lewis lovhaug


Well, the comic book cover trio is finally done! This time around I went after my beloved EC comics style featuring Moarte, Chester A. Bum, Fat Grandma, and a very pissed off Cinema Snob.

So… anyone want to write a script for these?

I have a job that allows me to be creative, allows me to work from home, allows me to set my own hours. I get to work with an awesome group of people who are smarter than me, who I am proud to call my friends. I am dating someone beautiful and wonderful who loves me, and I love them back. I have a great apartment. I have a great job. I have a great life, and people tell me that I have made their life better. What the hell is a troll going to say that’s ever going to top that.
—  Lewis Lovhaug - Shut up and Talk interview

Halloween Specials! A while ago I did some comic covers starring the That Guy With The Glasses gang, and I just had to cook up a few more!
 I went into full EC comics mode, imitating the styles of some of the artists (rather poorly) and emulating (rather shamelessly) some classic EC covers. (And yes, that is Stephen King and the Leprechaun chasing the Critic and the Snob).

A year ago my now 14 year old sibling came out as a trans male. We had a tough year,  seeing as our parents were violent and transphobic and I stepped up and fought for custody of my brother. (God bless my ex girlfriends dad being a lawyer and despising my parents ) With a lot of fighting, money, depression and him being forced to act feminine and being mocked at home I finally won custody of him. 

We’ve been getting used to life in our new home and he’s been adjusting to being accepted and not forced to act female. He had been having trouble deciding on a name to go by until just this moment we were watching at4w and he started asking me about Linkara and then he finally ended the conversation by saying and I quote 

“Linkara is so cool! He’s really smart and funny!.. c.. Can my name be Lewis sissy? ”

So thank you Linkara for helping my brother feel whole <3

Behold! The rare first issue of The League of the Super Critics!
 64 pages of rollicking reviews, daring deconstruction and merciless mockery in full color!

In this issue, the Nostalgia Critic goes head to head with the fuck-up lord himself, M. Night Shyamalan! What cinematic sin has he committed now?

(India ink and colored in Photoshop)

(With apologies to Doug, Brad, Lewis and Lindsay)