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Elsie Fest 2017: My Ramblings

I want to begin by stating that I had a great time at Elsie Fest this year. I wanted to say that upfront because there are a few aspects of last night’s show I plan to criticize, and I don’t want anyone to come away from reading my reflection thinking I didn’t enjoy myself. Just because something wasn’t perfect, doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun.

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Rep. John Lewis and Democrats are sitting in on the House floor demanding votes on gun bills.


Promo/preview for “Post-Mortem Blues”

Law & Order: SVU - Season 15 - Episode 21

Wednesday, April 30, 9/8c


People exclusive Magazine - 02/2015

Mit ihren Ecken & Kanten kriegen sie alle rum

Benedict Cumberbatch,

Eddie Redmayne,

Tom Hiffleston,

Cillian Murphy and Damian Lewis

German Article / Bericht