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Most midseason finales: everyone’s about to die!
Shadowhunters midseason finale: that toxic ship is dead! Two of the main characters’ feelings aren’t actually incestuous!! Character has lost a weakness!!! THE BEST COUPLE HAVE SAID I LOVE YOU!!!!


happy birthday to the man who gave me everything, who helped me believe in myself when no one else did, who finally stopped holding out for the life he wished he had and started fighting for the one he did. of all the sky’s stars, i know your soul is the most beautiful, by far. thank you for saving me, for teaching me what true strength really is, for inspiring me to pursue my own future in poetry and music and love. “someday the clouds and storm clears for everybody and you realize you can fucking move mountains.” damn straight, pete. dream on, you crazy kid. do what you do best: live.


To know how close I was, to love. So close. And then to lose it all in an instant. I’ve heard, loved ones leave you in pieces. That little by little you start to forget things about them. But that’s not true. You lose them, everything, instantly. And suddenly nothing can replace them. Nothing.    →  Xhalax Sun

  • simon, dreamily: I miss real food especially creamy delicious ice-cream on a hot day when your fingers get all sticky and-
  • raphael: chunky monkey is overrated
  • simon: first of all it's the best flavor in the world and you've personally offended me. I mean - it even has Chocolate bits in- wait. how did you know that was my favorite??
  • raphael: easy, I listen to you
  • simon: you do??
  • raphael, smirking: you used to play the drums in a band called rock solid panda, you talk in movie quotes and love bladerunner, you ramble and smile when you're scared or nervous, you're jewish and it's very important to you, when you're angry you fling your arms around a lot, your favorite blood type is O negative, you like wearing my clothes and make faces at yourself in the mirror when you're wearing them (a poor imitation of me), you get excited about two men kissing, you've watched The Graduate no less than 10 times, you frequently leave your phone in the other room by accident, you keep your eyes open when I'm leaning in to kiss you, you tell cheesy jokes about being dead, you sleep on the right side of the bed, your mother calls you monkey, you miss her more often than not and you actually think your star wars pick up lines are smooth
  • simon: ok but they worked on you
  • raphael: only because-
  • simon: hey...thank you *kisses him*

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Idk if you've ever watched Friends, but Jimon + the gang finding out about their relationship in the style of Monica and Chandler

i have watched friends and asdfghjkl i love monica and chandler and this is one of the best episodes ever so this prompt is extra amazing. obviously, all credit goes to friends for the plot. also, i want to point out that this fic by jess ( @softjimon) has more friends!jimon and reading her thing is 100% the inspiration i had to finish this one so quickly. 

fool around like we’re sixteen and secret || jace/simon, 3k+, secret relationship + fluff || (ao3 link coming soon!)

In March, Simon goes away for a weekend to Vermont. Songwriting boot camp, he claims, he and his writers are sequestering themselves away for a few days to work on his upcoming album. Jace happens to be out of town that weekend too, because - as he tells Alec and Izzy - he was called to consult on a case involving an adoption scam.

“Since I have experience,” he explains, “they want me to be there for their initial analysis.”

Alec believes him. Why would Alec not believe his brother, his FBI case partner, his roommate, his best friend

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- you just turn it on like a switch. turn it off.