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You know, I sometimes get asked why Camelot of all films is my favorite movie. And the reason is because it actually changed my life, or at least focused my beliefs into something that was a good solid foundation for a personal philosophy. Those who have power should use it to do good, that violence is not strength, compassion is not weakness, that revenge is utterly pointless. Superheroes are basically the equivalent of modern day knights errant, they go out and help people and fight injustices. But a lot of the best superhero comics are the ones not actually about superheroes hitting supervillains or each other, anything like that. It’s the ones that show that superheroes are about kindness and decency and something far more noble than the adolescent power fantasies that people often critique them as. I think I hate this comic more than any other I’ve ever reviewed, because it is the complete antithesis of everything I believe in. Holy Terror says that you should be unkind, it says you shouldn’t trust people, it says compassion will be repaid with violence, and that violence can only be answered with more violence, and that violence is strength. That hurting others is not only enjoyable and desirable, but that it should be employed first when dealing with threats. It says that if you have power, you should lord that power over others and do harm to them. It says that revenge is a worthy cause. It treats women as either victims or enemies, and don’t assume Natalie Stack is immune to this criticism, trust me, the book ain’t over yet. It tells us we should fear the other, the foreigner, the dark-skinned, the religion that’s not your own. And you know what the damndest thing of all is? I am honest to God afraid of terrorism. Terrorism is real. There are people out there who want to kill me either because I’m from a different country or just because they’re some angry misanthrope with a gun. That applies to both foreign and domestic terrorists. Terrorism is about making someone so afraid that they’ll do what you tell them to. And the grand message of Frank Miller’s Holy Terror is: Be afraid. Be terrified. And let’s give in to that fear. And embrace every dark, sick and inhuman part of our souls as a result, and do everything to them that they will do to us. Franky… you must be so proud.
—  Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug on Frank Miller’s “Holy Terror”

Halloween Specials! A while ago I did some comic covers starring the That Guy With The Glasses gang, and I just had to cook up a few more!
 I went into full EC comics mode, imitating the styles of some of the artists (rather poorly) and emulating (rather shamelessly) some classic EC covers. (And yes, that is Stephen King and the Leprechaun chasing the Critic and the Snob).


Well, the comic book cover trio is finally done! This time around I went after my beloved EC comics style featuring Moarte, Chester A. Bum, Fat Grandma, and a very pissed off Cinema Snob.

So… anyone want to write a script for these?


Last week’s Nostalgia Critic review featured Linkara and Spoony and their Three Schmuckheads schtick. Naturally being a fan of both the That Guy With The Glasses gang and of the Three Stooges (As well as being a font and title art maniac), this had to be done. I replicated the Stooge title art from the early 40’s, duplicating the lettering as close possible without losing my mind, and comes complete with Tamara posing as the Columbia lady (I hope she doesn’t mind!). What can I say, I reeaaally like title cards.


After two years (and the two hours it took to render this video), my compilation for the latest AT4W story arc, The Sleepwalker, is finally complete! 

Here we see Linkara encounters allies and enemies, both new and returning, and comes to terms with a lingering worry inside of him. 

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What’s that? You want me to start making jokes about how useless Aquaman is? Hahahahaha… Aquaman is the king of Atlantis, whose domain pretty much encompasses the entirety of the ocean. He owns 70% of the planet! He is super strong, super fast, and he can summon Cthulhu to eat your soul if he felt like it. The perception of Aquaman as ‘useless’ is based on the Super Friends cartoon series, where Aquaman’s superpower is that he owns a jet ski. …I don’t make fun of Aquaman.
—  Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug