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70. "we started a rumor" + winnix? 👀

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Interestingly enough, they first hear the rumor from Harry.  Harry usually isn’t aware of the gossip among all of the men, and what he does overhear he usually doesn’t care about enough to burst into Dick’s office after having just run up a flight of stairs.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me that you two are dating?” he shouts before the door has even had a chance to bounce painfully off the wall with the force he threw it open.  Nix freezes where he’s in the middle of a hand gesture to accentuate his story, perched on Dick’s desk.  Dick himself just blinks at Harry in confusion.

“I would have to be aware of it myself if I were to tell you,” he says mildly.  Nix looks between them in disbelief.

“Hang on, did you say that Dick and I are dating?  Did I hear that right?” he asks.  Harry makes a frustrated noise and closes the door.

“That’s what the men say.  Or, at least, they say that you two are seeing each other.  Why didn’t I know?” he demands.

“Because we’re not,” Dick says.  “The men say a lot of things.  Not all of them are true.”  Harry frowns, and for the first time seems to take a moment to think.

“But Spiers…”

“Spiers what?” Nix asks.

“Spiers told me that he overheard Luz tell Perconte that he overheard Guarnere, who heard from Toye, who heard from Malarkey, tell Babe that you said you guys are moving in together and are going to take some vacation time to focus on growing your relationship, which is going to entail a lot of time in bed since the sexual tension has been building for years and Nix has been previously unavailable.”

Nix openly gapes at Harry.  Dick rubs his temples.

“Well, we are moving in together,” Nix says finally.  “I need a place to stay while the divorce gets figured out.”

“And both of us are going to take some time off soon.  We were considering going to Lancaster,” Dick adds.

“Wait!”  Nix sits up straighter.  “We talked about it it in front of Skip, remember?  You were talking business with him and I stopped in to ask if you were sure your parents could accommodate us if we did end up going to Lancaster instead of somewhere else.  Then you asked if I was all packed to move in yet.”

Understanding dawns on Dick’s face.

“That would do it.”

“We started a rumor,” Nix laughs.  “I can’t even be mad at any of the guys for it.  That’s the easiest way to interpret everything.”

“So, you’re not dating?” Harry asks.  The other two shake their heads.  “Huh.  I was really convinced.  Especially with the sexual tension.”

“Now hold on,” Nix splutters.  Dick’s face is tinged pink, and Harry takes that as his cue to leave.

“See you guys later!  If this turns into a confession of love and makeout session, keep things PG! We do have a security camera in here,” he calls as he exits.

He doubts the rumor will still be just a rumor by the time they leave the office.

Things I Live For (BoB Edition)

• The look that Dick and Nix exchange after Dick is asked if it’s safe to cross in Carentan
• “We salute the rank, not the man.”
• Perconte’s height
• Webster’s little “They got me!”
• Luz starting the Airborne Infantry cadence while they’re running Curahee to drown out Sobel’s taunting
• “Lt Sobel hates us, sir.” “Lt Sobel does not hate Easy Company, Pvt Randleman. He just hates you.” “Thank you, sir.”
• Liebgott’s hair
• Whenever someone talks shit about Speirs, he is there and he knows
• Also Speirs’ sticky fingers like holy shit
•"Where the fuck is everybody? Where did everybody go?“ “I HAVE NO IDEA!”
• That moment in Bastogne where they’re all sitting in a circle making fun of their food and Hinkle
• Everything about Babe Heffron
• Perconte always brushing his teeth
• When the entire company sings Blood on the Risers
• “Bull, smack him for me please?” [soft smack] “Thank you.”
• Mama Lipton. Enough said
• If you get shot in the ass, you get a Hershey bar
• The way Nixon looks at Hitler’s wine cellar
• “I could use some brass knuckles.”

Please feel free to add your favorites on to the list

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