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Fanfiction - One Shot

Requested? Yes: Hello! Would you be able to do an imagine wher y/n is a youtuber and she does a collab with the Sidemen and they keep on reading her and Harry because of their relationship? - @blanca-stilinski-caffrey

Word Count: 677

Requests: 10 pending, so requests are closed af

Warnings: reading out several sentences of a smut fanfic

‘Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel where today I’m joined by these guys, and my lovely girlfriend Y-N, to read some of the fan fiction you guys wrote about us!’ Harry said in one long sentence as the intro to his video. As he said, we were currently filming a video for his channel with me and Ethan, Simon, Josh and Callux included, and we were going to read fanfiction his fans wrote about me and him.

I smiled and waved awkwardly and nervously when he mentioned me. I was sat on the couch between Harry and Simon, and we were all sitting in front of his TV where he could search things on Safari and it was on a big screen so we could all read this fanfiction.

'Oh, yeah, by the way, this was recommended by one of you guys on Twitter, so thanks,’ Harry said quickly as he typed into the Google search box.

The first site that popped up was Wattpad, and a story was titled 'Harry x Y-N one shot’.

'What’s a one shot?’ Harry asked, frowning as his TV loaded the page.

'That sounds evil,’ Simon added and giggled.

The page loaded.

'Oh my days,’ Harry said, frozen. 'I just read ahead and I don’t want to read this anymore,’ Because he said this, he made me and the other guys read ahead, too.

Harry ripped Y-N’s shirt off and immediately slid his hands up to her chest, moaning as he did so.

'Oh no,’ I said, covering my face with my hands. I probably looked like a tomato already. I could hear Behz cackling already from the other side of the sofa.

'Oh,’ Callux said awkwardly, continuing reading it.

'Alright, here we go,’ Harry said after rubbing an eye. ’It was one night where Harry and Y-N were home alone in his flat. CalSqueezy and Callux were out with some friends, leaving them to fend for themselves. Okay, hold on. Fend for themselves, really? What are we, children that can’t live without their parents’ supervision 24/7?’ Harry practically shouted at the camera.

I laughed at what he said, placing a hand on his shoulder to tell him he needed to tone it down a little.

How about some Netflix and Chill, love?’ Harry asked. Both of them were sitting on the couch, and Y-N smirked up at Harry and nodded.’ Harry continued reading out loud.

'Okay, hold on,’ Simon interrupted. 'Is this what actually happens when the Cal’s are out of the house?’ He asked with a side-smile.

'What?’ I exclaimed. 'No!’ I couldn’t hide my smile though.

Harry completely ignored the question and scrolled down through the story a little.

'Ey, Harry ignored you! Hold on a minute, hold on a minute!’ He said, bursting out into laughter again. Callux joined him. 'It has been confirmed. It has been confirmed, lads!’ He shouted when his laughter died down.

'No it has not,’ I warned him.

'Okay, how about this then,’ He said, starting to read out some of the next things. ’Y-N was already picturing what Harry was hiding under his Christmas sweater and his tight black jeans,

I rolled my eyes at him. 'Oh my God,’

'The fact that he was wearing a Christmas sweater just makes it a whole lot worse though. Like, I think of Christmas as a time where innocent little children get presents. Not a time where Christmas sweaters are being ripped off bodies sexually,’ Simon said, his dimples evident in his cheeks.

'The tight black jeans, I don’t even own tight black jeans!’ Harry said. I stayed quiet, but all the boys were laughing together though.

'Hey, I think Y-N is staying quiet because she knows it’s true,’ Callux said, noticing my silence.

'Hey!’ Simon and Behz cheered in unison.

'Stop it guys,’ I said. My cheeks were fuming.

'Aw, you’re cute when you’re blushing,’ Harry giggled and leaned in to press a soft kiss to my cheek. 'So I think we’ll leave it there for today guys,’ Harry said to the camera, saving me from this situation.

Easy Co. is ( So Gone )
  • Easy Co. is ( So Gone )
  • Sam the Man B)

so i was challenged to write a rap about joe by @youfuckingfiend but slowly, somewhere along the line, it morphed into something bigger & greater than that. so without further adieu, please enjoy ‘ easy co is so gone ‘ by yours truly. 

Cold Coffee. [Harry]

Waking up each morning next to the love of your life; your best friend, your soulmate; is one of the most magical feelings. When you open your eyes, there they are - that is the person who will support, love and cherish you more than you could imagine. The person who will find beauty in each imperfection, find light during your darkest hours, and help you see it too. The person who will cheer you on, even as you’re running behind everyone else, miles behind everyone else even; because you’ll finish the same race everyone else is running, and they’ll be proud to see you do that.

Each morning you roll out of bed, thankful you were given another day to cherish that person who helps you fall asleep at night, who gives you a reason to get out of bed every morning. 

At least, this was how Harry looked at her. As a loving hand to pull him along, even when he was tired and wanted to give up. When the weight of the world was getting too heavy to hold, she was there. Harry knew that as long as he had her, he didn’t have to face anything alone, he didn’t have to carry that weight on his own, and for that we was thankful. He didn’t often tell her this, though.

When they first met, it was a dreary day in London; black ominous clouds covered the sky, threatening a heavy rainfall. Harry had sprinted into the nearest cafe, desperate to escape the brisk wind and light curtain of rain. Pushing the door open, he stumbled into the cafe, straightening his coat and letting out a sigh as he pushed his wet hair off his forehead, and allowed the warmth of the small, welcoming cafe to envelope him. 

