck. He and (y/n) had known each other for about three years. They’d gotten along very nicely when they first met. After about a year, people started to notice the tension between the two of them…

“About what? What you have going on or what is going on between you and (y/n)?”

“We don’t have anything going on between us. ‘Least not yet. But I meant like what do you think about us together?”

“I think she likes you but who am I to say? You should go over there and talk to her.”

“Talk to who?” Freezy said pushing his way into the conversation, literally and metaphorically.

“(Y/n).” Simon said. Lewis smiled warily. He didn’t know how comfortable he was with this.

“Man you have to kiss her at midnight. Oh my daysss…” Cal’s speech was slurred. “You got like five minutes. Go talk her up.” Cal pushed Lewis in the direction of (y/n) and her friends.


“So what’s it between you and Lewis?” Freya asked sipping her drink through a thin black straw. ‘Yeah’s went around the circle as (y/n)’s face burned pink.

“I don’t know. Not anything I wish was happening if I’m honest.” (Y/n) said shifting her weight and briefly glancing over at Lewis who was having a conversation with Simon. She watched Cal stumble over to them before Freya grabbed her attention back.

“Well why not then?”

“I’m too shy to say something. Like I really like him but I’m scared that if he doesn’t feel the same way and I say something, it’ll ruin our friendship. I want him in my life forever.” (Y/n) said probably saying way too much.

“Well you can say something tonight! Kiss him actually! If he questions it, blame it on the alcohol.” Freya said making a really good point.

“He’s coming over here.” (Y/n) said suddenly. “Don’t be weird.” She said tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Yo, (y/n)!” Lewis said joining the circle.

“Hey Redman. What’s up?” (Y/n) repressed a cringe. She was acting more awkward than usual.

“Cal’s just being an idiot again.” Lewis said pushing his shirt sleeves up to his elbows. (Y/n) watched as he messed with the cuffs. Something about guys in button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up… Especially Lewis. “What are you looking at?” He asked laughing slightly.

“Oh! Uh… You just need to fix the cuff some.” (Y/n) said making an excuse for herself.

“I’m going to go find Josh. You know what they say about midnight kisses!” Freya said nudging (y/n)’s calf with her foot as she fixed Lewis’s shirt cuff.

“How long until midnight?” Lewis asked.

“Less than two minutes.” Freya said walking away.

“You want to get closer to the edge so we can see the fireworks?” Lewis asked running his fingers through his hair.

“Sounds great!” (Y/n) said. Lewis wrapped his arm around (y/n)’s shoulders as they pushed their way to the glass barrier. They stood there, Lewis’s arm around her shoulders, looking out at the skyline. “What are your plans for the new year?” (Y/n) asked, turning to face Lewis.

“Mmm. Hoping to do a lot for the store, make more people smile, maybe start a relationship. But that’s been on the list forever. You?”

“I think you’ll have some more luck. I’m hoping to start exercising more and start a relationship too, as lame as it sounds.” (Y/n) finished right before the countdown started.


Was she really sure about this?


Was Simon right about her liking him back?


What if she chickens out?


What happens if she denies him?


What if this actually goes right?


He can tell she’s not drunk. Is her excuse really going to work?


He really didn’t want for this to go wrong.


He means so much to her.


She means so much to him.


She doesn’t want to embarrass herself.


He wants her in his life forever.

Happy New Year!

Lewis didn’t think twice. He leaned in and kissed (y/n). He was surprised when he felt the girl he had had a crush on since the day they met, kiss back. She pulled his body in closer by wrapping her hands around Lewis. Fireworks went off in the distance as people cheered. A drowned out “get it Lewis” made its way to his ears. Lewis smiled and broke the kiss.

(Y/n) looked up at him, her arms still wrapped around his body. “Lewis, I really love you.” She said, “I promise that was not just the alcohol.”

“I love you too.” Lewis said smiling, leaning in for another kiss, “If I get to spend the rest of the year with you as my girlfriend, it’s going to be the best year yet.”


ok so now that i’ve rested after MANY DAYS IN A ROW at work i’ve filled two ao3 prompts and bc they have a running theme i’m posting them together (out of ao3 order bc the second was a sort of prequel)

Requests were: the others find out Arthur has a secret hobby (bonus points for something that could be considered “girly” by some and has him flustered) AND Arthur’s the one to save the day for once

These both make more sense if ur familiar with the fatal frame series lmao im weak


The transparent woman slid through the closed door, and Vivi swore so violently the boys both flinched. Lewis glided over the sunken fireplace, reaching for the sliding door and yelping as he drew his hand back. In the back of his eye sockets, his violet irises rolled, and he turned to the rest of the group. “It’s sealed with some sort of powerful energy. We need to find the source to remove it.”

Vivi hopped up onto the raised floor of the room, following the glowing blue filament in the camera to stand before the offending spot. She inhaled deeply, raised the camera, and-


Nothing happened.


Vivi stomped her feet, ready to have an absolute fit, and Arthur gently took the camera out of her hands before she could toss it to the floor. “How are we sucking this bad?”

