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Why Didn’t You Tell Me? (Josh Zerker)


There were many things that you haven’t told Josh

Which is quite strange considering that you are best friends 

Josh tells you everything and you feel bad because you don’t do the same thing in return 

There was just somethings you couldn’t tell him

Like your feelings

Yes, you had feeling for your best friend

Mr Josh Zerker

Josh also doesn’t know that you are diabetic

All these years, you’ve done a good job of hiding it from him because you didn’t want him to worry about you 

You was always on top of your diabetes 

But there was two people that did know about them 

Vik and Freya

Josh was always worrying about you 

Even when he was with Freya

You and Freya never saw eye to eye and your diabetes was the reason for that 

She and Vik saw you in the kitchen injecting your insulin and they ended up finding out that Josh doesn’t know 

Freya always said you should tell Josh but you never did and that is why you didn’t see eye to eye

Josh understood that you and Freya weren’t on the best of terms so he tried his best not to put you in awkward situations with her

He never ditched you to hang out with Freya

Josh is an amazing best friend to you

That is probably why you like him

But today was like any other day for you and Josh 

You and him were playing fifa in his room at the Sidemen house

And he was currently kicking your arse

“GO ON, GET IN THE GOAL, OH FOR GOD SAKE!” you scream as you stand up and stamp your foot down on the floor

This has Josh in stitches

“Is little Y/N getting all upset because her team is losing, awwww” Josh says cheekily 

You roll your eyes as you sit back down and carry on playing 

It wasn’t that you was bad at Fifa

It’s just that Josh is good at it

He does play Fifa for a living

It isn’t long before Josh’s team is about to score a goal

“OH COME ON, WHERE IS MY DEFENCE? WHAT THE HELL, GO GO GO!” You scream again as Josh’s team completely pass yours and score a goal

You stand up and throw your controller down to the floor 

Josh pauses the game before looking up at you 

Out the corner of your eye, you could see your hands shaking

Surely you didn’t get that angry?

“I’m going to go and get a drink” you say before you walk away 

As you walk through Josh’s room, you start to feel dizzy

All of a sudden, you feel yourself drop and everything goes black


I hear a sudden thud on the floor

I turn my head to see Y/N laying on the floor

In a panic, I drop my controller and rush over to her 

“Y/N!” I exclaim

I shake her to try and wake her up

“Please wake up” I mumble

She doesn’t respond


I suddenly hear doors slamming

Simon is first to rush in 

“What the hell happened?” he asks

“I don’t know!” I tell him

There is the suddenly noise of more footsteps

“Is she breathing?” Simon asks

I lean down and I could feel her breathing on my face

I nod my head

I feel for her pulse, it was steady but weaker than it should be

“Oh my god what happened?” i hear a voice ask

I look up to see Vik

“I honestly don’t know, I heard a thud and I saw Y/N laying on the floor” I explain

“Where is Y/N’s bag?” Vik asks

I get up and grab her bag that was laying on the floor next to my bed

When I get back over to everyone, I hand it to Vik

He opens it and gets a little pack out

“What is that?” I question

Out the corner of my eye, I could see Simon looking at Vik with a raise eyebrow 

Vik doesn’t reply, he just opens up the pack

I see him get a pen like object out

He lifts Y/N’s hand and puts the pen against her finger before he presses down on the top before we hear a click

“Vik, what the hell is going on?” I ask

He puts a small strip of paper up to her finger that I could see blood spring to 

The blood gathers on the strip and Vik inserts it into a machine

“VIK!” Simon shouts


Me and Simon look at each other

Why didn’t Y/N tell me?

We are meant to be best friends

There is a sudden beep 

Vik lifts the machine in his hand and he looks at it 

“2.5″ Vik mumbles before he grabs the pack

“Vik, what’s going on?” I ask really panicking on the inside about what was happening

“Y/N’s blood sugar levels are really low, she needs some kind of sugar, when was the last time you saw her eat?” Vik asks

I look at Simon 

“I can’t remember” I mumble

How could I of been so stupid?

I didn’t even notice that my own best friend wasn’t eating properly

I see that Simon is on his phone

“Right it says if someone passes out due to low blood sugar levels then they need to be injected with glucagon which is a hormone that rapidly raises blood sugar” Simon reads from the internet

Out the corner of my eye, I see JJ rush into the room

“I’m sorry, I had my headphones on, what’s happening?” JJ asks

“Y/N is diabetic and her blood sugar levels have dropped” Simon explains

I pick up the pack and I see there is a extra insulin cartridge 

I take it out and it says “Emergency Glucagon” on the side

Whilst in a rush, I take out her insulin pen and try and change the cartridge 

Once I get the cartridge in the pen, I make it click so I know that it is in properly

“Josh, what are you doing?” JJ asks

“Saving Y/N’s life” I mumble as I move closer to her

“Josh you don’t know where to inject it” Vik says wearily 

I hum before Simon speaks up and says

“Online it says to inject around the abdomen, at least 2 inches from the belly button” 

I nod as I lift her t-shirt up and I see there is a tiny little mark on her abdomen

She must inject there 

I take a few deep breaths before I slowly push the needle in there

When the needle is there, I inject the contents into her body before I remove the needle gently

I then put the needle back in the pack

I take Y/N’s hand in mine 

“Please don’t leave me Y/N, I need you” I plead

Out the corner of my eye, I could see Simon, Vik and JJ smiling at the sight in front of them

“Josh it says that the Glucagon could take at least 10 to 15 minutes to work, maybe we should give her some room” Simon suggests