The first thing she noticed was two pink, blushed cheeks on the flustered blonde haired boy. She flashed a small smile as he strolled over to the counter, and ordered a coffee, he said he likes it strong - she never forgot this.

“Weather’s not too great, is it?” She smiled, making light conversation.

“You could say that” Harry remarked, flashing the young barista a welcoming smile.

The rest of that morning went by in a hurry, the two sat chatting about anything and everything, Harry not wanting to have to battle with the sighing wind, and he was also eager to stay and learn more about the perky barista; she wouldn’t admit it, but she felt the same. Every time, years from now, he would ask her first impression, she’d simply coyly answer with “well, I just wanted to do my job, but you just had to come and distract me”.

After that first meet, this became a regular thing; Harry, bounding into the cafe, offering sweet conversation and a smile, ordering a strong coffee, and a chocolate muffin, then staying for hours whilst he edited videos, and simply chatted to the young barista. The two would often share the muffin, not that her boss could ever know that though.

And just like that, the pair grew closer. Laughing over a cup of cold coffee and a chocolate muffin for hours on end, simply enjoying the company of each other. They learnt each others likes, dislikes and pet peeves. Sometimes, they talked more in depth, about the meaning of life, or constellations. Other days, during her break, the pair would lay in the park just across the road and stare up at the clouds, pointing out what they looked like, even naming them sometimes. Harry would often pick a small bouquet of flowers from the park, and slip them into the baristas pocket without her realising; she’d randomly pull out a collection of flowers mid-way through her shift, and it’d bring a smile to her face when Harry wasn’t there to do it. It was the little things that made them fall so deeply, so quickly.

So, I was listening to “Cold Coffee” by Ed Sheeran, and it inspired me to write this. It’s probably not very good, but I just really wanted to write something. So heres a third person Harry imagine!

fairy tale au

hey guys I’m planning on doing a fairy tale au series for the boys but i’m not sure what stories to do for the boys. what ones do you think I should do for each of the boys. Like Cinderella or any others that you think could fit the category.

Drunk Larrie #3
  • Harrie:hey I'm harrie
  • Lewie:hai im lewie
  • Harrie:have we met?
  • Lewie:yeah I tink so
  • Harrie:r u my husband?
  • Lewie:oh yeah, and u r?
  • Harrie:ur husband
  • Lewie:nice to meet u


  • Helen Wilcox, Mother (deceased) Teri Hatcher
  • Graham Hayes, Father (deceased) Roark Critchlow
  • Lewis Hayes, Brother. Harry Lloyd
  • Lauren Hayes. Meghan Ory
  • Beth Hayes, Sister. Katie McGrath
  • Fiona Hayes, Sister. Felicity Jones
  • Nicola Hayes, Sister. Megan Fox
  • Brian Hayes, Brother. George Blagden
  • Trevor Hayes, Brother. Gaspard Ulliel
  • Alice Hayes, Sister. Jessica Lowndes
  • Harry Maxwell, Uncle. Patrick Wilson
  • Sophie Wilcox, Aunt. Courteney Cox
  • Jessie Maxwell, Cousin. Amelia Rose Blaire
  • Josh Maxwell, Cousin. Nicholas Hoult
  • Jenny Maxwell, Cousin. India Eisley

@trevor–hayes @alice-hayes

Music (Harry Imagine)

Requested: lol no
type: Fluff
ship: Reader X Harry
Summary: Y/N is hyper and Harry has some banter with her
Warnings: Nahhh

Sorry it’s short!

You and Harry are in your room while Harry is editing his new video “Hazzzzzz,Hazza,HARIBO” Y/N shouts throughout the flat
“Ahaha,yes” Harry cheekily replies
“I’m boooorrreddd” You say in an annoyed manner
“Well,what do you want to do?” Harry says twirling around in his gaming chair
“Music?” You say excitedly
Harry huffs, “Okay”
You bounce up and put on (Any album)
You turn up the music to full volume and start dancing and singing like a lunatic
“What the bloody hell are you doing?” Harry says while chuckling
“Join meeeeee” you say while jumping up and down on your bed
“Okay then,but if we are going to listen to music lets at least make it Drake’s new album” He says in a cocky manner
“Ugh,fine”,you say,but really you really like Drake,so it was a surprise to Harry when you start singing / rapping along
“Woah,I didn’t know you liked drake” Harry says questionably
“Well,now I do” You say in a reassuring way
“Hmh” Harry hums

Cal’s (freezy) POV:
I walk up to the flat to hear music blasting out,and I’m outside the flat…
‘What the bloody Hell’ I think to myself
I’m pretty sure it’s Views
“I got a pure soul, I don’t do the hate
You don’t worry ‘bout fitting in when you custom made” I hear blasting, yeah,that’s definitely Drake.
I finally get into the flat and walk to Harry and Y/N’s room to see them on the floor crying in laughter while Harry holds his head in pain,did that idiot hit his head? Harry looks up at me and simply says,“I’m not even going to explain”
and on that note I left the room,laughing at what I just witnessed…

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One of Us Episode Two Promotional Pictures

One of Us Episode Two Promotional Pictures

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The BBC have today released promotional pictures for the second episode of a new four part drama, One Of Us. The second episode will air on Tuesday the 30th of August on BBC One from 9:00pm to 10:00pm. When the police come knocking, the Elliots and Douglases have to act fast. Meanwhile Juliet’s actions have tragic and unexpected consequences. After all coming to a decision to hide their terrible…

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This video is the cutest! They were all in sync😊