Lewis shrank back, rubbing a bony hand along his arm with the best air of sheepishness he could manage without a proper face. “It’s an old camera, I guess? I mean, we’ve only ever used our phones-”


The pair turned to look at the door in surprise, as a mass of blue incorporeal faces wavered like a mirage on hot pavement. The camera spat out a little square, and Arthur gingerly pinched the film between two fingers, waiting patiently for the image to appear instead of frantically flapping it (like Vivi had done with the photo of the woman blocking the door earlier; lord he loved his boyfriend and girlfriend, but bless their hearts-).

“Correction: you two have only ever used your phones.”

Vivi scurried over to peek down at the photo, gaping at the crystal-clear (if aged) image of a familiar coal brazier. “How-?!”

Arthur shrugged, grinning. “You have to adjust the f-stop and shutter speeds, or else everything’s just a blurry, poorly lit mess-”

Lewis crossed his arms, raising one brow. “And you know this how?”

Arthur was now suddenly aware that his friends were both staring at him, and down by the front door, Mystery shot him a knowing smirk. The mechanic chuckled nervously, fidgeting with the camera controls and turning to head for the back. “Come on, guys, we have to get to the coal room to find the source; that might be where the ginger key is-”

“The what key?”

Arthur gestured upstairs. “The key for the lock? The one with a ginger pattern?”

For the second time in as many minutes, the other two were surprised by the blond’s obscure knowledge. “How do you get ginger from that pattern?”

“Have neither of you seen ginger flowers before?”

“Have you?”

Oh boy. Arthur cleared his throat, metal fingers tapping an awkward rhythm on the camera’s casing, and Vivi held up a hand to signal a timeout.

Proper old camera adjustment. Experience with SLR photography. Innate knowledge of obscure flowers.

Could they possibly…be related?

Lewis seemed to come to the same realization at the exact same time as she did, and while she chuckled, he quirked his skull in his closest imitation of a smile. “Arthur…”

“Haha whoops think I hear a ghost coming better hurry up-”

“Arthur, have you been hiding a lil hobby of sorts from us?”

The blond nearly tripped down the step to the lowered hallway, disappearing down the corner with a forced laugh. “Haaaaaaaa can’t hear you buddy can you repea-”


Arthur scurried down the hall, camera tucked against his chest as he blushed furiously, and Vivi cackled with delight in the front room. “ARTHUR THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I SWEAR WHEN WE GET OUT OF HERE I’M GONNA NEED TO SEE YOUR PORTFOLIOS I MEAN IT-”


Lewis sucked a useless breath in between his gritted teeth, clutching his anchor in a panic as its erratic beating expanded and contracted the spiderweb of cracks along the surface. Vivi clutched at his other arm in concern, ignoring the approaching spirit to stare up at him with her big, wet eyes. In front of the pair, Mystery snarled, tails flicking as they fanned out to put a moving obstacle between the kids and the cackling girl in the stained kimono.

“You two need to run! She’s too powerful!”

Vivi glared at the kitsune, ready to read him the riot act, but Lewis beat her to it. “She’s a boss ghost, Mystery, in your physical form you can hardly touch her! Get Vivi out of here, let me-”

A little hand came up and snapped his jaw closed mid-sentence, the bluenette by his side staring up at him through furious tears. “Both of youshut up! I am not going anywhere, you are not fighting over who gets to play heroic sacrifice, and-”


In a split second, the world had slowed, turning at a quarter pace. Lewis barely had time to notice the mad ghost, hands stopped just shy of Mystery’s snout, turn to look at the intruder. Before he could process anything, Vivi grabbed him by the lapels, pulling him down to the floor with her. As he fell, he could just make out the glint of a glass lens in the darkness of the hall.



The afterimage of the camera flash faded just in time to catch the shrieking ghost’s final flails, and as she faded out, the night was once again preternaturally quiet. Vivi squirmed under Lewis’s arm, and he scrambled off of her, both of them and Mystery gaping at the panting orange figure stepping out of the darkness. Arthur glared at the spot on the floor where the screaming twin had menaced his friends, then raised his head to look at them, furious expression melting into a relieved deadpan.


In a second, the rescued trio had sprung up off the floor and into his mismatched arms, and he shrieked with shocked laughter as he fell backwards under the weight of the sudden affection.

Ladies Night

Hey everyone! I wanted to thank everyone who liked and reblogged my previous drabble, it really inspired me to continue doing things like this! Hope you enjoy! (Also side note: I would love to see some art of this, I can’t stop laughing at the thought)

“Vivi please! Don’t do this!” Arthur cried out, trying to scramble away.

“You brought this upon yourself, Arthur.” Vivi said, grinning maniacally.

“Stop! You don’t want to do this!” he wailed

“Trust me, it’s better if you don’t resist.” Lewis sighed sympathetically from behind Vivi, where he had already suffered a taste of her wrath.

“Vivi no!”

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The Devil and the Dead: Chapter Three

Based on @ectoimp‘s absorbing AU sketches (Most of which can be found here!).  

I’m giving credit and kudos to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen, @phantoms-lair, @answrs and of course, the illustrious @ectoimp for some of the discourse which guided the idea from vague AU to the story that does not want to stop running through my head. And for constantly adding new cute headcanons that are promising to make this longer.

Summary:  At first all he knew was darkness— rage, pain and the ultimate sting of betrayal.  And then Lewis opened his eyes…

Back to Chapter Two

Chapter Three: Finding Your Feet

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