My head snaps up towards him

“No, I can’t leave her she needs me” I mumble as I interwind our fingers together

I can’t leave Y/N, I need to stay with her 

Vik gets up and comes and pats me on the back

“She will be fine” he says before he starts to put everything back in the pack

Simon and JJ stay down on the floor where they are with hope very clear in their eyes

The next 10 minutes are a waiting game

JJ and Simon were on the phone to NHS Direct making sure we was doing everything right

Every minute that was going by my heart was aching for Y/N to wake up

When she wakes up, I think I will finally tell her how I feel 

Ever since before me and Freya broke up, Y/N has been on my mind

(No disrespect to Freya, I love her but for the purpose of this one shot they are broken up)

We have known each other for so long and there isn’t a day where I don’t think about her or worry about her

I love her

I close my eyes as I sit there and pray to god that Y/N will wake up

I just need her to open her (Y/E/C) eyes

JJ looks at his phone

“It’s been 12 minutes” He says with a sigh

I feel a tear roll down my face

“Please don’t leave me” I mumble before I lean down and press a kiss to Y/N’s forehead

I rest my forehead against her as I breath gently

Suddenly I feel Y/N’s eyelashes brush against my cheek

I move away from her to see her eyes slowly opening

My breath gets caught in my throat as Y/N opens her eyes 

“J-Josh?” Y/N stutters

I wipe the tear away from my face that had slipped down from my eye before I pull her into a big hug

“Y/N” I mumble into her shoulder

I feel her sigh as we hug

I pull away from the hug and look into her eyes

“I can’t go any longer without telling you that I like you and I have for a while” I admit to her

Y/N doesn’t say anything but a smile just appears on her face

She slowly puts her hand on my cheek before softly pulling me into a kiss

The kiss is soft and gentle

We pull away and I smile

“I like you too” Y/N says with a smile

Me and Y/N move in for another kiss but we are interrupted by a sudden outburst 


I recognise this to be JJ but I don’t look away from Y/N

“Well this is my room so we can do what we want” I say before I pull Y/N into another kiss

I hear groaning and the patter of footsteps

Not long after we pull away from the kiss, I see that all 3 boys have disappeared

“I guess it’s just us then” Y/N says

I look at Y/N with a playful smirk on my face before I get up and pick her up bridal style

I gently take her over to my bed and place her down before I lay down next to her

“I guess it is just us” I mumble before I gently place my lips on her

Here’s the video of olivia’s IG livestream when she says “I’m not a part of it anymore”… I really don’t wanna sound pathetic or like im reaching but when you stop being friends with someone (regardless being the nanny of her child).…you don’t usually make such a big drama out of it (they also deleted all pics of them together from social media)…like WTH IS IT 🤔😲😲😞😱😱😱And if IT is what I think it is I actually respect her for the fact that she left on time to not be a part of that mess and not to be involved in all the “breaking news” articles that eventually would be coming soon

Spreading positivity

So i want to adress all the negativity and hate that’s been going on in the Shadowhunters fandom lately. Because it has reached a point where it is not simply stating an opinion or criticising because someone doesn’t like scenes/character etc., it has become pure hate and ignorance towards everything that happens in the show. Of course, there are also people out there who are still very positive ane support the show and I want to say thank you to those.

And I know that most of this negativity has been going on since we didn’t get a malec sex scene. And yes, I have been disappointed too. Not because I think you need to see this scene but because they used it as promotion and got everyone’s hopes up (people also blamed people liked Todd who can’t control that). And also part of me was sad because they showed Jace with that girl but couldn’t show Malec. But I did not call that homophobia because it’s clearly not. So I started thinking that maybe in the end it will make sense that they didn’t show that scene. Maybe Matt and Harry weren’t comfortable enough. Maybe we will get our Malec sex scene later. And maybe they thought that it is something so special to Alec and Magnus that it would be better not to show it. Who knows what’s the real reason. And I’m still not saying that this situation was handled very well but at least have patience and don’t be rude to those actors who work so hard on this and the crew who make it possible that this show exists.

But also when the latest episode aired, I saw so much hate going on. And I’m not talking about those who just said that they didn’t like the episode and named why. That’s not hate, but reasonable criticism. I personally really enjoyed this episode because it was something new and I just liked where they were going with all the storyline. Not forgetting to mention that the acting was very good. And I know that a lot of people don’t like climon and that’s okay. But there are people out there who find mistakes and negative things in everything. Not enough malec scenes, Clary acting childish, the whole Izzy storyline being racist and and and. This needs to stop!

It is still a tv show which should be nothing more that entertainment and inspiration. Not an order to hate everyone in this fandom who has a different opinion, to fight over ships and hate on every single detail that should not be offensive, racist or homophobic. I believe this show is in good hands and altough not everything is perfect, we as Shadowhunters fans can be proud and happy with this show. We have round characters who struggle with very common things and who have so many layers. We have a whole universe which is amazing and wonderful and gives so many opportunities for different storylines. We have an amazing cast who is so passionate with this project and where you can see that they really really love their characters and this show and that they are working so hard to make us love everything. We have couples/ships which are full of love and represent a healthy relationship. We have a big crew who makes all of this possible and creates new sets, arcs and more. We can be pretty lucky. And even if they make mistakes, blaming them for everything and being rude won’t change anything to the best.

So what I’m asking for is to start seeing the good in things and not always searching for the mistakes and scenes that weren’t that great. Try to focus on the wonderful sites of this show and also BE NICE TO EACH OTHER!

Credit to whoever found this…it’s definitely not me cause😂 I can’t see the thing I’m looking for even if it hit me in the face 😅